I thought before I update you on my weekend I’d take a look back at a post I wrote a couple of months ago about the what if’s that come with injury. I thought it would be interesting to show how some of those played out:

what if update

“What if the MRI doesn’t reveal anything” Well it sort of didn’t. Only showed a neuroma which isn’t where my pain is and edema (swelling).

“What if I don’t get answers” Well i didn’t really. I still don’t know what happened although I’ve recently begun physical therapy and they feel pretty strongly that my pain is from bone and not ligament/tendon.

“What if the MRI reveals that something is in need of repair surgically.” Luckily it didn’t

“What if I have to wear a boot” I didn’t but wondering if maybe I should have. It boggles my mind how long this pain has lasted. It’s like walking on a black and blue for 4 months.

“What if I need crutches” I didn’t but wondering if maybe I should have.

“What if I gain too much weight from being less active” well I’ve managed to keep my weight stable. It did go up a few pounds but came back down recently. I’m about 142-144 pounds which is my “normal” range.

“What if I can’t run again” well I healed enough to run for a couple of weeks before the setback so I’m confident that I’ll be able to run again. Just gonna have to take it even slower to return to it this time around. I keep setting a new date to strive for but really it doesn’t matter what I want. It’s what my body tells me. And at this point I doubt I’ll be running for the remainder of the summer.

“What if I can’t run the New Jersey Half” I couldn’t. I cried. I survived.

“What if I can’t wear heels to Barbara’s wedding”. Luckily I was able to wear heals and made it through most of the night.

“What if I can’t run the Brooklyn Half” I couldn’t. I cried. I survived. I had a donut.


weekend update

Friday, one of my clients let me know how appreciative he was of my hard work keeping up with his assignment turnover. It left me smiling and going into the weekend with a smile.work-week

I went to yoga on Saturday morning. strength-within-yogaI’m finally able to do Wheel pose but my crow seems to have stagnated. Hrumph! But I’m determined to keep at it. We joked in class yesterday about how we’re all going to be able to go into a head stand from crow soon and I said….yeah #2018goals ! But just like olympians I guess practicing for years to get to a goal isn’t such a bad thing 🙂

I took my bike to Mr. SOTSS’ this weekend so I could go for a ride while he did his long run.bike-10-miles It’s been nice to not clock a time or distance to my workouts these days. I ended up curious when I got home so I mapped out my course online and saw I had biked about 10 miles.

We hit up the movie theater Saturday night to see The Big Sick. It was a really great movie. I laughed a ton and forgot how funny Ray Romano is.movie

Sunday was such a beautiful day that we drove to the beach and just walked along the boardwalk, stopping for a bit to sit on a bench and just take in the views of colorful beach umbrellas and the ocean. jersey-shoreSome of my favorite times with Mr. SOTSS are those unplanned, easy and quiet days. We continued the theme with some backyard chillaxing. He strummed his guitar and we sipped some frozen daqueris.

I love how Chester is waiting for one of us to toss his football

I love how Chester is waiting for one of us to toss his football

IMG_1594Life can be so hectic and #AdultingCanBeSoHard that just taking those few easy hours felt like a week’s vacation!

When you get jealous that your boyfriend is cudding his dog and you ask for the same treatment....you get it!

When you get jealous that your boyfriend is cudding his dog and you ask for the same treatment….you get it!




I just got back from my 4th physical therapy appointment. In addition to the e-stim and ultrasound I got my first scraping treatment. We also worked on stretching my calves which have been tight from all the limping. Scraping sounds so scary right?

How was your weekend?

What is your favorite kind of weekend? Busy with lots of activities or relaxing and low key?

I’m so sorry to have disappeared from blogging for the last 10 days. I was under the gun to get work done before going away on vacation and then was away with limited wifi for 5 days. If you ever want to see what I’m up to I’m ALWAYS posting on Instagram. For some reason that’s just the easiest social media channel for me. Pictures come easier than words for me. 🙂

I just got home from Block Island (an island off the coast of Rhode Island here on the East Coast) and have to unpack and dive back into some major work projects so this will just be a short post.

I took my bike on vacation and enjoyed cruisin' around the island with iced coffee in tow. Didn't keep track of mileage or speed. Just inhaled and exhaled :)

I took my bike on vacation and enjoyed cruisin’ around the island with iced coffee in tow. Didn’t keep track of mileage or speed. Just inhaled and exhaled 🙂

I haven’t even shared the news that I started physical therapy for my toe! After having the set back a month ago I kept thinking i’d bounce back quicker this time around but it became apparent that my body really needed a push. Due to insurance/referral/authorization stuff I’ve only had one appointment so far but hopefully I’ll start going twice a week starting next week. The PT said the pain is coming from my bone and not my ligament. He feels confident we can mitigate the pain and also work on exercises to get my balance back and my normal gait back so my compensation aches will go away. I trust him because he helped me with my ankle tendonitis twice!

Block Island was stunning! I was there 2 summers ago for Mr. SOTSS’ dad’s wedding and this time around was to celebrate his dad’s 70th birthday. Living in the Northeast I’m lucky to be able to spend time at so many beach towns but this island is special. It’s so beautiful. It didn’t hurt that the house we were staying in had access to this large pond and we were able to go kayaking right from the dock in the backyard. IMG_1169It also gave me the perfect vantage point for sunrise. IMG_1166And there were hydrangeas at every turn…IMG_1017

I’ll be back soon to tell you more about physical therapy and Block Island.

In the meantime can you fill me in on what’s been going on with you?

What’s your favorite flower?

Almost 9 weeks after I fell off a snowmobile I FINALLY went for my first rotator cuff PT appointment.

Reporting to PT

Reporting to PT

I’m embarrassed to say that the knee rehab took precedence because I need my knee to run and I need to run to stay sane right?! The therapist said I don’t have frozen shoulder so that’s good. He said that the pain is lingering mainly because my surrounding muscles are picking up the slack a whole lot. They are fatigued to the max! He did a full evaluation of my current range of motion and made me fill out this silly questionnaire to determine how my daily life has been limited. The scale was from 1-6…1 for no difficulty and 6 for severe difficulty.questionairre

I got a chuckle over some of the questions. #17! Card playing and knitting! LOL! And #21!!! OMG embarrasing.

He had me do some stretches and exercises for a bit and that was it for my first appointment. I’ll be going back next Thursday but in the meantime I’m going to do the stretches and exercises at home. I need to find a pulley I can hang from a door. I’m looking at a long road ahead of me for this rotator cuff rehab.

In other news I love when they plant all the pretty spring flowers in the big flower pots around Herald Square by my office.


I also got a run in today.

pseudo long run

pseudo long run

40 degrees and dreary. Come on Spring! Where are you?

40 degrees and dreary. Come on Spring! Where are you?

It was rough to find the time because I had so many deadlines for work so I had to compromise with 8.25 miles even though I wanted to hit 10ish as my long run for the week (I’m going on a little vacation this weekend and didn’t want to do a long run while I’m away). Next weekend is my last long run before the marathon!

Well, I better go pack for my trip. I’m off to see the Cherry Blossoms in DC.

What are your weekend plans?
What’s your favorite flower?

Hi All,

It’s 8pm on Thursday evening here in my neck of the woods and i’m tired. I’m always tired at this time of night.

I set my alarm for 5:30am this morning with the big idea that I’d take care of the pup and then getting out the door for a run at 6:30am to beat the heat and give myself enough time to leisurely get ready for my busy day.

So 5:30am the alarm went off and I snoozed it for a solid hour! That’s all it allows, so then I just lay in bed procrastinating the inevitable. Next thing you know it was 7am. I took the dog for a walk and beat myself up for a bit while having my coffee and finally got out the door for my run at 8:30.

Good news is the Garmin resurrected itself and I ran a few seconds faster than snails pace. I’m getting my groove back!


While running I realized that my “Hours of Operation” these days seems to be 8am to 8pm. I am just so groggy each morning and turn into a pumpkin somewhere between 8pm and 9pm. Is this what being 40 is all about? Or maybe it’s my diet that contains more carbs, sugar and caffeine than it should? Whatever it is I’m kinda bummed that I don’t have the stamina to stay up late like I used to. So I’ll try and keep my daily living wild and crazy between the hours of 8am and 8pm LOL! (well, with the exception of early rise for races and running group runs).

After my run, I showered and had a quick bite and then it was off to our local dog park. I used to take Duncan all the time but after he was attacked by another dog and left with a wound that required a big staple to close it I have frequented much less. But today was an exciting day. The National Geographic Channel had a film crew filming the dogs for a show. (not sure exactly but I think they said for a show called Crowd Control).

photo: Wolfe's Pond Dog Run's Facebook Group page

photo: Wolfe’s Pond Dog Run’s Facebook Group page

I entered the park and went all the way to the fence and plopped down on a bench with the doodle by my side. I was a nervous wreck.

That's me in the far right in the purple shirt. And I'm sure you recognize Duncan =)

photo: Wolfe’s Pond Dog Run’s Facebook Group page

That’s me in the far right in the purple shirt. And I’m sure you recognize Duncan =)

There were SO many dogs and all I could do was remember Duncan’s cries when he was attacked right at my feet. Yep, I think I’ll always have PTSD over that. We stayed out of the way of the main action and eventually Duncan went to the gate and gave me a look. So we left. As soon as we did he found a private area and pooped! How funny! My boy didn’t want to poop on camera. =)

Next up was physical therapy. I was put in a different room today. New posters to look at on the wall.

photo 2 and my favorite heat and electrotherapy combo…

photo 1Turns out I only get one more treatment before I’m on my own. The timing seems right as I really have come a long way. And with $50 copays each visit I’m sort of happy that I’m only going one more time =)

After physical therapy I took Duncan in the woods. This was actually more for me than him. I was off today but bombarded with work emails….each one worse than the next. Errors and unhappy clients and miscommunications and just a bunch of Debbie Downer crap. New rule: NEVER read work emails on days off because it just ruins me. I was so cranky and anxiety was creeping in. I just needed to go somewhere peaceful where the cell reception is spotty so no emails would interrupt me. HA!

photo 4 Duncan appreciated my need for tranquility. He LOVES the woods. He has such a great life. I’m a tad jealous (save for having to poop outdoors).

Then I saw this on the ground….photo 3

Is this a sign that I should be questioning life? liberty? the pursuit of happiness? Or maybe it wasn’t meant for me. I’m not the only one who’s pooped by 8pm…

like mother like furrkid

like mother like furrkid

Well, no fighting it…I’m off to bed…

Do you find yourself more fatigued than you used to be in the evenings? Are you a morning person or a night owl? what are your “hours of operation?”