It’s been almost 10 days since I wrote my post about being mostly uninspired and ironically that inspired me to write a post about 10 awesome things that have happened since that post. (I re-read this sentence 10 times and swear it doesn’t sound like it’s grammatically correct but I think my point came across)


Number 1: I picked fresh veggies from my parents’ garden


Number 2: I’ve been swimming, biking, hiking and practicing yoga on the regular.

Seen on my hike this week

Seen on my hike this week

Today's ride

Today’s ride

20 laps a la doggie paddle and apparently KT Tape isn't waterproof when cholorine is involved

20 laps a la doggie paddle and apparently KT Tape isn’t waterproof when cholorine is involved

Last Sunday's ride

Last Sunday’s ride

Number 3: I got 2 new projects that will secure my income goals for the next couple of months



Number 4: I’ve been able to add “walk briskly” back to my life. This is awesome because it’s the next step in my running comeback.


Number 5: To go along with my happier feet I re-discovered this 40th birthday “gag” gift in my closet that is now my latest favorite thing. Why didn’t I take this thing seriously before? LOVE!

It's a shiatsu foot massager with heat!

It’s a shiatsu foot massager with heat!

Number 6: I saw the eclipse sort of. I took a pic with my phone but at first saw nothing. Then I saw this adorable crescent shaped reflection/lens flare thingy on the photo


Number 7: I had the best chocolate chip ice cream of my life and of all places right here on Staten Island. Egger’s has been around since 1932.

Reese's Pieces instead of sprinkles for the win

Reese’s Pieces instead of sprinkles for the win

Number 8: I had my first beer of 2017…I know that sounds crazy but i have been drinking wine, hard ciders and frozen daiquiris and margaritas and only had my first beer of the year a week ago. It was at a local brewery here on staten island. I was at a fundraiser for some runners who are running the NYC Marathon this year. They’re fundraising for the Greenbelt Conservancy which is the non-profit that organizes the hikes i go on. They’re also my client! I designed their annual report and some invitations and posters too.IMG_2475

Number 9: Duncan’s eye is all healed and he’s off all the meds and with his fresh haircut is looking as cute as ever.

dreaming that I'll finish working soon so we can go for a w-a-l-k!!!!

dreaming that I’ll finish working soon so we can go for a w-a-l-k!!!!

The best thing I learned in my college photography class was to shoot from different angles

The best thing I learned in my college photography class was to shoot from different angles

Fozzie Bear!

Fozzie Bear!

Number 10: Facebook memories reminded me this week of the time Mr. SOTSS and I saw a shooting star when we were in Jamaica for his cousin’s wedding! It was a magical evening and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to share that experience with. memories

So there ya have it. From mostly uninspired to 10 awesome things!!!!

Tell me something awesome that happened to you this week. 

Hi and welcome to my weekly check in :)

Figured I share some of the highlights of this past week and weekend.

Monday and Tuesday must have been fairly uneventful because I have no photos from the day :). Wednesday felt like a Spring day with temps reaching 63 so of course I took Duncan to the park.

Duncan and the sunshine but winter storm approaching

Duncan and the sunshine

I went on another night hike as it’s now become my routine Wednesday night. We covered about 4 1/2 miles in about an hour and a half. But lots of elevation!

Thursday we had a snow storm. I slept over Mr. SOTSS’ the night before so we could ride out the storm together which really means take the dogs for some snow fun.

Lots of snow can't distract Chester from wanting to play with his ball

Lots of snow can’t distract Chester from wanting to play with his ball

I love this picture!

I love this picture!

oops blinked!

oops blinked!

The repercussions of snowplay

The repercussions of snowplay

My view at sunset after the snow storm with an almost full moon

My view at sunset after the snow storm with an almost full moon

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Some ups and downs so far 9 days into 2017 :)

Here’s what’s been going on in the last week…

We’ve got lots of cold weather and snow happening here on the east coast….both inside and out.

mmmm....snowsicles are yummy

mmmm….snowsicles are yummy

Yep, on Friday morning Duncan took one last rest on his pig (that Mr. SOTSS won me at the Washington State Fair last September) and then discovered a little hole big enough to de-stuff the pig and before we knew it, it was snowing in the house!

Such a comfortable pig

Such a comfortable pig



It was also snowing outside and I decided to go for a 4 mile walk to get in a good amount of steps before the snow really accumulated. I walked for over an hour and really enjoyed every step. The neighborhood was quiet and magical with all the powdery white stuff falling.

being the first to step on fresh fallen snow is almost as fun stepping on (and popping) those sheets of packing bubbles!

being the first to step on fresh fallen snow is almost as fun as stepping on (and popping) those sheets of packing bubbles!

I love Winter!

I love Winter!

This is where things went south. I decided to pull out my trampoline and jump a bit for a little extra calorie burn and also to warm up and get the chill out of my body. As I went to push the trampoline in the center of the living room floor I kicked one of the metal legs so hard accidentally and next thing I knew my toenail was split into 3 pieces. Just like in the cartoons, I saw stars. I manually pulled off the two pieces that were hanging by a thread and covered the toe with antibiotic cream and a bandage and continued about my day. (no photos because I want you to continue to read my blog :) It wasn’t until the evening when I tried to put a shoe on to take Duncan for a walk that I realized how painful the toe was and how hard it was for me to walk.

I was feeling rather down on myself because of a multitude of things. First, I had been tracking my calories and trying to eat healthier all week. I hadn’t had sweets and was going through major sugar withdrawal. I also hadn’t run all week because my hamstring has still been bothering me. Combine that with the fact that my workload at the moment is really too light for my liking (read….typical freelance worry about cash flow and paying bills) and I really spiraled.

Luckily yesterday I was able to get out of the house and go have fun in the snow with Mr. SOTSS and his girls (and the dogs). I tried not to let the toe pain get in the way. We spent a few hours outside. But not before we all got bundled up.


Superdoodle is not super happy about this getup.

Duncan hated me for putting him in his snowsuit and boots but it just makes life easier on both of us not having to deal with the snowballs that stick to his fur.

Best angle ever! #doodlebutt

Best angle ever! #doodlebutt

Happy despite the snowsuit. Also happy the paws were set free. Those booties didn't last long.

Happy despite the snowsuit. Also happy the paws were set free. Those booties didn’t last long.

so happy when he's being a kid

so happy when he’s being a kid

Chester likes big sticks and he cannot lie

Chester likes big sticks and he cannot lie

LOL. The face says it all.

LOL. The face says it all.

Does this snowsuit make my butt look big?

Does this snowsuit make my butt look big?

Things were looking up when I weighed myself this morning and I was down 1.4 pounds. But more importantly I’m really proud of myself for sticking to eating healthier for a week straight and I’m determined to keep up the good work. I know the number on the scale will fluctuate but if I can be more conscious about my nutrition throughout the year then I can consider myself ahead of the game.

Then I realized if I take my sock off before putting my boot on the toe pain is reduced and I can walk a little better. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to get out for a slow walk today and sweat out the small stuff. Hoping a few more days will bring me enough relief in the toenail AND the hamstring area that I can run a local 5k trail run this Saturday. We shall see.

And I just got a new work assignment! Whew!

Moral of this story. Toenails are heavy! (LOL!) Seriously though, my point is that it’s so easy to spiral but if you give it some time, things can always improve.

Have a great week!

Anyone else have stubbed-toe-war-stories???? Any tips on healing the tender toenail bed?

I’m getting ready to to clean out my home office and dump a lot of stuff. And since it’s Wednesday I decided “humpday dumpday” would be a cute post title. I also feel a little like humpty dumpty after eating so much this weekend.

I’m still dog-sitting for Casey but we brought the party to my house this week. I can’t tell you how happy I was to sleep in my own bed after 5 nights. Duncan is being a gracious guest and letting Casey sit in his favorite spot and play with his new toys. So proud of him.

it's Tangle Time

it’s tangle….i mean walk time

It's nap time

Everyone likes my bed


Gracious Duncan

Gracious Duncan

I’ve been sticking to my decision to skip out on running for the remainder of the year. But I just made plans to run with my friends on Saturday morning which is still technically 2016. Oh well, I’m giving myself a pass because it’s our run through the city to see the Rockefeller tree and department store windows. It’s tradition and I couldn’t miss it. Here’s my post from 2014 and 2015 which ended up being just Lisa and I. Today I walked a bit. Mr. SOTSS got me this new Garmin Vivofit for Christmas since mine broke at the beginning of October so I can get back to tracking my steps. img_8287Speaking of Christmas, it was very lovely. We got to spend time and exchange gifts with his girls on the eve and then we exchanged with each other on the day. I got some pretty gloves too from his dad’s wife.


the hearts are touch sensitive so i can use my phone

Always my favorite present

Always my favorite present

I also just made a last minute decision to join a local group for a night hike in the woods. I’m off to get batteries for my headlamp. I’ve never hiked in the dark. And I think it’s supposed to be about 5 miles. This should be interesting. I’ll fill you in on how it went next post.

Hope you all had a lovely holiday (or non-holiday) weekend.

What’s new? Anyone feel like the last week of the year always feel so out of sorts?