Almost 9 weeks after I fell off a snowmobile I FINALLY went for my first rotator cuff PT appointment.

Reporting to PT

Reporting to PT

I’m embarrassed to say that the knee rehab took precedence because I need my knee to run and I need to run to stay sane right?! The therapist said I don’t have frozen shoulder so that’s good. He said that the pain is lingering mainly because my surrounding muscles are picking up the slack a whole lot. They are fatigued to the max! He did a full evaluation of my current range of motion and made me fill out this silly questionnaire to determine how my daily life has been limited. The scale was from 1-6…1 for no difficulty and 6 for severe difficulty.questionairre

I got a chuckle over some of the questions. #17! Card playing and knitting! LOL! And #21!!! OMG embarrasing.

He had me do some stretches and exercises for a bit and that was it for my first appointment. I’ll be going back next Thursday but in the meantime I’m going to do the stretches and exercises at home. I need to find a pulley I can hang from a door. I’m looking at a long road ahead of me for this rotator cuff rehab.

In other news I love when they plant all the pretty spring flowers in the big flower pots around Herald Square by my office.


I also got a run in today.

pseudo long run

pseudo long run

40 degrees and dreary. Come on Spring! Where are you?

40 degrees and dreary. Come on Spring! Where are you?

It was rough to find the time because I had so many deadlines for work so I had to compromise with 8.25 miles even though I wanted to hit 10ish as my long run for the week (I’m going on a little vacation this weekend and didn’t want to do a long run while I’m away). Next weekend is my last long run before the marathon!

Well, I better go pack for my trip. I’m off to see the Cherry Blossoms in DC.

What are your weekend plans?
What’s your favorite flower?


  1. Well, I’m glad to see that #21 scored on 1 on your 1-6 scale! haha

    The kiddo and I are volunteering at a 5k this weekend. She was so relieved when I told her we were volunteering and not running it! I keep hope alive that one of these days she’ll learn to love running too.

  2. I love those flowers! My favorite flower is probably a rose which is ironic, because we can’t really grow roses where I live, but I just love all the different colors. We’re just hanging around the house, cleaning, and relaxing this weekend.

  3. Hooray for PT! I appreciate knowing that you’re going through PT and dealing with shoulder issues so I don’t feel alone in this! Is that weird? I hope that your recovery proceeds smoothly. And I didn’t realize that you’re in NYC too!

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