Well hello again. I’ve been on vacation this past week (just a staycation) and finally took it down a notch to regroup. Coincidently, it’s been exactly a month since my last post so I figured I share a little from the last 30 days in pictures because honestly that’s how I remember my life these days….I just scroll through my phone’s camera roll :).

Aside from this past staycation week I’ve been doing lots of sign design and production 🙂

Now that the weather has been warmer, Mr. SOTSS and I have resumed our Thursday night walks to get ices. That’s rainbow cookie for me and coconut raspberry for him.

I discovered this amazing combo: Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn AND Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips. So delicious!

I ran a race! Yep, the Spring Lake 5 miler the last weekend in May. It was super hot and I thought I might die. I ran the whole race with my friend Lisa and we had a great time catching up on life. I also got to see my friend Jane. And after the race, I had brunch with Lisa, her cousin and his wife. And if it couldn’t get better than that, I got a medal and a glass. Woot!

Happy feet!

For the 2nd year Mr. SOTSS and I attended a local fundraising event called the Blue Jean Ball. Such a fun night! And with our crazy work schedules it was really nice to get out on a weeknight and relax.

Props for the props.

I picked up Chester and brought him back to my house last week and snapped this pic just before we started driving. So cute.

I also made him pose for a pic just like I do with Duncan.

Speaking of duncan poses here’s one!

and another

oh ok….one more 🙂

On the Friday before my staycation began I came home from working at Fastsigns and passed out for 2 hours. I woke up and felt like running….and so I did…at 8pm! Fresh pavement and honeysuckles…it was awesome!

Speaking of honeysuckles, I walked a whole lot during my staycation just to be around the honeysuckles….they smell soooo good!

I went hiking and these ferns stopped me in my tracks.

Ran 3 slow miles yesterday and then took this selfie. Note to self: I need more running tanks. I only have ONE!

The view on my first walk of the day today

and then a second walk this evening with Duncan

And I made my bed! This is a big deal because I am not a regular bed maker. But I need to get in the habit because tomorrow I’m listing my house for sale! That’s my big news 🙂 I’ll be moving in with Mr. SOTSS for a while before we start house hunting for something together. I’m a bit freaked out as I’ve lived my entire life (44 years) here on Staten Island and I’ll be moving to New Jersey. But considering I basically pack a duffle bag and go there every weekend anyway I guess it won’t be that big a deal. And Mr. SOTSS is a GREAT bed maker so I’ll have that to look forward to 🙂 But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t emotional about this. I bought this house less than a year after my husband died and I have been here for 18 years. It’s been my serenity. I’ll miss it. But I’m looking forward to this next chapter.

So how has your last month been? 

Trip to Saint Louis and honeysuckle running season

Hi folks!

I’m back from a quick trip to Saint Louis (and southern Illinois) and can’t tell you how great it felt to wake up next to this muppet this morning.

I love how he is so dramatic about the sun streaming in

I love how he is so dramatic about the sun streaming in

I flew out to St. Louis on Thursday and had a few hours to walk around the city before driving to southern Illinois where my nephew was graduating from high school the following day.

Always gotta bring snacks for the plane...

Always gotta bring snacks for the plane…

This was my first time visiting St. Louis so I knew I’d have to walk to see the Gateway Arch and also check out Busch Stadium, where the Cardinals play.this-way-to-the-arch

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Last Friday, I closed out the work week with an awesome 6 mile run along a tow path near my office. I enjoyed it so much I decided to do it again last night. 7 miles of the most beautiful and fragrant scenery…

you know me and my honeysuckles....

you know me and my honeysuckles….


My favorite view of the eve

My favorite view of the eve

I stopped a ton to take pics and kept it fairly slow and easy. As usual, it really boosted my mood.IMG_3573

The ivy and "fuzzy" looking stuff on this tree made me feel like I was in a fairy tale jungle

The ivy and “fuzzy” looking stuff on this tree made me feel like I was in a fairy tale jungle

cutest little cottage near the rose garden

cutest little cottage near the rose garden


Ironically I stopped at these flowers that are called “carefree spirit” 🙂

IMG_3595 IMG_3594

I almost don’t want to ever run on the streets of my neighborhood anymore because it just doesn’t compare.


tried to get a running shadow.


seriously…the reflection of the trees in the water….so beautiful.


That’s me….always a little off-centered

Boom, long run done and stress sweated out.


I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a refreshing iced coffee to re-hydrate and then I relaxed the rest of the night with my boy staring at me. IMG_3624


You were gone so long i’m just gonna stare at you so you won’t have the heart to leave me again

This morning I took the doodle to the vet for some regularly shots and checkup and he got a clean bill of health. Now he’s “reclining”.


Have a great day!

Sweating out the small stuff and solitude with the ‘suckles

Happy Saturday!

I had a week with a whole lotta ups and downs. I knew all week that I was going to run after work on Friday at that park (Colonial Park) near my office that I discovered the first week I worked. But I didn’t expect to run more than 3 miles. I ended up running 10K because I was enjoying the solitude and those honeysuckles so much.



I wanted to run on the DnR (Delaware and Raritan) Canal Tow Path that both Mr. SOTSS and Meesh mentioned. I didn’t find the entrance right away so I ended up running along a couple of roads with absolutely no sidewalk or shoulder. It was stressful and I had to stop and literally jump into the woods to avoid getting hit by a car a few times. Then I ended up on a quiet block when all of a sudden a dog ran out to the front of his yard and then toward me. He was not on a leash. Holy F! I was scared out of my mind. I just turned in the opposite direction and ran super fast and sure enough after a few minutes I stumbled upon one of the entrances to the tow path! Thank god.

Finally found an entrance

Finally found an entrance



It was smooth sailing after that and about 3 miles in is where I saw that there was a connection to the park via a cute little bridge. SO MUCH SAFER! HA! I cannot wait to run a bunch more times along this tow path every Friday.

When self timer shots go wrong

When self timer shots go wrong

I cannot tell you how much I needed that hour + of time alone. I’ve been struggling to be heard lately and It’s been making me feel pretty crappy. And sometimes, because I’m so super open and honest with how I feel it makes people uncomfortable and defensive. I’ll just keep it at that. 😉 I loved the tow path because other than maybe a couple of bike riders and one or two other runners it was literally all mine! I could hear the birds chirping and the sound of my feet striking the ground.


With each stride I felt more and more Zen. I saw a few chipmunks and a deer too. I think I could have run 10 or more miles but I had to get home to Duncan.

There are over 70 miles to cover

There are over 70 miles to cover

When my run was over I celebrated with my free donut that I got earlier in the day.



Dunkin Donuts was giving out a free donut with beverage purchase because yesterday was National Donut Day. And then I returned my beloved running car magnets to “Forest” now that he’s back from the autobody shop.


I came home to my doodles and just chilled out for the rest of the night.


Did you say it’s Friday?!


His before and after from his latest grooming. I love his versatile looks 🙂


Random doodling during a meeting at work

OK I better go be productive now. It’s already after 10am and I’ve been up since 7am doing nothing but watching TV and blogging….

Happy Weekend!

Doing anything fun this weekend?