Hi peeps,

I’m home after spending 5 days with Mr. SOTSS and his girls down in Williamsburg, Virginia.

IMG_5152We got the “Bounce Ticket” to Busch Gardens, Water Country USA and Colonial Williamsburg. It was a super fun trip.

The highlights of the trip included:

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Yesterday’s post was a bit serious. So I thought I’d be a little silly today.

What are you willing to sacrifice to fit in a run? OK this sounds quite dramatic right? Some might say they sacrifice blood, sweat and tears while trying to train for a marathon. Me? Oh, I just sacrifice clean hair. 🙂

big hair


Let me explain…

Until the sun starts to rise at 6:30am (which won’t be until the end of February!) I’ve decided my Tuesday runs will be on the treadmill at the gym near my office during my lunch break.


New York Sports Club

We all know how spoiled Duncan is so I can’t bear to dip into his walking time in the morning with a clear conscience. And running in the dark, icy, cold is just not appealing to me.

My Tuesday run will only be 3 or 4 miles and even at a relaxed pace I can fit it in during my lunch break. Well, all except for the extra 10 minutes it would take to wash my hair and layer in the multiple frizz reducing, curl enhancing product. So yesterday, after running 3 miles at the gym, I showered without washing my hair! And you know what? I’m TOTALLY OK with that. I’m willing to sacrifice clean hair!


3 miles done

Today’s a rest day!

rest day

We take our rest day seriously!

What are your tips to make your exercise time most efficient? What are you willing to sacrifice?

Funny thing happened today…I set out to the gym on my lunch break to tackle a 5 mile hill workout and from the first step I knew it wasn’t happening.

new carpet in the ladies' locker room!

new carpet in the ladies’ locker room!

My legs felt like lead and I felt like the treadmill was lying to me as an 11 minute mile pace felt so hard to maintain. I was SO mad at myself! I wanted to just go back down to the locker room, change and head back to work. But I decided that I’d at least try running with minimal incline (.5) so that I could get the miles in. I am not lying when I tell you that I literally looked down at the “distance completed” screen so many times that I don’t think I ever went so far as a tenth of a mile without a glance.


3 boring miles. The trend lately seems to be my love of my training is on the decline (mental note: TAKE A BREAK!). When I finished the 3 miles I decided to walk slowly to cool down and check my phone for some distraction. That’s when I saw this on Twitter and just had to reply.


It completely changed my view of the failure. So much so that I turned that walk into a slightly faster walk….and then I raised the incline up to 8 and continued to walk….and then??? I started to RUN at that incline. I covered about a half mile of hill intervals!!!!

I ended up with 4.5 miles total (instead of the scheduled 5) and of course only half a mile of hill running, but that’s better than nothing, and better than just 3 flat miles. I was drenched by the time I finished. But better than that, my negative view of the workout came full circle and I walked out of the gym with a smile on my face. I came back to the office to feast on my healthy lunch.

photo 5

pop chips, salad, egg, avocado and grapefruit

So that’s how you take a failure to succeed and turn it into a successful failure! 


Question: Have you ever not wanted to work out and gone anyway only to leave with a smile on your face?

Happy Friday everyone. It’s Valentine’s Day.

I have a beautiful treasure.


A Valentine’s card that my Grandpa gave my Grandma back in 1954. They were high school sweethearts and spent close to 70 years together before my grandpa passed in 1992.

And just literally a minute ago I received a delivery…



My brother and sister-in-law do so much for me. I’m so lucky to have them. And today I was surpised with some chocolate covered strawberries and a reminder that I am loved. AWWW!

So not only did I weather the storm that dropped over a foot of snow and lots of rain and sleet as well but I MADE IT TO THE GYM last night in between bands of snow. Girls gotta make it work when training for a spring marathon right?!


gym parking lot selfie

photo 1

5 miles done!

It was supposed to be an easier run as I just did a tempo on Tuesday but I felt good. So after a warmup mile at 11:30pace I kept my pace about 9:30 for the last 4 netting an average overall pace of a 10 minute mile.

There is just so much snow everywhere…

photo 2


not my car. these folks never bothered digging out from the last couple of storms. They’re probably not gonna drive until spring.

Tomorrow my peeps are trekking here to Staten Island to run a 10K trail run called the Cold Feat 10K! We ran it last year too. I’m really excited because we’re supposed to be getting a few more inches in the morning so it should feel like we’re running in a winter wonderland. And then I’ll be serving everyone brunch before they trek home to Brooklyn and the Bronx. And Sunday I’ve got a 14 miler to complete. I am already planning to scale back my running next week because i think all these treadmill runs are putting some stress on my shins and also I seem to be speeding up too much on the treadmill runs. I don’t want to burn out.

I’ll leave you with this video of the doodle in the snow. Have a great weekend y’all!