So I closed on my mortgage refinance this morning and then, to celebrate finally completing that “task” that’s been on my to-do list since 2012, I took the pretty bike for another spin, this time around my hood.

ready to take a ride through the neighborhood

ready to take a ride through the neighborhood

I completed 8 miles in just about an hour.


It was much hillier than my last ride at the beach. And there were lots of traffic lights that I had to stop at. But I really enjoyed feeling the muscles in my body working and I actually was giddy to feel myself huffing and puffing up hills. I know I’ve lost a good amount of fitness this past month and I am getting excited to gain some of it back. It’ll make things easier when I’m finally cleared to run again.

In the meantime, I’ve made some realizations when it comes to biking:

1. I cannot believe how weak my core is. 

2. I find that I carry tension in my neck and shoulders while riding. Not sure if I’m leaning forward too much or if it’s just that my body is not used to holding on to handlebars for so long.

3. I don’t need to wear a sports bra which means they’ll get worn less and ultimately last longer meaning I save money. Cha Ching!

4. Ditto for my running sneakers! Double Cha Ching!

5. I found a new “cheeky” place to apply anti chafe balm =)

6. My neighborhood isn’t the best place to ride lately. Street resurfacing is in full effect!


7. I sweat a lot less

8. The breeze feels AWESOME

9. My eyes tear and that’s even with sunglasses

10. Hills that seemed SO steep and long when running are actually not bad when biking. I actually kind of look forward to the uphills!

After feeling the exercise endorphins kick in I decided to dust off my Wii Fit! I was curious how long it had been since I last used it.


Hello! 1570 day? That’s like 4 1/2 YEARS! Oops, my bad! Apparently I weighed about 137 pounds and had a “normal” BMI in 2010. And actually I was right about that in March of this year but today I weighed in around 145 and it said i am “overweight” :(. I take that with a grain of salt but regardless I decided to set a goal to lose 9 pounds in 6 months. I did some strength and balance moves and even some yoga poses. Just 10 minutes! I’m going to commit to doing 10-20 minutes 3x a week.

The doodle went to the groomer for his summer cut.


And now I’m sitting on the sofa thinking I actually want to go for another bike ride! It’s the most perfect weather here today and I want to maximize my day off to the fullest. But reality is telling me I better head to the grocery store. Alright! Alright! =)

So what’s the weather like where you live? It was 60s and sunny all day here. AHHHH! My favorite.

I remember in my 20s and even early 30s when a holiday weekend would come I’d look forward to sleeping late and sitting on the couch. That doesn’t happen anymore.

After getting up before 5 a.m. on Saturday to see my friends run the Spring Lake 5 and then spending the afternoon walking in the rain with the doodle I thought about sleeping in yesterday. But then I remembered I had my new bike and the rest is history.


I got up at 6:30 a.m. and after a quick breakfast and a walk with the dog I put the bike in the car and drove down to the beach to really test out my new wheels (and my bike riding confidence). More »

I have a new profound gratitude for spectators—it’s hard work!

This morning the doodle and I were up and on the road by 5:45am to head down to the Spring Lake 5 Miler in Spring Lake, NJ. We met up with Lisa and her cousin Bill who lives nearby and then walked a few blocks to meet up with Elvia, Colleen and Luie.

Spring Lake 5 Miler

the first time i’ve ever been in a pre-race photo wearing jeans lol! (Thanks Elvia for the pic)

I stopped quick to pick up my tech shirt and commemorative glass. Hey! I might not have been able to run or get a medal but i did pay for this race and the swag that goes with it right? =)

Spring Lake 5 Swag

Spring Lake 5 Swag

A few minutes before the race started Duncan and I skooched out to the first few hundred feet past the starting line so once the race started we could see everyone before scooting up a few blocks to wait for them at mile 3. (I kinda like that I used “skooched” and “scooting” in the same sentence.)

The cutest, furriest spectator just patiently waiting to see some of his favorite runners…

cutest spectator ever!

cutest spectator ever!

Well the start was successful. I snapped a few shots of the first group of runners passing by…

photo 1-2 photo 1 photo 2-2 photo 3-2

Then I saw Lisa and Bill, and while I was calling out for them Elvia saw me. So i snapped this pic of her and managed to get Lisa and Bill in the background (although they didn’t see me or know i was taking the pic). Spectator lesson #1: Call out to your runner by their name and SHOUT IT for best outcome. I had a moment of panic when I saw Lisa and Bill and all I could do was say “Hey! Hi! Let me take your picture”. Only problem was I didn’t say ” HEY LISA, HEY BILL”. LOL! Luckily at least Elvia saw me.


There they are!

Once they ran past, Duncan and I walked up a few blocks and got a good spot at the 3 mile mark to try to see them. Now when we arrived the lead male hadn’t even arrived yet so it was pretty empty. I set myself up on the outside of the turn so that I’d be able to get a good view as the runners turned the corner. Spectator lesson #2: Be specific to which side of the road you’ll be. I didn’t even think to discuss this with them and needless to say I missed EVERYONE!

Mile 3

Strangers at mile 3

I watched the front runners fly by, then the middle of the pack and then the back of the pack…. Finally I noticed the time. It was 9:11am. They started about 8:35. Surely they must have passed. With a bit of disappointment I decided Duncan and I better just head to the finish to catch them. But as we were about 2 blocks away I realized getting through the crowds of runners who had finished, especially with Duncan in tow, would be rather challenging. Just at that moment I got a text from Lisa that they had finished and were coming down the chute so I just stayed put. Spectator lesson #3: Pay attention to the time! I was so focused on making sure I had my camera at the ready I didn’t pay attention to my watch.

Good thing they found ME!!


Congrats to the cousins

the girls

Running Peepettes

It really was cool to be in the shoes of a spectator this morning for sure.

the spectator duo! (thanks Elvia for the pic

the spectator duo! (thanks Elvia for the pic

I don’t think I ever noticed how each runner has their own unique running form. And I enjoyed hearing one mom telling her small children to look out for daddy who should be passing by any minute. It’s a great thing when kids can be inspired by their parents healthy and active sport. I really was thrilled to have Duncan with me. He was quite a magnet and attracted many pet friendly people to give him some love.

When you really want to participate in something you just have to find a way to do it even if it isn’t in the way you wanted. I came home feeling happy. Just as happy as if I had run. Running races isn’t always about the actual running part….the social and energetic elements of race day were still there for me! And then the best thing happened. Lisa gave me her turkey sub sandwich (the race is sponsored by Jersey Mike’s Subs) Thank you Lisa for not only being a vegetarian but gluten free too leaving no chance in hell you could eat that sandwich!). So on the drive home duncan and I split it and all that remained was this little piece of lettuce…

little lettuce leftover

little lettuce leftover

After an early rise and 3 hours on my feet Duncan and I chilled on the couch for a few hours before heading back out this afternoon for a walk at the park. It started to rain within minutes of walking but we kept going and walked an hour.

wet doodle

is this just pathetic or adorable or both?

My ankle pain, weakness and soreness comes and goes randomly from hour to hour lately so while I was walking this afternoon it actually felt pretty good but this morning it was achy. And now I’m icing it!!!! Not that I’m counting but its’ now been 14 days since I last ran.

Hope you are having a relaxing weekend.

Any spectator failure stories? Any spectator tips? 




Happy Thursday! My favorite weekday because I’m off =)

I got up early, showered and got dressed.

i run like a girl

reminding myself i am still a runner

Yup, foam roller and heating pad in the background. #injuredrunner

Then headed out with a friend to buy my very first adult bike.

Schwinn Riverside

Pretty hot pink accents =)

new bike

My first time riding a bike since I was 15!

So I’m so short that I had to bring the seat down all the way! I practiced quick in the parking lot and was surprised I didn’t fall. I’m shaky for sure but it’ll come back to me right?! =)

The bike was a bargain at $129! I can always upgrade to a fancier bike if I stick to it.

Next up was grabbing lunch at Harold’s Deli. They’re famous for their World’s Largest Pickle Bar

Harold's Deli

Pickles, corned beef and turkey on rye and cole slaw!

They’re also famous for their oversized desserts. We were pressed for time so I got this oversized black and white cookie to go…

black and white cookie

Now that’s a cookie!

Once I got home I set out for my first official bike ride. I’m still nervous so I rode around my development and to a church parking lot near my house just to get used to it.




I hope I get a little faster! I run faster than that lol! But I did go up a big hill and that felt good.

So here I go! I’ve taken the mental training wheels off and I’m ready to embrace the next 3 weeks of not running.

Have you ever been nervous to do something but once you tried it you loved it?