My folks had so much zucchini in their garden so I decided tonight to make a lasagna without noodles.

IMG_7006I sliced the zucchini super thin and sautéed it in a pan with garlic and oil first. I should have read the Internet before that because apparently you’re supposed to salt the zucchini to draw out moisture. My finished product was a little watery but not that bad considering I didn’t use a recipe. I layered the zucchini with ricotta, mozzarella, fresh basil (also from my dad’s garden) marinara sauce, and some bread crumbs. Tasty! I’ll be eating this for lunch the next few days paired with some pasta and meatballs…Bellisimo!


So just a few weeks ago i was the lucky winner of a pair of PRO Compression sleeves from a giveaway on another blog (Thank you Ali On the Run!). I had the choice between socks or sleeves and I chose the sleeves since I already own 3 pairs of socks and wanted to give the sleeves out.
I became a big fan of compression gear when I started running marathons. I use compression socks after running while i’m recovering from those weekly long runs. And with all of the tendon issues I’ve had in my legs I swear that the socks have helped me recover quicker.
I don’t usually wear them for races but last summer I did wear them when I ran the San Francisco Half Marathon.
Think pink!

Think pink! Boy was I sweaty!

me and Lisa after running the San Francisco Half last summer

me and Lisa after running the San Francisco Half last summer

I was just coming back from an ankle injury and my calves were super achy. I think the only reason I don’t wear them more is because I usually wear capris and it looks kinda silly for some reason to have tall socks on.

Anyhoo—I was super stoked when I was asked to do a giveaway on my own blog. YAY! I get the chance to pay it forward.
So here are the details:
  • All you have to do to enter for a chance to win a marathon sock or sleeve of your choice is comment below with a fun fact about yourself.
  • You can comment until 10pm on Friday 7/24. I’ll contact the winner on Monday 7/27. 
  • Also, be sure to follow PRO Compression on Facebook and Twitter.
  • And if you prefer getting info about sales, discounts and other sweet giveaways emailed, you should go here to sign up for their newsletter.
  • Oh, and if you are chomping at the bit to buy yourself some PRO Compression gear ASAP you’ll get 40% off with the discount code PRO15
If you have any questions for me regarding socks, sleeves or even their amazingly comfy leggings which I now own 2 pairs of just let me know.
One little mention…this giveaway is only open to US residents so I apologize to all my loyal non-US readers. 
Have a great day!
Fun fact about you….GO!


  1. Great giveaway, thanks! Fun fact about me: I couldn’t pass the Presidential Fitness test mile run all through middle/high school and thought that I just didn’t have the genetic makeup to be a runner. I’m still a bit shocked at times that I not only love running, but specifically marathoning 🙂

  2. What a fun giveaway- and a nice way to pay it forward! Hmmm fun fact about me…I had knee surgery on both of my knees when I was 18 and was told I probably shouldn’t run anymore. Since then I have ran 4 half marathons and countless 10ks/5ks- all pain free! I recently committed to running 30 races before I turn 30! (I’m 26, and have 10 done…so I better get running!)

  3. I like wearing compression socks or sleeves after a hard run. I have also found they help when I have a long car ride. All that sitting on my tired running legs makes them ache. But the socks sure help!

  4. I’ve not once had an oz of hard liquor or smoked a cigarette in my life. That’s fun right?! Like a need another pair of socks =)

    • Ha. Yes. NO MORE PRO CO FOR YOU! Wow. That’s a cool and unexpected fact. I have never had a cigarette but hard liquor…well….

  5. Hello,
    I love your blog and have been reading since the start but this is my first time commenting!! (first time commenting on a blog ever!)
    I was an athlete all through high school but was constantly plagued by shin splints:( For years after high school I would try to start running but always gave up once the shin splints started. I had been told MANY times to go to a running store to get fitted for the proper pair of running shoes. I always thought that was a gimmick. At my husband instance I finally went 2 years ago to get fitted. Turns out it wasn’t a gimmick and I have not suffered a shin splint since, and I run 4 times a week!!

    • Honored to be the blog of your first comment ever! =) How wonderful that just a proper pair of shoes could send those shin splints packing.

  6. Deborah Michaels

    Been following your blog for a few months…I love your attitude and outlook on life! Never have worn compression anything but I am intrigued. Fun fact…I just learned to play “Turkey in the Straw” on the jaw harp. :). Love internet tutorials! Now my kids think I am super cool! (That is because they are 1, 5, and 6…soon enough they will think that is lame…

  7. That lasagna looks great!! Fun fact: my middle name was supposed to be my first name in honor I’d my dads grandmother, but my mom didn’t like it, so my mom decided to switch it without my dad knowing at the hospital. It took 15 years for my dad (and me!) to find out,since they’d planned to call me by my “middle” name all along.

  8. I love to wear compression socks while running and traveling when I have to sit for long periods of time. Fun fact about me, I love green olives! I can’t get enough of them, I eat them straight out of the jar and add them to most recipes. I even put them on potato chips!

  9. Fun Fact: I survived an f4 tornado going through my town!

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  11. I love pro compression and zucchini! And now for a fun fact: I never wore makeup until I graduated college. I was worried I wouldn’t look good in job interviews so I called up a Mary Kay lady to teach me about it and how to apply it. I barely ever wear it now. 🙂

  12. I love ProCompression low socks for running, but have not tried any of their other products. Fun fact: your blog is my favorite! I love Duncans appearances on the blog, I am a huge dog person so he makes me smile.

  13. My fun fact is that I was told as a kid that I could never run due to severe asthma. I have now run four half marathons and am signed up for the Glass Slipper Challenge at Disney in February! 🙂

  14. Fun Fact…. I love morning runs! I also love ProCompression too.

    • What’s your secret for morning runs? Once I am out there I am happy but I have such a hard time getting out the door.

  15. Fun fact: I used to play roller derby – super fun, but the risk of severe injury was a little much after a while!

    PRO leggings are pretty much my favorite – I also have 2 pairs! 🙂

  16. Fun fact: I can ride a unicycle! My parents bought me one for Christmas when I was really little and my dad said he would pay be $100 if I could ride it around the block without falling, so I taught myself!

  17. Fun fact; I have crazy long second toes. So much longer than my big toes. I can pinch people with them and pick things up using those toes like you do with your fingers!

    • That can definitely come in handy! Or should I say “footy!” Lol.

      • Deborah Michaels

        Good one, Sally! I guess she really handed that one to you, eh? Oh…footed? 🙂

        I also have the longer second toe…both have recently lost their nails because they hit the front of my shoes when I run and we are a bit hilly here.

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