I can’t believe it’s Monday 🙁

This weekend sure was a whirlwind after my Jeep’s breakdown Saturday. I had to cancel some plans to visit a friend who lives out of town and I went through a whole lot of emotional crap as I slowly got myself used to the idea that I might have to just stop pouring the bucks into my Jeep and look into buying or leasing something new(er). I’m sure you’ve all had some object that you’ve just grown so attached to. (humor me so I don’t feel like a dweeb). Well this Jeep is like my soulmate and she’s so symbolic of how far I’ve come since the hubby died. This was the first vehicle I bought on my own. I haggled for 4 hours at the dealership to get the price I wanted. I was so proud of myself.

And Duncan only knows this car.

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Dear Jeepie: I will always love you even if I junk you or trade you in for a few cents. Love, me.

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OK enough about that. I’m getting a little ridiculous now! Yesterday, since I was vehicle-less, my dear running peeps Lisa and Mike came to Staten Island and we ran 10 miles here in my ‘hood. It was hot and humid and even rained on us some. We did 9 and 1 run/walk intervals. Overall pace was 11:47 but the running intervals were more in the range of 10s which is GREAT for me as I haven’t run 10s since the injury. And this was the longest distance and my first double digit run since the injury as well. I’m gettin’ there! I returned home soaked and sore but after a shower and some foam rolling and tennis ball massaging my ankle/foot feels pretty decent.

Next week is going to be my last long run where I hope to hit 13-15. I’m STILL not decided on whether or not I’m going to run the full or the half. Frankly, as I’ve said before I’ll have to speak to someone at the EXPO and see what my options are. I’m sort shifting into the mindset of less pressure and just half it. Oh the suspense!!!!!

Don’t you just love reading blogs written by indecisive, overly sentimental running, chicks?

OK, tell me….do you have some object you are sentimentally attached to? 



  1. I’ll take a picture of it. I have a carnation flower that i’ve kept since my friends passing… long long long time… it hangs on my wall in my work office. First thing I looked at when I read your question. If you downgrade to the half and you happen to downgrade to the 2nd half… I will run it with you if you want company =).

    • Would be honored to run it with you. I’ll let you know as we get closer. (less than 2 weeks! HOLY SHIZZLES!).
      I love that it’s a carnation that you kept. Hubby used to always give me carnations. He felt they were the best deal for your money because they lasted so much longer than roses. lol.

  2. If you choose to go down to a half, you will still have a great time. Although the first half does have the bridge, we all know you ran over that with me last summer! And no matter what, we will all be there together! I am so excited that you all are coming to run my town!! And I will have my Jeep think happy thoughts for your Jeep.

    • I know. It’s all good! Thanks for your happy thoughts and enthusiasm. I’m stoked to be in Sausalito/SF in just 10 days!!

  3. I just have to say, the picture of you and Duncan in the Jeep is the cutest!

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