Some ups and downs so far 9 days into 2017 :)

Here’s what’s been going on in the last week…

We’ve got lots of cold weather and snow happening here on the east coast….both inside and out.

mmmm....snowsicles are yummy

mmmm….snowsicles are yummy

Yep, on Friday morning Duncan took one last rest on his pig (that Mr. SOTSS won me at the Washington State Fair last September) and then discovered a little hole big enough to de-stuff the pig and before we knew it, it was snowing in the house!

Such a comfortable pig

Such a comfortable pig



It was also snowing outside and I decided to go for a 4 mile walk to get in a good amount of steps before the snow really accumulated. I walked for over an hour and really enjoyed every step. The neighborhood was quiet and magical with all the powdery white stuff falling.

being the first to step on fresh fallen snow is almost as fun stepping on (and popping) those sheets of packing bubbles!

being the first to step on fresh fallen snow is almost as fun as stepping on (and popping) those sheets of packing bubbles!

I love Winter!

I love Winter!

This is where things went south. I decided to pull out my trampoline and jump a bit for a little extra calorie burn and also to warm up and get the chill out of my body. As I went to push the trampoline in the center of the living room floor I kicked one of the metal legs so hard accidentally and next thing I knew my toenail was split into 3 pieces. Just like in the cartoons, I saw stars. I manually pulled off the two pieces that were hanging by a thread and covered the toe with antibiotic cream and a bandage and continued about my day. (no photos because I want you to continue to read my blog :) It wasn’t until the evening when I tried to put a shoe on to take Duncan for a walk that I realized how painful the toe was and how hard it was for me to walk.

I was feeling rather down on myself because of a multitude of things. First, I had been tracking my calories and trying to eat healthier all week. I hadn’t had sweets and was going through major sugar withdrawal. I also hadn’t run all week because my hamstring has still been bothering me. Combine that with the fact that my workload at the moment is really too light for my liking (read….typical freelance worry about cash flow and paying bills) and I really spiraled.

Luckily yesterday I was able to get out of the house and go have fun in the snow with Mr. SOTSS and his girls (and the dogs). I tried not to let the toe pain get in the way. We spent a few hours outside. But not before we all got bundled up.


Superdoodle is not super happy about this getup.

Duncan hated me for putting him in his snowsuit and boots but it just makes life easier on both of us not having to deal with the snowballs that stick to his fur.

Best angle ever! #doodlebutt

Best angle ever! #doodlebutt

Happy despite the snowsuit. Also happy the paws were set free. Those booties didn't last long.

Happy despite the snowsuit. Also happy the paws were set free. Those booties didn’t last long.

so happy when he's being a kid

so happy when he’s being a kid

Chester likes big sticks and he cannot lie

Chester likes big sticks and he cannot lie

LOL. The face says it all.

LOL. The face says it all.

Does this snowsuit make my butt look big?

Does this snowsuit make my butt look big?

Things were looking up when I weighed myself this morning and I was down 1.4 pounds. But more importantly I’m really proud of myself for sticking to eating healthier for a week straight and I’m determined to keep up the good work. I know the number on the scale will fluctuate but if I can be more conscious about my nutrition throughout the year then I can consider myself ahead of the game.

Then I realized if I take my sock off before putting my boot on the toe pain is reduced and I can walk a little better. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to get out for a slow walk today and sweat out the small stuff. Hoping a few more days will bring me enough relief in the toenail AND the hamstring area that I can run a local 5k trail run this Saturday. We shall see.

And I just got a new work assignment! Whew!

Moral of this story. Toenails are heavy! (LOL!) Seriously though, my point is that it’s so easy to spiral but if you give it some time, things can always improve.

Have a great week!

Anyone else have stubbed-toe-war-stories???? Any tips on healing the tender toenail bed?

So I really wanted to name this post Sh–t happens. LOL.

I was feeling so good on my run last Sunday even though i had the “sniffles”. Well that turned into an upper respiratory infection and knocked me down for a bit. I’m on antibiotics and starting to feel a little better so hopefully I’ll be back up and running next weekend but for now I’ll just accept the health defeat.

Other than trying to get through the days at work and resting at home I haven’t done much. Yesterday Mr. SOTSS and I took the dogs to the pet store to celebrate Valentine’s Day and show them how much we love them.

IMG_1073Mr. SOTSS picked up some flowers for me and we made pancakes on Valentine’s morning.


My sister-in-law dropped off some homemade chicken soup. I am loved!


I felt well enough today that we took the dogs on a short hike. It’s the most exercise I’ve had in a week. It was in the 30s which is balmy compared to the single digits we had on Saturday and Sunday. And then it snowed.

I'll race ya....

I’ll race ya….

IMG_1105's what we do

hiking…it’s what we do

one solitary snowflake that landed in my car

one solitary snowflake that landed in my car

Hope you all had a happy weekend. Tell me what you’ve been up to!!!!

The Blizzard of 2016 recap. Nope it isn’t a race.

Warning: a ton of pictures of snow and dogs. :)

I am doing my best to type this as the hours of shoveling on Sunday have rendered my body sore beyond belief.

Mother nature dumped over 2 feet of snow on us over the weekend. It was awesome! Well, except for the shoveling.


I drove over to Mr. SOTSS’ house Friday night when there was only a few inches on the ground. I figured if I was going to be housebound for a bit it would be more fun spending the time with him and his girls. We completed a jigsaw puzzle…

we counted....1008 pieces....that's 8 more than the box said!

we counted….1008 pieces….that’s 8 more than the box said!

And made Shrinky Dinks…

I made the rainbow, pencil and shooting stars....The other beauties were done by Mr. SOTSS' 10 year old. She's quite the budding artist. Love her evenly spaced sprinkles and watermelon seeds

I made the rainbow, pencil and shooting stars….The other beauties were done by Mr. SOTSS’ 10 year old. She’s quite the budding artist. Love her evenly spaced sprinkles and watermelon seeds

And during the peak of the storm when they had a travel ban we just took the dogs and the sleds around the neighborhood streets. Chester actually pulls the sled. He’s pretty talented.

blizzard-neighborhoodBoth Mr. SOTSS and I tried out our snow shoes too.


Just snow shoeing around the hood in the middle of a blizzard

Just snow shoeing around the hood in the middle of a blizzard

my new snow shoes!

my new snow shoes!

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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend. I had a nice balance of lazy and busy as well as some highs and lows when it comes to running. I’ll fill you in…

Friday it was sunny and relatively warm (for winter in New York City)—about 40 degrees. So I decided to just go for a short run. I was so thrilled that I felt no knee pain at all. I’m continuing to enjoy the Garmin Forerunner 10.

Short and sweet and pain free!

Short and sweet and pain free!

It was the first time since last September that I ran on 2 consecutive days (I had run 5 miles the day before). HIGH! Then I took the doodle for a walk to enjoy the sunshine too.

another doodle pic

doodle sunshine

Does this angle make my butt look big?

In the evening I met my childhood friend Tara for dinner. We try and see each other about once a year. We caught up on life and while she isn’t on Facebook yet she FINALLY got an Instagram account and we took our first selfie!

Saturday was quite the lazy day. We had snow and rain overnight leaving the roads slick so I took advantage and just stayed put and did stuff around the house like cleaning, freelance design work and knee rehabbing. I did manage to get the doodle some run time on this soccer field by my house to enjoy the few inches of snow that we had received.

Running it out

Running it out

Of course with all the lounging around, I found myself going in to the kitchen a little to frequently and kept dipping into this bag of chips:

My name is Sally and I'm addicted to potato chips

My name is Sally and I’m addicted to these chips

I ate so many I felt a bit sick so I finally got in the car and just drove to the mall to walk around, but more importantly, to get away from the chips and just get out of the house.

Today I took advantage of another sunny day and went to the beach to get in my 8 miler…well, I tried anyway. LOW! My knee gave out an hour into the run and I just immediately stopped running and walked back to the car.

beach view


Gateway National Park

Beautiful scenery for the consolation prize

It wasn’t worth it to push it any more. I have already said that I’m prepared to take more time off and not run the New Jersey Marathon in April if this knee isn’t healed and I’m sticking to what I said. For the most part I’m ok with this but we all know I’ll cry like a baby if I truly can’t run it. (I swear I feel like a broken record…although most days are like Groundhog’s day here at Sweat Out The Small Stuff….you know….walking the doodle, running, bitchin’ about injuries, binging on carbs…)

sad snowmen

These are some dirty, sad snowmen

I’ve come to the conclusion that 3-5 miles is my comfortable distance for now and I think the knee will need some more strengthening and rest before I can realistically do distances more than that. Le Sigh!

I did a repeat of Friday and took Duncan for a walk to enjoy the sunshine too (you see! just like Groundhog’s day!)

FullSizeRender 4

Leading the way


Paw prints in the snow make me happy

Good thing because I hear we’re getting a big storm of a foot or more of snow starting tomorrow afternoon!

Do you like potato chips? Do you have a favorite kind? What’s the snack you tend to binge on?
I love kettle chips!