Happy penultimate day of January! Yep, that was one of my favorite S.A.T. words from back in the day. It means second to last.

This morning a package arrived. I had ordered some 4×6 and 5×7 prints of a bunch of pictures of friends and family to hang in some new frames I bought. It’s weird. I’m so used to just viewing pics digitally it felt really nice to hold them in my hand.


I’m blessed to have such a photogenic dog, friends and family too!

These are the 2 frames I got:


I actually got a variation of this that doesn’t have the white matting. It’s just clear glass so the photos “float” in each pane.


this one’s going in my bedroom. It’s all one piece so I don’t have to worry about making a million holes in the wall

Then I took Duncan to the groomer so he could get this out of control shag tamed.

And the result, as always, perfection:


Scratch n Sniff….I smell so good.


flaunting his fur at the park


batwing ears and paws of perfection!

While the doodle was at the groomer though I was able to squeeze in a quick run which I desperately needed. It was what I call a “runaway” run. I had something personal that I had to take care of today that made me sad. Sometimes when that happens I just want to literally run away with my run. I didn’t take music. Just replayed some stuff over and over in my head.


indoor selfie since the phone battery dies outside from the cold


schedule called for 6 but I needed to be home in an hour so 5.3 was where I netted out. I ended up walking at least a mile with the dog afterward anyway so I’m good.

I felt so much better. And then my friend and I went to IHOP for lunch. I pretended it was still breakfast time and had a stack of 5 pancakes. Nothing healthy about this….

IMG_2568And now I’m going to get some work done before I get too comfy on the couch. Have a great day!

Question: Anyone still have real photo albums filled with pictures on their coffee table? Anyone have a digital photo frame that does a slideshow of lots of pics? Anyone love pancakes more than I do? I doubt it.

Do you remember that post exactly 2 weeks ago where I forgot some of my running essentials while doing a 3 mile speed workout at the gym?

Well today, I was back at the gym for a 4 mile interval workout and I’m happy to report I didn’t forget anything! I had my hair pulled back nicely and my sport ear buds securely in place and my workout was just perfect!

4 mile interval workout makes for a sweaty betty

4 mile interval workout makes for a Sweaty Betty Sally

I was still feeling sore and achy from Sunday’s half marathon so I opted to keep all 8 of my half mile intervals about 30 seconds slower. Next time I do this workout I’ll start at 10:30 and drop down to 8:30 for my fastest interval. And I KNOW I can do it because today wasn’t super difficult. Although by the amount I sweat it might not appear that way =)

I wonder if it was my super healthy breakfast that gave me the energy to push through…

photo 3

black coffee and peanut M&Ms….sweat out the small stuff sugar and caffeine

When I arrived at the gym I was giddy to see they decorated with a balloon arch just for me…

photo 4

and then I realized it was for the Superbowl. Speaking of Superbowl, they have closed down Broadway north of 34th street (here in New York City) to create Superbowl Boulevard. It’s getting crazy. So many trailers and wires and contractors constructing lots of wild things. The police presence is significant. They even just installed this NYPD security camera right outside my office building. (I work right by the big Macy’s at Herald Square)

photo 4

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

I got back to my desk and inhaled my lunch and made sure to log my workout in my calendar, on RunKeeper and cross it off the task list! AHHHHHH!!! Best feeling.

Here are a few pics that were taken of me from Sunday’s Fred Lebow Manhattan Half

photo 1

happy but cold but happy and running and that means it’s all good

photo 2

almost done • crossing the finish with Carey • enjoying a post run Gatorade slushy

If only I were rich because I love these pictures. But I can’t keep dropping $70 after each event. That would literally be over $1,000 a year on photos considering how many races I participate each year. I think I need to get a job with Marathonfoto. I actually felt bad for the photographers though on Sunday. They must have been so cold! One guy had a little camoflage fort (probably bought at a hunting or sporting store) and was sitting inside of it. It was awesome!

OK, off to conquer the world now that I ran. Hope you did something to make you feel invincible today too! Or at least I hope you had chocolate and coffee for breakfast.

Question: What workouts make you feel so strong and accomplished afterward? What workouts do nothing for you? What did you have for breakfast?

Hi all! Happy Sunday!

This morning I got up at 5am and braved the cold temps (we’re talking 17 degrees and that’s not including the wind chill factor) to run the Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon. I was driving not 5 minutes when I realized I left my travel mug filled with hot coffee at the house. I was so sad! But somehow I survived and ran caffeine-free. #miracle.


Duncan was telling me I’m crazy and that we should go back to bed

I picked up my race number, walked through Strawberry Fields for a quick photo and then sat in my car for a half hour staying warm until it was time to line up in the corals.


I thought it was cool that i saw a cardinal and then 2 blue jays within seconds of each other!

I met up with my friend Carey and we ran the entire 13.1 together! It was so great to have someone there to help me stay in the game. She is the most consistently paced person ever! We did run/walk intervals which I don’t do much but it really helped us recover and prepare for all the rolling hills in Central Park. A few pics from the morning…

photo 1

Another long training run is in the books and from here until April 27th all my long runs are double digits. I love knowing I’ve got plenty of miles to clear my head over the next few months. The only thing I don’t love is having less time on weekends for other stuff. You know, even if you get up early to run, you come home, shower, eat, stretch, walk the dog, post a million photos to Instagram, write a blog, update you Facebook status and share your Runkeeper activity…..oh wait, that’s just me! =)

After the race, I came home and defrosted while cuddling up to my Duncan and my Dunkin…


Moving on… my bedroom and my bathrooms are finally done—a few pics…


throw pillow “pollooza” • vases • DIY photo matte framing my favorite little furrkid

final bedroom

the complete look….including the best accessory ever napping on the blue throw


guest bathroom. i went with a dramatic deep purple.


master bath…gray and yellow. shower curtain and bath mat are from Target

Eventually I’ll show you how the rest of the house turned out. I’m having a hard time putting holes back into the freshly patched and painted walls but I will have to surrender and hang some pictures and my medal holders soon.

I’m watching the Grammy’s now (Pink is just amazing!). Why do weekends fly by?

Question: How are you all spending the last week of January? Any exciting weeknight plans? Anyone else run outside in extreme weather?

I’m a fan of sushi! Spicy Tuna rolls, California rolls, Boston rolls….yeah delish….but today I “ate it” on the sidewalk and rolled my ankle. #fail

spicy crunchy ankle roll

The Crunchy Ankle roll

Gratefully I caught myself quickly and am pretty sure I avoided any major damage. I ran 2 additional miles afterward and everything felt pretty good. Seriously, the entire park loop that I was running on was not only shoveled but super salted and totally dry yet this one little snowball just played a trick on me.

outdoor run

nice and easy 5 miles. nice and balmy 25 degrees.

I completed a nice easy 5 miles out in a balmy 25 degrees. Tomorrow I’m running 13.1 and it looks like the temp will be about 11 degrees, so today was a good check-in to see how many layers I’ll really need. I hate to overheat.

pre-run gear check. feels like the right amount of layers. let's give it a whirl...

pre-run gear check. feels like the right amount of layers. let’s give it a whirl…

snow makes everything looks so peaceful

snow makes everything looks so peaceful

I’ve made some progress getting some of the rooms back in order since having my house painted. Will post some before and after pics tomorrow.

And now I better go accomplish something OTHER than running and blogging.


Question: Ever ALMOST injure yourself but somehow manage to come out unscathed? Tell me about it?