I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much all week. I knew it would be a hectic one but it ended up being even more hectic than originally anticipated. I just got back from yoga and I’m feeling a bit calmer so I’ll fill you in on what’s been going on.

Duncan had some health stuff this week which I’m still dealing with. A small cyst on his outer eyelid got swollen and then burst and Tuesday morning it ruptured.



The vet gave me instructions to do warm compresses twice a day, apply ointment to the lid and then give him 2 different pills daily including a steroid. Then came the side effects and the overall stress and possible discomfort he’s feeling. Needless to say I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with it all. I can handle a lot but when he isn’t well I shut down. My shmoopsie poo….what can i say. I barely ate this week but when i did it was paw print pancakes. lol.




I was happy when he was resting comfortably

I was happy when he was resting comfortably

sad sac selfie (me more than him!)

sad sac selfie (me more than him!)

My car went in for routine servicing this week as well and somehow, my luck it started to act weird after I got it back. Idling low and last night it practically stalled….the lights came on on the dashboard and then it lurched forward a couple of times. I’m going to bring it back Monday so they can take a look. Hoping they just have to make some adjustments to whatever they did.

And then I got swamped with work….which is good but stressful. I’ve got multiple new projects from one client that are all fairly fast paced as far as deadlines go so I’ve been working at night and in the early mornings to keep up.

And the only exercise I managed to get in this week was yoga on Monday and again today….oh and some whitewater rafting yesterday. Yep, in the midst of my crazy week I went with Mr. SOTSS and his girls for the day. I was home by 7pm and worked until 11pm.

relaxing in between rapids

relaxing in between rapids

And while we sat in traffic coming home we got to see this pretty lil rainbow

always a sucker for the 'bow

always a sucker for the ‘bow and the beau 🙂

Hoping next week is a little calmer.

Oh and my toe? Yep, slowly healing. 8 treatments of PT and still not walking 100 percent all day but wayyyyyy better than i’ve been I get about 15 minutes every morning where I feel 100 percent and then slowly as the day progresses I am reminded that the toe is still healing. I’m going to wait until Labor Day weekend (about a month from now) to decide if I’m ready for some short, easy running miles. But boy has it gotten easier to handle this non-running.

And last weekend I got to go to a balloon festival in Readington, NJ. IMG_2048

Unfortunately the winds were too high for the balloons to take flight but we got to see some hot air balloons filled up and looking pretty. It was a fun evening.

Wonder Bread balloon glowing.

Wonder Bread balloon glowing.

Angry Bird balloon overshadowing the Wonder Bread balloon

Angry Bird balloon overshadowing the Wonder Bread balloon


Have you ever been in a hot air balloon? Would you want to?

What is the biggest “small stuff” stressor for you?

For me it’s my car and when my dog is sick. Both in one week!


I thought before I update you on my weekend I’d take a look back at a post I wrote a couple of months ago about the what if’s that come with injury. I thought it would be interesting to show how some of those played out:

what if update

“What if the MRI doesn’t reveal anything” Well it sort of didn’t. Only showed a neuroma which isn’t where my pain is and edema (swelling).

“What if I don’t get answers” Well i didn’t really. I still don’t know what happened although I’ve recently begun physical therapy and they feel pretty strongly that my pain is from bone and not ligament/tendon.

“What if the MRI reveals that something is in need of repair surgically.” Luckily it didn’t

“What if I have to wear a boot” I didn’t but wondering if maybe I should have. It boggles my mind how long this pain has lasted. It’s like walking on a black and blue for 4 months.

“What if I need crutches” I didn’t but wondering if maybe I should have.

“What if I gain too much weight from being less active” well I’ve managed to keep my weight stable. It did go up a few pounds but came back down recently. I’m about 142-144 pounds which is my “normal” range.

“What if I can’t run again” well I healed enough to run for a couple of weeks before the setback so I’m confident that I’ll be able to run again. Just gonna have to take it even slower to return to it this time around. I keep setting a new date to strive for but really it doesn’t matter what I want. It’s what my body tells me. And at this point I doubt I’ll be running for the remainder of the summer.

“What if I can’t run the New Jersey Half” I couldn’t. I cried. I survived.

“What if I can’t wear heels to Barbara’s wedding”. Luckily I was able to wear heals and made it through most of the night.

“What if I can’t run the Brooklyn Half” I couldn’t. I cried. I survived. I had a donut.


weekend update

Friday, one of my clients let me know how appreciative he was of my hard work keeping up with his assignment turnover. It left me smiling and going into the weekend with a smile.work-week

I went to yoga on Saturday morning. strength-within-yogaI’m finally able to do Wheel pose but my crow seems to have stagnated. Hrumph! But I’m determined to keep at it. We joked in class yesterday about how we’re all going to be able to go into a head stand from crow soon and I said….yeah #2018goals ! But just like olympians I guess practicing for years to get to a goal isn’t such a bad thing 🙂

I took my bike to Mr. SOTSS’ this weekend so I could go for a ride while he did his long run.bike-10-miles It’s been nice to not clock a time or distance to my workouts these days. I ended up curious when I got home so I mapped out my course online and saw I had biked about 10 miles.

We hit up the movie theater Saturday night to see The Big Sick. It was a really great movie. I laughed a ton and forgot how funny Ray Romano is.movie

Sunday was such a beautiful day that we drove to the beach and just walked along the boardwalk, stopping for a bit to sit on a bench and just take in the views of colorful beach umbrellas and the ocean. jersey-shoreSome of my favorite times with Mr. SOTSS are those unplanned, easy and quiet days. We continued the theme with some backyard chillaxing. He strummed his guitar and we sipped some frozen daqueris.

I love how Chester is waiting for one of us to toss his football

I love how Chester is waiting for one of us to toss his football

IMG_1594Life can be so hectic and #AdultingCanBeSoHard that just taking those few easy hours felt like a week’s vacation!

When you get jealous that your boyfriend is cudding his dog and you ask for the same treatment....you get it!

When you get jealous that your boyfriend is cudding his dog and you ask for the same treatment….you get it!




I just got back from my 4th physical therapy appointment. In addition to the e-stim and ultrasound I got my first scraping treatment. We also worked on stretching my calves which have been tight from all the limping. Scraping sounds so scary right?

How was your weekend?

What is your favorite kind of weekend? Busy with lots of activities or relaxing and low key?