Hi folks.

I’ve been staying at a friend’s house for the weekend keeping an eye on things…

Bailey and my Duncan being a naughty doodle

Bailey and my Duncan being a naughty doodle







Mostly furry things…a cat and 3 dogs plus Duncan is here with me which makes it 4 dogs and I can’t leave out Fishy Fish Fish who isn’t furry (and thankfully still alive).

Fishy Fish Fish

Fishy Fish Fish

When I arrived last night I got the ball rolling with dinner. It was almost a perfect success. But the little white guy Bailey needed a little coaxing by way of fresh turkey before he’d eat his dinner. Finally task 1 was complete.


I had packed myself dinner consisting of a big salad with a couple of hard boiled eggs and fresh turkey breast (which you now know i shared with the pooches). But then I had a hankering for something sweet. So I did what anyone would do when house-sititng, right?

photo 2


I raided their cookie jar! Look, she even has a reminder sign there too about eating cookies! Don’t worry, I’m not in trouble. Funny thing was my friend didn’t even know she HAD cookies in her cookie jar. LOL!

This morning, after feeding Fishy Fish Fish (named by a 3 year old) and the dogs I went out for a bike ride.

another beach ride

another beach ride

I reached my highest mileage to date and it was my fastest too. RunKeeper congratulated me!

photo 1

When I first got injured and started biking, my goal was to get to 30 miles. I still want to hit 30 and hopefully 30+ but i’m officially back to running on Tuesday and I’ll need to focus on getting some long slow runs in before the SF Marathon but I’m still keeping that goal out there for me to reach soon enough. And trust me, this is all good! I’m so happy to be getting ready to return to running but still WANTING to bike long. YAY for expanding my Sweat Out the Small Stuff repertoire.

So now i’m blogging while Duncan supervises as usual.

photo 3The other furr kids are supervising napping too.


It’s always best to nap straddling the couch

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I’ve got a short week. Only working Monday-Wednesday. Anyone else have some days off this week for Independence Day? Do you like fireworks? 

Something happened during the process of healing this injury…a whole new perspective.

I think I’ve embraced the journey a bit more this time around. Last time I hurt myself I didn’t seek medical care right away. For 6 months I tried to run through the pain and when I couldn’t I’d skip a week of training. This time I sought treatment right away (and if it wasn’t for the whole medical insurance referral mishap i’d have probably been treated even sooner). I listened to the docs advice initially and refrained from running for 3 solid weeks which is an eternity for me. And then I almost listened to her when she told me to wait another 3+ weeks (only ran 2 times: the Oakley Mini 10k and the Queens 10K and ran them very slow) I’ve made a solid cross-training plan after buying my first adult bike ever, even took this opportunity to be a spectator too. I’m enjoying the physical therapy experience (although this isn’t technically a new perspective because when I went last time I enjoyed it as well) I know that they’ll work on the spots that still cause pain using massage, heat, laser, electro and ultrasound therapy. I know that for the hour or two that I am there, I am actively working on healing and getting stronger.

getting ready for my stability exercises

getting ready for my stability exercises

I’ve grown to enjoy my bike rides and yesterday I even got a new perspective of the Verrazano Bridge.

Verrazano Bridge

Verrazano Bridge from the left side instead of the right

There are 2 HUGE hills that you have to climb in order to go under the bridge and see it from the other side. I’ve been chicken to even try going up that hill with the bike and even on foot. But yesterday I felt adventurous and went for it. I put the bike in the lowest gear and tried with all my might to ride up the hill. I admit I had to walk it up a short distance but for the most part I mastered the hills. There were 3 large inclines in total.

Runkeeper even told me it was my highest elevation so far.

photo 4-1


The first half of my ride i stopped to take pictures but I finally got in my groove for the last 5. I also pedaled for 20 minutes (3.3 miles) at physical therapy just before I went on this ride.

photo 2

NYC Skyline in the distance

photo 5-1

keep those non-running smiles coming Sally!

photo 5

It’s hard to tell how long and steep this hill was to climb in the picture but trust me it was long and steep!

photo 1-1

I’m also using this time to see a new perspective when it comes to my weight. I admit there were times that I would run 20 miles and then eat with reckless abandon. And I also admit that the anxiety and fear of weight gain since the running hiatus began was fairly high at first. But I’ve settled into a reality of acceptance that I’ve put on a couple of pounds (even with the biking) and that’s ok. I know in a few weeks as I get back into running, I’ll drop a few of these extra lbs. And I’m excited to keep biking (and strength training which I’ve slowly been working on but not sharing with the class because I’m waiting for enough weeks to go by that I can say I’m being consistent) in the program to help prevent future injuries.

With this now, more grounded and centered response to my injury I’m laughing at myself for crying hysterically when I had to bail on those couple of races in May. I mentioned before that I have a friend who’s mom was just diagnosed with ALS. I was being a jerk for pouting, well past the first day anyway. (Always give yourself a solid pity party day).

I ended my day yesterday (I was off from work) with an evening stroll through some trails and along the beach with my shadow…

my shadow

my shadow

And until I get a new perspective on breakfast I’m off to go have my usual….waffle and coffee.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tell me one time you can remember getting a whole new perspective on something. And if that’s too deep then just tell me what you had for breakfast today =)


Yesterday was one of those days that sort of make up for the sucky days. My central air conditioning died on Wednesday. #firstworldproblems

My house eventually got up to 81 degrees.

My house eventually got up to 81 degrees so I went up to the attic to pull out a fan because someoneone was panting =)

frozen York Peppermint Patties are amazing when it's 81 degrees in your youse

frozen York Peppermint Patties are amazing when it’s 81 degrees in your youse

But luckily my dad was going to my house to finish up the kitchen cabinet refinishing project he started for me a while back. So I was able to schedule the repairman to come and he was there to let him in. I’m usually home on Thursdays but yesterday I had plans to go to Six Flags Great Adventure with my niece and nephew and sister-in-law (and niece’s friend and her dad too!).

Six Flags Great Adventure Season Pass

Season Pass: YES!

I can’t tell you the last time I was able to rely on someone else to wait for a repairman for me. Thanks dad! And I’m so excited the repairs were minor and only set me back $190. Usually when something in the “scary room” needs repairs it’s upwards of $1,000.

Meanwhile I was riding roller coasters and eating every kind of unhealthy food possible like a champ and it felt so good!

cotton candy

Blue raspberry cotton candy: YES!

Cotton candy, ice cream, chicken fingers and fries paired with some of my favorite rides like Nitro and El Touro.

photo 4-1

My niece tried to entice me with her Dippin Dots…eh, not a fan. But I enjoyed the bucket-o-chicken and fries

El Tour: Yes! (sensing a theme here?)

El Tour: Yes! (sensing a theme here?)

We were splitting up into groups of two to ride the skyway lift across the park and my niece said “kids in one and adults in another”. So I asked “am I a kid or an adult?” Gratefully she replied “well, your a mix!”  #holdingontomyyouth

me and the niece who's taller than me now. But not sure who's goofier...I think I still have her beat.

me and the niece who’s taller than me now. But not sure who’s goofier…I think I still have her beat.

And my "too cool for school" superman nephew reluctantly joined for a photo.

And my “too cool for school” superman nephew reluctantly joined for a photo.

Just a bunch of fun in the M&M's store

Just a bunch of fun in the M&M’s store

So get this? They have massage chairs in the theme park! The best $1 I ever spent for a 2 minute massage!!!

They have massage chairs in the theme park! The best $1 I ever spent for a 2 minute massage!!! Niece and her friend won't see each other for the next 2 months due to camp so they were inseparable yesterday

Niece and her friend won’t see each other for the next 2 months because of camp so they were inseparable yesterday.

I had to take a moment to say goodbye to Rolling Thunder…the wooden roller coaster that was so much a part of my youth. I took this picture last July..

Rolling Thunder

My last time riding this classic from my youth

And I took this yesterday from the same spot…

RIP Rolling Thunder :(

RIP Rolling Thunder 🙁

So grateful I got to take the niece on it last year because it was taken down and is now gone forever.

I returned home to a cool house and the completion of my kitchen cabinet refinishing. #thanksagaindad

photo 2-3 photo 5-1

Here’s a side by side comparison of the before and after of the cabinets.

From washed oak to Espresso

Rustoleum Transformations: from washed oak to Espresso

Today I have the day off. We get 3 Fridays off in the summer. It’s one of my favorite perks of my office. I have physical therapy at noon which I am looking forward too. Not only is my tendonitis hurting from walking around the park for 6 hours but my other foot and my knee are aching too!

I’ll probably squeeze in a 10-15 mile bike ride later this afternoon too.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Tell me 3 things you’re doing this weekend.

Just 10 things to share with the class:

1. I went to physical therapy yesterday morning for my second visit. First I got ultrasound and electro therapy with heat and then we worked on strengthening my entire left leg since it’s so weak. I had to balance on my bad foot on a stability trainer like this dude…


It was quite challenging as the minutes went by. We’re also working on strengthening my hips so she had me do a penguin walk with a resistance band tied around my legs like this chick…

photo: prevention.com

photo: prevention.com

I did some wall squats and the “shuttle”

photo: bridgespt.com

photo: bridgespt.com

Then they let me use the elliptical for 10 minutes!

2. I took this selfie on Sunday night…

photo 2-1

3. I hit up TraderJoes last night after work for some fresh produce and just had to get this bouquet of flowers since they were only $4.99!

photo 5-1

4. I bought this juice for the first time and I kinda liked it. Well except that it cost $8.50. I drank half yesterday and half today. But I don’t think I am going on the juice craze just yet.

photo 4-1

5. I went to the gym at lunch and did 3 miles on the elliptical….you know….a 3liptical.



I sweat quite a lot considering my entire workout was only 34 minutes. I really needed that. They just started offering Bodypump classes. Ever been?

photo 2

6. I sat I way too much traffic yesterday.

7. I was thinking of buying a new Garmin just because they make them in prettier colors these days but mine works just fine so I guess the frugal side of me will shoot down the idea.

8. It’s been 8 weeks and 2 days since the NJ Marathon where I set that huge PR and was feeling amazing until I felt my sore foot which we all know became tendonitis that i’m still dealing with. Maybe jumping for this pic wasn’t so smart.

jumpin for joy at my PR

jumpin for joy at my PR

9. And in the last 8 weeks and 2 days I have only run 4 times. (two 4-milers and two 10ks)

10. I drove with Duncan to the beach for a walk tonight.

photo 4

still unsure about the water

but loves riding shotgun

but loves riding shotgun. and its perfecting timing for #tongueouttuesday

So tell me 10 things or even just 1 thing…