I’m so sorry to have disappeared from blogging for the last 10 days. I was under the gun to get work done before going away on vacation and then was away with limited wifi for 5 days. If you ever want to see what I’m up to I’m ALWAYS posting on Instagram. For some reason that’s just the easiest social media channel for me. Pictures come easier than words for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

I just got home from Block Island (an island off the coast of Rhode Island here on the East Coast) and have to unpack and dive back into some major work projects so this will just be a short post.

I took my bike on vacation and enjoyed cruisin' around the island with iced coffee in tow. Didn't keep track of mileage or speed. Just inhaled and exhaled :)

I took my bike on vacation and enjoyed cruisin’ around the island with iced coffee in tow. Didn’t keep track of mileage or speed. Just inhaled and exhaled ๐Ÿ™‚

I haven’t even shared the news that I started physical therapy for my toe! After having the set back a month ago I kept thinking i’d bounce back quicker this time around but it became apparent that my body really needed a push. Due to insurance/referral/authorization stuff I’ve only had one appointment so far but hopefully I’ll start going twice a week starting next week. The PT said the pain is coming from my bone and not my ligament. He feels confident we can mitigate the pain and also work on exercises to get my balance back and my normal gait back so my compensation aches will go away. I trust him because he helped me with my ankle tendonitis twice!

Block Island wasย stunning! I was there 2 summers ago for Mr. SOTSS’ dad’s wedding and this time around was to celebrate his dad’s 70th birthday. Living in the Northeast I’m lucky to be able to spend time at so many beach towns but this island is special. It’s so beautiful. It didn’t hurt that the house we were staying in had access to this large pond and we were able to go kayaking right from the dock in the backyard. IMG_1169It also gave me the perfect vantage point for sunrise.ย IMG_1166And there were hydrangeas at every turn…IMG_1017

I’ll be back soon to tell you more about physical therapy and Block Island.

In the meantime can you fill me in on what’s been going on with you?

What’s your favorite flower?


  1. Your vacation photos are stunning! I had never heard of Block Island up until now, but your photos sure make me want to schedule a trip to the NE (I’m currently a land-locked Midwesterner but my goal is to live near the ocean someday).

    Good luck with P.T. – hopefully you will see results quickly and will be back up and running pain-free very soon! I’m finally recovering a bit of my running mojo after getting treating for very low iron/ferritin (explains those legs that felt like tree-trunks on every run). Still haven’t registered for any races which is unusual for me this time of year, but I figure getting my health up to speed is my top priority and the rest will fall into place. So far so good.

    Oh, and it’s hard to pick a favorite flower, but running past lilac bushes in the late spring/early summer is definitely one of my favorite things to experience ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I have lived my entire life on the East Coast with access to the beach and it’s so hard for me to wrap my head around land-locked states. Although I do love lakes!
      Interesting that you had low iron/ferritin….that explains the lack of running mojo. Oh Heavy Legs! I get that a lot just before my cycle starts. Hope you continue to feel improvement.

  2. Wow–what a beautiful place to vacation! I’m glad you went to PT. My PT has helped me so much over the years. Can’t wait to hear more about the wonderful vacation and your PT plan when you dig out! Oh, so hard to pick a favorite flower. I honestly love daises. They are just so cute and I feel like they match my mood if that makes sense. Enjoy your day!

    • I love Daisies too! My grandmother’s name was Dorothy but my grandpa called her Dashing Daisy. Little tidbit: If Duncan was a girl I was going to name him Daisy.

  3. I was starting to worry! So glad you were out there having fun and didn’t drop us ๐Ÿ˜‰ Your vaca looks like it was very relaxing. I’ve been trying to get in some morning runs, but it has been oh so humid … even at 5am! I took a couple of barefoot beach runs during the long 4th holiday weekend … my favorite place to run. I sure hope your PT gets you back on your feet (toe) soon. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your vaca pictures (I don’t do instagram … I don’t need another social media to obsess with! LOL)

    • That’s so sweet to know I have readers who worry when I’m MIA. Thanks! I have a very small audience here but I truly treasure my loyal readers. Barefoot beach runs are the best. As soon as I don’t have this bum toe I will try to do a few of those. Ahhh humidity! It’s such a drag sometimes. I promise to get a full post up soon. I’ve got lots to share about so many topics. Just gotta find the time to block it all out ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Such beautiful pictures! Looks like a fun filled family gathering!

  5. Your photos truly are stunning. Thanks for sharing them. I hope you PT goes well and you are feeling strong again soon.


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