I can’t believe we’re halfway through my favorite month—October.

Silly Snapchat filtered Sally eating a freshly picked apple.

I love the Fall here in the North East. The weather has finally come down to a temperature I can get behind. Plus, I get to wear hoodies again. And the main reason October is my favorite month is because my birthday falls on the 25th. I also love Fall traditions like apple and pumpkin picking. And that’s just what I got to do this past weekend.

Mr. SOTSS, the girls, the dogs and I all drove out to the North Fork of Long Island to visit with Mr. SOTSS’ dad and his wife and do some Octobery stuff. We tackled apple picking, pumpkin picking AND a corn maze by day and had an Octoberfest inspired dinner by night (I didn’t take a single picture of our German food #fail).

The corn maze was uber muddy because it had rained all morning

The girls carved their pumpkins when we got home.

Here are a few other notable tidbits since my previous post:

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Hi there and Happy Halloween!


I ran the Trenton Half Marathon on Saturday! The abbreviated recap can be summed up into 4 sentences. No rain—yay! Seeing running friends—yay! img_9144Running a strong race—yay! Refueling with hard cider and salty/greasy food—yay!img_7015

I’ll have the full recap up later this week.

After getting home from the race I hung out with Mr. SOTSS and his kids for the rest of the day/night. We went out to dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack (I’d never been before).img_7025

Then we went to a Jack-O-Lantern “experience” nearby where we got to watch a very talented pumpkin carver and then see some cool Jack-O-Lanterns.

Say hello to my little pumpkin friends. They are all named Jack. LOL

Say hello to my little pumpkin friends. They are all named Jack. LOL

Cool right?

Cool right?

I was turning into a pumpkin myself by 9pm since I had been up at 4:45 to get to the race, so I headed back home to get a good night’s sleep.

Yesterday afternoon I met back up with them and we took the dogs for a walk and then went Trick-or-Treating where Mr. SOTSS’ mom lives. We had double the usual amount of pooches. The girls’ dogs Panda and Quincy came with.

Quincy borrowed Duncan's Pirate costume and I must say he looked awesome.

Quincy borrowed Duncan’s Pirate costume and I must say he looked awesome.

Panda borrowing Duncan's Sherif costume....but she looks like she's in jail so maybe the wrong costume?

Panda borrowing Duncan’s Sherif costume….but she looks like she’s in jail so maybe the wrong costume?

Chester looking "smashing" in his Pumpkin getup (anyone remember the band Smashing Pumpkins or am I showing my age?)

Chester looking “smashing” in his Pumpkin getup (anyone remember the band Smashing Pumpkins or am I showing my age?)

And Duncan got off the hook since it was so hot out (yes, unseasonably warm 80 degrees yesterday!) So I only put on the tie around his neck.

Keepin' it simple

Keepin’ it simple

I really do love October and I must say I’ve enjoyed it down to the bitter end. I’ve got lots of exciting stuff happening in November beginning with next weekend’s NYC Marathon. I’ll be spectating again like I did in 2014. I can’t wait! I’ve got friends coming from all over the country as well as a slew of local friends running and I just hope I get to see everyone! Crossing my fingers they’ll have perfect weather.

Hope your week is off to a good start.


How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

Hi there.

Last night at 7pm I went for a run. It felt good.

4 miles in the dark

4 miles in the dark

I’m recovered from the Staten Island Half. I did feel slow the second 2 miles but no aches or pains. YAY! And since it’s been a while since I’ve gone for a run in the dark I enjoyed the spooky (and not so spooky….um…sorry Minnie Mouse isn’t capable of being spooky) decorations.



Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse

Skeletons having good conversation

Skeletons having good conversation

I’m enjoying this amazing month! October is my favorite month color.

My favorite color is October

My favorite color is October

My birthday is in 5 days. But more than that, there’s something so comforting about the cooler temps (well except that we hit 84 degrees the last few days….can you say Indian summer?!) and the gorgeous colors of the trees in peaches, reds, and greens.

An action shot. LOL

An action shot. LOL

Gorgeous colors

Gorgeous colors

Add in my favorite attire of hoodies, puffy vests, jeans and boots and baking apple crisps….apple picking and pumpkin picking too! Just no pumpkin spice. I am not a fan. Cinnamon is good though.

I baked this and ate this all by myself :)

I baked this and ate this all by myself 🙂

An apple picking day isn't complete without climbing into the tree for a selfie

An apple picking day isn’t complete without climbing into the tree for a selfie

best friends

hoodies and leaves!

Last Sunday we went pumpkin picking. pumpkin



Love that we all look the same height in shadow. :)

Love that we all look the same height in shadow. 🙂

In the corn maize maze

In the corn maize maze

And I made my Nemo. nemo-pumpkinNot sure it came out as good as the one I saw on Pinterest but i struggled to find paint that wasn’t all dried up. I finally ended up using white wall paint (satin finish lol!) But since I had no black paint I had to use a Sharpie. Um…. Using Sharpies on pumpkin skin isn’t easy.

It’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month! I usually coordinate my mammo in October but since I was so late making an appointment I’m going next month.

Favorite month?

Favorite season?

Favorite temperature?

Favorite thing to make with apples or pumpkin?



Saw this posted on Facebook today. #absolutely

photo 3

I was planning on running yesterday morning but still have some soreness on the bottom of my foot. It’s almost gone but with a half marathon 12 days from now I decided to err on the side of caution and go to the gym at lunch for a short cross training session of the rowing machine and bike.

So I packed up my gym stuff in this handy dandy 2011 NYC marathon recovery bag. 🙂 swag in action.

photo 1

13 minutes on the rower followed by a killer 20 min on the stair master. I was drenched with sweat. And actually felt good about the decision to cross train.

photo 5

This morning I got up super early to take the doodle to our local park. With me being away for a week and then having a busy long weekend I hadn’t taken him in over 2 weeks. He was so happy to reclaim his territory. And I was happy to see the beginning signs of autumn.

photo 2

pretty soon the green will turn orange and red and yellow

On our way to my favorite place. Gonna lift my leg on everything!

On our way to my favorite place. Gonna lift my leg on everything!

Tomorrow if my foot is ok I am going to try for an 8-10 mile run. If it isn’t ok I’ll wait until the weekend. Last chance long run opportunity before the Staten Island half marathon. I’m not really worried about finishing. I just want to work on keeping a consistent effort for 2 hours or more. Lately I have been peetering out to quickly. Mostly because I am not accepting that my average pace has slowed since being injured and I start out too fast.

I told you that my favorite month is October because it’s my birthday month AND i love Autumn. But I forgot to share with you another reason it’s an important month to me. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. First I wanted to give a shout out to my dear friend Nicole!


She’s a survivor! Hard to believe that with a newborn she went through a double mastectomy, chemo and reconstruction all while continuing to work and care for her family. (She owns a pet-sitting company and I met her when Duncan was just a puppy and I was looking for a dog walker.) Her diagnosis really shook me. After my husband died so young from cancer I sort of went through this irrational notion that I paid my dues and nobody close to me would ever be sick again. So when my 36 year old friend was faced with cancer I was knocked back into reality and reminded that I’m not excused from from it. I also wanted to share this link. Meggan is a runner I met last year while on that photo shoot in Charleston, SC for the Dicks Sporting Goods Every Runner Has a Reason campaign. She has been battling breast cancer for 6 years. I didn’t even know it at first. She’s so amazingly strong and brave. I’m wearing my Power in Pink shirt today to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Power in Pink!

Power in Pink!

I’m almost done with my recap of day 2 of Ragnar Napa. It’ll probably be up tonight. Thanks for being patient. =)


I’m assuming most of my readership is female (well except for this guy). Are you up to date with your mammos? Do you do self-exams? 

Do you acknowledge any awareness months?

I make a big deal in May for Melanoma Awareness Month as well as this month’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.