I’m back from my amazingly lovely weekend getaway with Mr. SOTSS. It started with a drive down to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. We checked into our hotel which was situated literally across the street from the harbor, and since it was sort of drizzly we decided to hit up the National Aquarium for some indoor fun.



fish are cute! There, I said it!

national aquarium

The cuteness continues…this is a cowfish.


National Aquarium

Dolphins are cute too!

National Aquarium

And so are jellyfish when they aren’t in the ocean touching my leg. Isn’t this cool? Like electrically charged sand dollars.


why yes, I think this little yellow frog is cute too!

I can’t remember the last time I got to experience an afternoon at the aquarium. It’s really fascinating to me to see all the amazing colors and patterns on the fish. There was a cool shark exhibit too and of course we watched the Dolphins as they learned and shared their latest tricks.

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Hi folks. Hope you had a great weekend. I spent it up in West Dover, Vermont.
As one of my Christmas presents Mr. SOTSS got us a lovely bed and breakfast ski weekend trip. He’s such a great travel companion and thoughtful gift giver too. This was our first road trip without our furry kids. While it was hard leaving them behind we really enjoyed ourselves.

West Dover Inn

almost 170 years in business!

fire wood

A good sign that there are fireplaces inside…YAY!

We arrived in the late afternoon on Friday to the The West Dover Inn. The Inn was established in 1846 with just 3 guest rooms and has remained in business ever since. They have since expanded to 11 rooms. After checking in to our room we went for dinner at The Roadhouse, a local establishment just a few miles away. They served homemade bread that arrived at the table nice and warm. And they also served homemade apple crisp which we both had for dessert. Any place that specializes in homemade carbs….yeah I don’t even need to finish this sentence.
The Roadhouse

Apple Crisp!

It had been snowing most of the day and night and really set the mood for what a ski weekend in Vermont should feel like. After dinner we went to the bar at our Inn to listen to some live music and have a drink. And their bar recently got a makeover too. It was quite crowded and lively.

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I don’t even know how to tell you all about my merry little Christmas without this post becoming a novel. So I’ll save you all the details and just tell you some of the highlights.

1. I have spent the last 14 Christmas Eve’s with my dear friend Sue and her Italian family celebrating Christmas Eve the way the Italians do with a Seven Fishes dinner. (well this year was 6 but who’s counting?)

7 fishes

Tilapia and shrimp oregonata

7 fishes

Pasta with white clam sauce and calamari

7 fishes

“baccala” codfish salad

Sue’s mom, who is 91 years old and currently undergoing chemo for pancreatic cancer, and her 89 year old aunt, remarked at the dinner table about how they forgot to have fun these last 30 years! That really struck a chord with me. I live my days to their fullest and don’t EVER want to forget to have fun.

Somewhere in between the fish dishes and the conversation we watched some classic I Love Lucy episodes and Duncan and his girlfriend Lucy got matching Santa toys.

Duncan and Lucy with their matching toys

Duncan and Lucy with their matching toys

Duncan and his new santa toy

Duncan and his new santa toy

I love lucy

I love Lucy!

I don’t know if next Christmas Eve will be the same but I know that this one will remain so meaningful to me. My prayers and thoughts will be with Susan’s mom as she continues to work at living…..even at 91. She isn’t ready to go yet! God bless her.

a warm candle light, a fragrant holiday wreath and festive flowers really decorated our evening.

a warm candle light, a fragrant holiday wreath and festive flowers really decorated our evening.

2. I don’t want to get all mushy gushy about the boy here, but let’s just say I spent some quality time with him and I am JUST.SO.HAPPY!! This awesome running vest was one of many sweet, thoughtful gifts he gave me.

Nike Aeroloft 800 Running Vest

Nike Aeroloft 800 Running Vest

Little does he know I didn’t need anything for Christmas. He sure is my gift. The vest packs into the back pocket and has a hand strap so you can easily run with it if you decide you’re getting too warm. I can’t wait to try it out. But I’m trying to stick to my plan and not run for a couple weeks. #SoHARDToDo. He also got me this awesome tripod for my iPhone.

photo 3-1

Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand

Joby GripTight stand

Joby GripTight stand

I love that I can wrap it around things like tree branches vs a traditional tripod that can only be placed on a flat surface. Here’s to some new running pose pics for my blog for 2015!

3. This sunset.

Sunset 12/26

Sunset 12/26

After spending 3 days away from home visiting with friends, family and the boy I got to see this beautiful sunset just before arriving back home last night.

Today is all about cleaning and enjoying the unseasonably warm temps later with a nice long walk with Duncan. You know, quality time…..because Duncan hardly gets that. LOL!

And the winner of the Luna Bar giveaway is:

Luna Bar Giveaway winner!

Luna Bar Giveaway winner!

LeeAnn I am sending you an email requesting your mailing address so we can get that box of bars to ya. Congrats!

QUESTION: How was everyone’s holiday? Any meaningful moments for you? Any great gifts? Running gifts? Favorite gift?

Howdy. Happy Tuesday!
I’m currently on a plane headed to Phoenix. Good news…No turbulence. Bad news…my bean bag neck pillow sprung a leak and it looks like I just dumped out the remnants of a box of SnoCaps on the floor. #soembarrassed.

Disclaimer: iPhone WordPress blogging and in-flight wifi is not a good combo so I think you will be reading this way after I am off this plane 🙂



Last night i finally finished packing and discovered that the backpack that I bought has an exterior strap that is supposed to hold a snowboard. It worked perfectly for holding my hat and visor. 🙂


I breezed thru the security checkpoint and had an hour to kill in the airport. Luckily they changed gates on me and it required a very long walk to get to the new gate. So that killed some time. And then I rewarded myself with a yummy egg sandwich.

I had all the essentials for this flight set up before takeoff. I’m loving the latest edition of runners world. Lots of great info. Now that my travel pillow ordeal is over I’m going to dive into reviewing my legs of the relay.


IMG_9276.JPG class=”alignnone size-full” />
Well time to go spend some quality time with family. Catch ya later.