Oh boy I can’t wait to tell you guys all about this epic weekend but I am still recovering and vacationing 🙂 I’ll give you all the deets in another day or so when I am home and reunited with my laptop. (And my doodle!!!)
In the meantime just know that from 5:15am Friday until 7:15pm Saturday I was either running, driving, navigating from shot gun, fueling, cheering, port-a-pottying, supporting another team member or changing out of sweaty running gear into fresh gear. I did not sleep one wink in 38 hours!! And I can write a post just telling you all about what happens when you are sleep deprived. Hope you all had a great weekend! Regularly scheduled blogging life to resume soon. (Sorry about the picture less post. Can’t seem to upload pics. My host server is having issues. You can always check my Instagram in the time being.


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