I tried yoga and went back for more

This past Monday I went to a yoga class taught by a former colleague. It was a 60 minute power flow class based on the Baptiste Power Vinyasa style of yoga. After a warm up of stretches there are a series of pose sequences that get more challenging as the class goes on. We do a lot of core work toward the end of class before a nice cool down and savasana (basically laying like a “corpse” and removing all tension from your body for a few solid minutes….I almost fell asleep)

My colorful trio: water bottle, towel and mat.

My colorful trio: water bottle, towel and mat.

The room was warmed to around 80 degrees. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. I was really surprised by a lot.

I tried yoga and went back for more

photo: strenthwithinyoga.com

  1. I knew more poses than I thought (warrior, tree, child’s, downward dog)
  2. I always thought I wouldn’t be able to “sit still” for yoga but this class was perfect for me as we moved fairly quickly through sequences of poses.
  3. It was challenging! I loved hearing the instructor call out ways to get more out of the pose. Pull the belly in or squeeze the knees together, etc etc. I broke a sweat and felt my core working hard.
  4. I immediately found myself thinking of goals. I want to master crow pose. I want to be able to hop to the front of the mat from downward dog. I want to be able to move through the poses continuous without having to rearrange myself on the mat. (You’d be surprised how many times I found myself hanging off the front or side of my mat.)
  5. I was soaked when class was over—partly from the hot room—partly from working so hard.
Sweat Out the Small Stuff: Vinyasa Style!

Sweat Out the Small Stuff: Vinyasa Style!

I went again last night for my second class to see if I would still feel as positive about the class and I did! I’m excited to continue this practice and hope to be able to attend 2 classes a week. There’s something so wonderful about discovering new ways of moving my body and staying fit.

IMG_9626I started hiking every Wednesday with a local hiking group every Wednesday night and immediately became addicted. I hated missing out on the hikes for the 6 weeks my toe was injured. I’m hoping yoga will be a similar addition and help me focus on stretch and strength combined with the mental aspect it brings as well.

Just doing some glute work at home with an audience

Just doing some glute work at home with an audience

So my toe was feeling so good I actually forgot I had ever injured it until yesterday when I guess I started out a little too briskly on my brisk walk, combined with the damp weather i found it achy and sore. But after yoga it felt better and today it seems back to “normal”. I’m assuming this will happen a lot over the next month or so as I completely heal. My other foot, however, is feeling a bit sore and achy from spending so many weeks compensating so I’ve been icing it.

My goal is to try and run just a short distance next week and work my way up to 3 miles by next weekend. I’ll have to see what my body wants but I’m optimistic.

In other news Duncan has been displeased about the rainy weather we’ve hadIMG_9614And after 2 years Mr. SOTSS finally finished renovating his bathroom so for his birthday I framed some photos that i’ve taken over the years all based around a water theme to decorate.

The large photo is from our trip to Lake Louise in Banff, Canada. The small ones are from a sailing trip to Port Jefferson Long Island, Cape May, New Jersey and Lake George in New York

The large photo is from our trip to Lake Louise in Banff, Canada. The small ones are from a sailing trip to Port Jefferson Long Island, Cape May, New Jersey and Lake George in New York

And yesterday my beautiful niece turned 17 and passed her road test!

I miss this....She used to want to hold my hand all the time.

I miss this….She used to want to hold my hand all the time.

And now she's all grown up.

And now she’s all grown up.

It always makes me feel like I’m “growing” or “evolving” as a human when I go through something crappy only to discover something wonderful. From discovering running after feeling stuck in my grief over the loss of my husband, to discovering yoga while on running hiatus. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for and there is ALWAYS something to bring positivity.

**Thank you to those who have commented here and on my Instagram posts as well with such kind words of encouragement and advice over the last 6 weeks as I’ve been working through this toe injury. It means a lot.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Have you ever tried yoga? Do you like it? Favorite pose?

Currently tree pose for me but I can’t wait to master crow.



Saw this posted on Facebook today. #absolutely

photo 3

I was planning on running yesterday morning but still have some soreness on the bottom of my foot. It’s almost gone but with a half marathon 12 days from now I decided to err on the side of caution and go to the gym at lunch for a short cross training session of the rowing machine and bike.

So I packed up my gym stuff in this handy dandy 2011 NYC marathon recovery bag. :) swag in action.

photo 1

13 minutes on the rower followed by a killer 20 min on the stair master. I was drenched with sweat. And actually felt good about the decision to cross train.

photo 5

This morning I got up super early to take the doodle to our local park. With me being away for a week and then having a busy long weekend I hadn’t taken him in over 2 weeks. He was so happy to reclaim his territory. And I was happy to see the beginning signs of autumn.

photo 2

pretty soon the green will turn orange and red and yellow

On our way to my favorite place. Gonna lift my leg on everything!

On our way to my favorite place. Gonna lift my leg on everything!

Tomorrow if my foot is ok I am going to try for an 8-10 mile run. If it isn’t ok I’ll wait until the weekend. Last chance long run opportunity before the Staten Island half marathon. I’m not really worried about finishing. I just want to work on keeping a consistent effort for 2 hours or more. Lately I have been peetering out to quickly. Mostly because I am not accepting that my average pace has slowed since being injured and I start out too fast.

I told you that my favorite month is October because it’s my birthday month AND i love Autumn. But I forgot to share with you another reason it’s an important month to me. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. First I wanted to give a shout out to my dear friend Nicole!


She’s a survivor! Hard to believe that with a newborn she went through a double mastectomy, chemo and reconstruction all while continuing to work and care for her family. (She owns a pet-sitting company and I met her when Duncan was just a puppy and I was looking for a dog walker.) Her diagnosis really shook me. After my husband died so young from cancer I sort of went through this irrational notion that I paid my dues and nobody close to me would ever be sick again. So when my 36 year old friend was faced with cancer I was knocked back into reality and reminded that I’m not excused from from it. I also wanted to share this link. Meggan is a runner I met last year while on that photo shoot in Charleston, SC for the Dicks Sporting Goods Every Runner Has a Reason campaign. She has been battling breast cancer for 6 years. I didn’t even know it at first. She’s so amazingly strong and brave. I’m wearing my Power in Pink shirt today to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Power in Pink!

Power in Pink!

I’m almost done with my recap of day 2 of Ragnar Napa. It’ll probably be up tonight. Thanks for being patient. =)


I’m assuming most of my readership is female (well except for this guy). Are you up to date with your mammos? Do you do self-exams? 

Do you acknowledge any awareness months?

I make a big deal in May for Melanoma Awareness Month as well as this month’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Ah man! With National Running Day, then National Donut Day, now I want to celebrate more!!! Let’s just celebrate that I made it in to work today 😉

It’s Monday and it’s raining and I got to bed really late (we’re talking 3am!) after going out with friends to a concert last night.

Sevendust @ the Starland Ballroom Photo @ C. Cerzosie

Sevendust @ the Starland Ballroom — Photo @ C. Cerzosie

But I had my coffee so I’ll live :)


Ironically it’s the travel mug I got when I “graduated” from physical therapy last time I had ankle tendonitis. I need to go back! Hoping foot doc says I can when I see her on Wednesday. I remember this stage all too well. The foot is like 80 percent better but it needs some deep massage, ultrasound treatment and strengthening now more than ever. And I hope they still give these mugs as graduation gifts because it’s the only one that never leaks on me. I’d love to get a second. 

Duncan wasn’t thrilled with this rainy Monday either.


Yesterday I got in another 8.5 miles on the bike. Apparently i was on a peaceful bike route :)

Bike path for peace!

Bike path for peace!

While I was riding I passed this parked car:

eyelashes on the headlights. LOL!

eyelashes on the headlights. LOL!

Yes, those are eyelashes on the headlights of this car. Hysterical!

It was a real summer day yesterday with temps in the 80s so after my bike ride I decided to wash the car. It was so dirty I was embarrassed to take it to a car wash.


Duncan was just chillin’ in the shade enjoying the mist from the hose as it floated his way.


Ah! Life IS good!

Not to mention since I didn’t get all the dead bees off from that crazy experience a couple of weeks ago I had to pull out the big guns to remove them buggers from the headlights and grill.

bugandtarWell today makes 30 days without running. I go back to the foot doc on Wednesday. I’m hoping she lets me ease back into running. I’m in the bargaining stage. Just let me run 1X per week for the next 2 weeks so I can complete the two 10Ks I’ve registered for! =)

Did you have coffee yet today? Are you a coffee drinker?

Anyone else only get 4 hours of sleep last night?

Any National Holiday that we can celebrate today? 



Happy Thursday! My favorite weekday because I’m off =)

I got up early, showered and got dressed.

i run like a girl

reminding myself i am still a runner

Yup, foam roller and heating pad in the background. #injuredrunner

Then headed out with a friend to buy my very first adult bike.

Schwinn Riverside

Pretty hot pink accents =)

new bike

My first time riding a bike since I was 15!

So I’m so short that I had to bring the seat down all the way! I practiced quick in the parking lot and was surprised I didn’t fall. I’m shaky for sure but it’ll come back to me right?! =)

The bike was a bargain at $129! I can always upgrade to a fancier bike if I stick to it.

Next up was grabbing lunch at Harold’s Deli. They’re famous for their World’s Largest Pickle Bar

Harold's Deli

Pickles, corned beef and turkey on rye and cole slaw!

They’re also famous for their oversized desserts. We were pressed for time so I got this oversized black and white cookie to go…

black and white cookie

Now that’s a cookie!

Once I got home I set out for my first official bike ride. I’m still nervous so I rode around my development and to a church parking lot near my house just to get used to it.




I hope I get a little faster! I run faster than that lol! But I did go up a big hill and that felt good.

So here I go! I’ve taken the mental training wheels off and I’m ready to embrace the next 3 weeks of not running.

Have you ever been nervous to do something but once you tried it you loved it?