So Friday night just before I turned in for the night I told you how I just wasn’t feelin’ it as far as marathon training was going. I keep skipping out on my mid-week runs because frankly I’ve been choosing sleep or long walks with the doodle instead.

Saturday morning I had the alarm set for 6am and planned to be out and running by 7. At 6:45 while I was walking Duncan I felt rushed and wanted to just sit down on my living room floor with coffee and my foam roller.

Takin' it slow and savoring my java

Takin’ it slow and savoring my java

So that’s what I did. I took an hour to sip the java and roll out every inch of the legs and wouldn’t ya know at 8am I was totally excited for my run. It’s been about 10 degrees cooler each morning which was in the back of my mind when I chose the extra hour to chill.

10 miles....all done and now time to eat. So I didn't even realize how matchy matchy i was until I saw this photo. And like a baby gender reveal party! LOL! It's a boy, It's a girl!

10 miles….all done and now time to eat. So I didn’t even realize how matchy matchy i was until I saw this photo. And it’s like I dressed for a baby gender reveal party! LOL! It’s a boy, It’s a girl! It’s BOTH!

IMG_7837I banged out my 10 miler at a nice consistent pace (not fast but comfortable) and felt like I might have been able to run a bit farther. This is a breakthrough! I visualized the marathon course and where I might plan for Mr. SOTSS and his family to spectate. I visualized Fred Lebow’s statue by Engineer’s Gate at mile 23 when you enter into Central Park and I visualized that finish line.

just showing off my NYC Marathon bling with the one and only Fred.

just showing off my NYC Marathon bling with the one and only Fred.

For now, I am pretty sure that I pushed my “meh” to the curb =)

I’m already preparing to run 3 miles on Tuesday morning before work (and now that I’ve shared this on the Internet I better not back out!) and a mid-length run on Thursday of maybe 7ish miles. And then I’ll get a planned long run of 15 miles in over Labor Day weekend plus possibly a short recovery run as well.

Sometimes it’s just about acknowledging those feelings and once you do they lose their power and fade away. 

What do you need to acknowledge? Tell me here and then you can let those feelings fade away. Your welcome 🙂


My attitude toward marathon training has been meh lately. After my 12 miler on Monday (not 13 like my typo blog post title stated) I haven’t run at all. I thought about it twice if that counts. It’s been so cool in the mornings so I have been walking with sir doodle for about 40 minutes each morning.

Sir Doodle wanted to take our usual route but i tried to get him to go a different way. he wouldn’t budge. 

If I don’t find my mojo I’ll have to get someone to force my butt out there for at least two short runs mid week.

I spent my lunch break on the NYC Marathon website trying to get jazzed.

64 days! 

It might have helped a little. Let’s see how it translates over then next 8 weeks. Maybe I need a new pair of sneakers. Doesn’t that always make you fall in love with running again?

Well, I need to be up in 6 hours to conquer the long run so I’m off to dreamland. Maybe I’ll discover the perfect remedy to my “meh” while I’m there 🙂


What do you do to get your running motivation back?

Have I ever asked this before—what running shoes do you wear?

What are you doing this weekend?


I’m back from Jamaica!!

What a great trip. Magical in every way. I even saw a shooting star the first night we were there.
Hard to believe I didn’t melt completely though—it was hot and sultry every single day.
We were sitting in those chairs at night when we saw the shooting star

We were sitting in those chairs at night when we saw the shooting star

this view really isn't too hard on the eyes

this view really isn’t too hard on the eyes

Local lizard

Local lizard

There were some wonderful breezes here and there and when there wasn’t a breeze there was always a dip in the pool or the ocean/bay to cool off (although both were like bath water!)

And a trip to Jamaica wouldn’t be complete with out some rum punch right?

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Hi and Happy Monday (and Happy Birthday to my friend Stef!)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I told you about my Saturday already. On Sunday, Mr. SOTSS and I met up with our hiking group for a hike with the pups. It was hot but luckily a little bit cooler underneath the shade of the trees and by the water.

Scales big rocks like superdoodle

Scales big rocks like SuperDoodle!

like a painting

like a painting

The very beginning of our 5 mile hike

The very beginning of our 5 mile hike.

that face!

that face!

dogs rule

Hot days mean I get to see his cute pink tongue more =)

me and my loyal companions. (photo: Papillon

It was a slow 5 miles. Took a couple of hours but we were happy we did it and felt good knowing the dogs got in one last good outing before we leave them for 5 days. On Wednesday we’re headed to another destination wedding! This one is in Jamaica. I’m really excited! I finally get to use my passport that I renewed back in 2009 and then got a puppy instead of traveling. 🙂

Today, I made my attempt at that 12 miler that I didn’t do on Saturday. I got a late start (it was after 9:30am) and it was HOT! 90 degrees with 75% humidity.

I am the queen of blurry self-time shots.

I am the queen of blurry self-time shots.

I ended up at 10 miles… first double digit run since completing the NJ Marathon back on April 27th!

double digits!

double digits!

I’m happy with 10 and not disappointed at all that I didn’t make it to 12. I was feeling the heat a lot and walking more than I was running the last mile so I figured I’d wrap it up before dying. I was on my feet for the same amount of time I would have completed 12 miles if it were cooler and my pace would have been faster so that’s good.

The good news is on the injury front. My knee is feeling so much better thanks to my intensive foam rolling. I’ve been really committed to that and it’s paying off. The hamstring is slowly getting better but wasn’t an issue at all while running. I’m aiming for 12-13 miles next Monday when I’m back from Jamaica. And while I’m away I’m just going to try for a few short runs on the beach.

I’m not going to be able to blog while away so feel free to keep tabs on me via Instagram which I’ll probably manage to post a photo here and there…and I’ll be back to blogging next week!

Have you ever been to Montego Bay, Jamaica?

Destination wedding?

Do you own a maxi dress? I just bought my first one to take with me on my trip




front (sorry about the weird face—i’m terrible with mirror selfies)