Happy belated National Running Day! I hope you all were able to celebrate in some way. Whether it was running, signing up for a race, buying some new running gear, subscribing to a running mag or maybe donating to a fundraiser of a runner.

I was sad that my tendonitis injury wouldn’t allow me to run (technically based on dr’s orders) so I did a couple of other things.

First, after reading this, I went here. Go #TeamJaimie, Duncan and I are rooting for you. Then, on my lunch break I headed up to the ASICS store to see if they had the Cumulus 16s in.


I discuss my love of the Cumulus back in this post and how I ended up with Brooks Ghost when the Cumulus 13s couldn’t be purchased anymore. Well, I’m excited to say the 16s felt just like the 13s when I tried them on. Nice and cushy. And so I bought them.

asics cumulus 16


So after skipping over the 14s and 15s I’m really happy to be reunited. I still have plenty of mileage left on my Brooks Ghosts and I’ll be keeping them in rotation for sure. Of course I have to get past my fear that they caused my tendonitis.

Just to share about what I was looking for in a sneaker in case you are wondering I have a wide forefoot but a narrow heel. I also tend to get metatarsalgia (feels like you have a pebble in your shoe under the ball of your foot) on the bottom of my left foot so cushioning is really important. My gait is quite neutral so stability isn’t as important. Asics tend to be roomier in the toe box and forefoot area.

On my way back to the office I passed this port-a-potty in an abandoned storefront that had been gutted but then construction stopped (for probably a year now). Something tells me it’s in worse shape than one at the start of a marathon. LOL!

scary potty

your welcome

On my commute home as I was scrolling through news feeds galore I saw that on Staten Island (and all 5 boroughs of New York City) they were celebrating National Running Day until 8pm at one of my favorite parks. With new sneakers, and a huge craving to run I roped my friend Mike in to coming with me and Duncan for a “walk” there. I just wanted to check it out. =)

I run to Sweat Out the Small Stuff

I run to Sweat Out the Small Stuff

They were giving out free bandanas and had race bibs that you could fill out.


Once I filled out my bib I knew I had to at least run a few strides. And so I ran about 100 yards.

This video shows my entire run! LOL! I think that was a perfect compromise to following Dr’s orders. Then Duncan and Mike and I walked for about an hour.

Thin Ice

June 4th, 80 degrees….I think it’s safe to take this sign down. LOL!

Just a duck

Just a duck

note to self: Hill repeats to prepare for San Francisco should happen right here

note to self: Hill repeats to prepare for San Francisco should happen right here

YAY! Honeysuckles are finally appearing!

YAY! Honeysuckles are finally appearing!

National Running Day with Duncan

Clove Lakes Park, Staten Island



After the walk Duncan got dropped home to eat his kibble and we went to the diner where I had a roast beef melt sandwich and sweet potato fries.

sandwichOn the way back we noticed that in the same shopping center as the diner that a Tasti DLite is coming. This shopping center is only 1/2 a mile from my house. This could become my new obsession. Especially since duncan’s groomer is also in that shopping center.

tasti-d-liteThen I came home to see the progress of my kitchen cabinets. My dad started this project back in 2010 and then lost the mood but after some gentle nagging from my mom he’s finally back to business and progress is being made. Basically he’s painting them with this special, made for kitchen cabinets paint/process by Rustoleum called Cabinet Transformations. They used to be a washed oak color:

oldfinishBut will now be chocolate brown:





Did you get to do anything for National Running Day? What are your favorite running sneakers?

Have you ever done a kitchen renovation? I’m so hungry for breakfast but can’t access anything because my dad is on his way to put the second coat of paint on and everything is all masked off. Sigh!




Let’s just start off with this over-the-top cuteness…

photo 1

Honestly, I think he poses on purpose just because he knows how cute he is. Notice Lambchop has a hole? As soon as Duncan realizes that the stuffing is exposed that destruction of Lambchop will be imminent. lol!

I had a 6 miler on the schedule today…The weather here is so lovely. Mid 60s and sunny.

photo 5

OK today’s big revelation. I need to stop saying “I was happy with my pace today” because that ultimately implies I’m not happy with my pace when I don’t say it. 

I hope that makes sense. The reason this all came to me this morning was because during my run I noticed my splits were in the high 10s…I expected that I’d be running low 10s like I did on Tuesday and found myself annoyed that I couldn’t pick up the pace. Really? Annoyed? Why do I run again? It sure isn’t to win a race. It’s because it feels good and helps me to release my anxiety and stress. So what’s the point of running if I’m going to give myself anxiety and stress over trying to maintain some stupid pace. Granted I do have goals and I do strive to get better. But I don’t EVER want to lose the love of running along the way.

And so I am making a conscious effort moving forward to ALWAYS be happy with my pace. If it’s slower than I had expected there’s a reason for it. My body is telling me go slower. And I’m sure I can learn so much from those runs that feel harder just as much if not more than from easy runs where I feel speedy.

I wore new gear again today (part of my online shopping free-for-all from last week).

photo 4

pointing to my favorite detail!

OK let’s start with the good. The top is this Brooks Pure Project SS. It’s not cheap at $60 but I LOVE it! The versatile drawstring detail (there’s one on both sides) is my favorite. I drew one side up and left the other down. The material is really soft and the sleeves are sort of 3/4 which I have to say is a great length.

Although you can’t see (because this is a G rated blog), I’m wearing a new sports bra too. It’s this one from Moving Comfort called Maia. I bought the purple because it was on sale for $33. Otherise It’ll cost you $56! Yikes! If you’re as well-endowed as me I highly recommend it. Keeps my Ds in check. I’ve been wearing this style for years. Warning though: you must use anti chafe balm/cream for longer distances or this bra will chafe. I learned this the hard way but have it down to a science now =)

And lastly, the capris. They’re these Endurance capris from Moving Comfort. They ran me $58. I have to say I didn’t love them. They are REALLY tight behind the knees and there is a seam that runs behind the knee too and the whole run I was annoyed by it. I also felt like I was running in panty hose. I won’t order these again. But I’m keeping them because I think they’ll make great post-run compression gear =)

After running a few errands this afternoon I got to meet up with my friend and her dogs for an evening walk. Nothing better than an hour+ of chit chat. We both vented about life’s BS and also talked about all the good stuff too. It was a gorgeous evening! Perfect way to end the day. And the dogs loved it too!

photo 1 photo 2

I’m now having a glass of wine and getting ready to see who gets voted off on American Idol.

Question: What’s the weather like where you live? Did you get some fresh air today? 

OK, maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but lately I’ve actually enjoyed running on the treadmill (with the exception of that almost fainting episode of course).


I busted out 6 miles (which is close to the longest distance I’ve ever done on a treadmill. I think 7 is my max) and I felt strong the entire time. I focused on my form and kept looking straight ahead focusing on the exit sign above the doors at the entrance to the gym. It was like I was in a trance….in my zone….I kept to a 10min/mile pace for most of the run but added in a few short bursts in the in the 8:30min/mile range here and there just because I felt I was holding back. This was supposed to be an “as you feel” style run so I went with it and honestly it was awesome!

Remember a while back I mentioned in this post that I bought two pairs of my favorite brooks running capris on sale. Well they arrived and I wore one pair a whole lot already. But the second pair ripped on the seam as I was putting them on for the first time.


This is actually the second time I had a pair rip on the seam. The first pair ripped during the very beginning of a 20 mile run. I didn’t know at first until I felt burning and pain and looked down to see blood about 10 miles into the run. The rip was along the seam in the inner thigh and i ended up with major chub rub.



I emailed Brooks customer service and after submitting a claim with a pic they sent me a replacement pair. So I emailed them again for this pair and they are sending me a replacement for these as well. So happy. They stand behind their slogan “Run Happy”.

Meanwhile I randomly found this fortune on my desk at work yesterday.

photo 1

Not sure how it got there since I have never ordered chinese at work. But I think I’m going to follow along and relax the rest of today. I love my Thursdays off. =)

Question: Do you love or hate the treadmill? Do you eat fortune cookies or just break them open for the fortune and then toss the cookie?