While I’m in between marathon training cycles I need to revisit the running sneaker situation.

To make a long story short I’ve worn Asics Cumulus 13s for ALL 4 of my marathons even though they are now already up to the 15s.

Asics Cumulus 13s 2011-2013

Asics Cumulus 13s 2011-2013

I gave the 14s a whirl when they came out:

No good!

No good!

They were stiffer and didn’t feel as cushy. So I continued to find random places online selling the 13s. Then earlier this year the 15s came out. I flocked to the store to try them. BOO! They didn’t feel right either. And so I opted to go to the more expensive Nimbus.


I don’t mind the Nimbus (these are the 15s) but after I get to 10k they give me blisters and they feel a bit narrow.

My starting point will obviously be to stick to the Nimbus but explore either a wide width or a half size up to see if that helps. Otherwise I’ll just be Good Sally Hunting.

I’ll be heading to Jackrabbit Sports since I have a gift card. Plus, they helped me discover the Cumulus back in 2011 when I went to have my gait analyzed. So I trust them. Let’s see what happens.

Question: What type of running kicks do you run in? Do you find that as the revise the models that you lose the love?


  1. I run in the cumulus also! (I don’t like the newer versions either, but I stocked up on the 13’s when they were being discontinued a while back). The Nimbus gave me blisters also so I only run in them occasionally. Since I’m on my last pair,I went to a running store and they fitted me in New Balance 940v2…but I haven’t tried them out yet.

    • WOW! You sound like my running shoe twin! I will keep that New Balance model in mind. Let me know how they work out for you.

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