I’m not a very sentimental New Year’s Eve person. Frankly I feel that EVERY MORNING is our chance to start fresh and set goals. I learned that from this guy:

C'mon ma! Wake up and let's go for a walk. I have a goal to chase more squirrels today than yesterday.

C’mon ma! Wake up and let’s go for a walk. I have a goal to chase more squirrels today than yesterday.

So last night I had what I hope to be the final casualty of 2013 (unless I drink too much tonight before the clock strikes midnight. =) I was tossing the ball for the dog and since I’m as clumsy as they come I threw the ball directly into the Christmas tree. Genius Sally! I heard the ornament shatter but was too afraid to look….thankfully it was just one of the cheap ball ornaments and not one of my expensive ones.

stop playing ball in the house

stop playing ball in the house

I had a final splurge purchase of 2013 too!

Brooks Ghost 6's

Brooks Ghost 6’s

Well, technically only 1/2 a splurge. I used a gift card that I got for my birthday a few months back to pay for half of these. My first pair of Brooks. I had mentioned my need to find a new style running sneaker back in this post because I could no longer buy my beloved Asics Cumulus 13s (they are now up to 15s). And after explaining my woes to the sales associate she had me try a few different options. First were the Brooks Glycerine. I immediately nixed them because just taking a few steps cause pain on the ball of my foot. But the second option were the Brooks Ghost and as soon as I put them on they felt like a great fit! I was concerned though that they didn’t feel as cushy as the Cumulus but figured I would try them.

So today I set out for my last 5 miles of 2013 and my first 5 miles in the Brooks.

turquoise, yo! #trendingcolorsin2014

turquoise, yo! #trendingcolorsin2014

And the verdict is…..

I’m really not sure yet. I felt they were lighter than my Asics. Almost invisible to me. (hmm, maybe that’s why they call them Ghost?) But….I felt there was no spring in my step and no cushion.  Usually wearing new sneakers I always have a zippy run. Today not so much.My shins felt tired and my knees hurt a bit.  But my lower back has been bothering me and I haven’t been eating very well lately so it might not be the shoes. Lol. I will continue to wear them a few more times before I decide how I like them. I’ve got time still to mess around since my marathon isn’t until April. And I still have enough miles left on my Asics for the beginning of training and my January races.

So now I’m off to hang with friends and ring drink in the new year.

I don’t know what’s in store for 2014. But I do know I’ve got a bunch of races to run and that always makes me happy. Bring on the small stuff!!!! I’m so ready to continue to sweat it all out and focus on the good stuff….the big stuff…the fun stuff!


Hope y’all have a stellar 2014.


Question: If you’re reading this post are you at least sipping champagne? 


  1. Loveee those shoes!! The colors are awesome!! Hope those little aches and pains go away 🙂

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