Well I’ve made it to day 4 of house painting week. It’s been fairly smooth except for things like planning to move my coat, duncan’s leash and my car keys out of the room that was being painted. I had to dig under some drop clothes and squeeze my fingers over my piano to retrieve the leash and keys and never did get access to my coat. It’s really starting to feel a lot like that movie Groundhogs Day. Ever see that movie? One of my favorites =)

Even my morning run felt a bit like the same old same old.


I ran 4 miles, same 4 mile route around the neighborhood. It was drizzling but not too cold. Felt good, but boring. I must try out some new routes soon. But…..I’m really getting comfortable in my Brooks Ghosts!

Brooks Ghost 6's

They’re keepers….I threw out the box. No turning back!

Speaking of Brooks, I found out from someone’s tweet (can’t remember who tweeted about it) that Brooks was having a clearance sale yesterday. I immediately jumped onto their site to order a couple of pairs of my favorite running capris, but I got distracted before completing the purchase and at the end of the day when I went back they didn’t have all black in medium so I bought these two that have some color accents. (my confirmation email seems to have disappeared so I hope I really ordered them!)


I have lots of summer weather running tank tops in hot pink and my favorite columbia running jacket AND my sneakers match the other pair. For $42 a pair (regularly $65) and FREE shipping I am quite satisfied. I swear these are the best capris ever. =)

Speaking of Groundhogs Day, it’s only 17 days away. I’m so curious to see if the little bugger sees his shadow. Well I’m exhausted. One more day of house painting craziness and then I’ll be spending Saturday, Sunday and Monday cleaning and re-decorating each and every room…I’m tired just thinking about that. And soon I’ll share some before and after pics.

Hope y’all have a great weekend.

Question: What are your favorite running capris? Do you care if your running outfits match or not? Who else hates dusting?


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  2. brooks ghost were my first real running shoes that i was fitted for. i loved them, but burned through the treads after 175 miles. i switched to glycerines and love them and the treads last longer but don’t think i don’t snatch up a clearance pair of ghosts if i can get them on the cheap. now the dr has me mostly in hokas at anything over 5 miles until the foot fully heals, so i got 2 pair on clearance at zappos. seriously, the blue ones and the pink ones were regular priced, but the purples i saved almost $40 a piece on. why is that???

  3. I love Nike capris! As for matching attire: when I go to the gym, yes. When I’m running outside in below-freezing temps, NOT AT ALL! Then it’s: “what’s clean and warm? Black tights, blue shirt, turquoise jacket, different-colored-blue earmuffs, grey gloves, orange mittens, hot pink Sauconys? Sounds good!”

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