My plan for today was to hit the gym at lunch for a 4 mile hill workout on the treadmill. Ironically I was actually looking forward to it not like that other time.

Needless to say, today was one of those days at the office that spiraled into a disaster and a half and I wasn’t able to get out as planned.

But as the afternoon progressed I realized that it was a really nice day out today. Mid 60s and breezy (a little gusty but not crazy wind). So I told my boss I would take my lunch hour at 4pm 🙂 It was a running lunch hour!


before cubicle selfie!

I changed into my running gear in the ladies room and grabbed my phone (didn’t have my garmin so I used RunKeeper) and off I went. I ran cross town until I hit the west side and then uptown for a bit before turning around and heading back.

A few sights…

photo 5

The Intrepid • Duck crossing sign in the city just so weird • a duck imposter • some waves in the hudson river

The shirt I wore was brand new. It’s a Nike Dri Fit shirt and it is soooo soft! I don’t know what the weather forecast will be come 4/27 so I wanted a short sleeve option in my arsenal. I have decent sleeveless and long sleeve shirts that can withstand the marathon distance but most of my short sleeve shirts aren’t very comfortable. I’m happy to say this shirt was super comfy. I will gladly wear it for longer distances. It’s roomy, but not shapeless and the scoopy v-neck is great. I hate crew neck Ts. 🙂

photo 4I ended up running close to 4 1/2 miles and considering I had to stop a bunch of times at traffic lights trying to get cross town I’m really happy with my average pace.


after cubicle selfie

As soon as I ended my RunKeeper activity I got this lovely little screen showing me my progress for my goal to run 1,014 miles in 2014. I’m 31 percent there!

runkeepergoalI’m actually really happy that work got in the way today. I may not have had a hill workout but the change of scenery and Spring weather helped me snap out of the “work debacle funk”.

I’m off to pal around with this guy and then watch some mindless TV.


How is your week going? What did you have for dinner tonight? 

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  1. 1. I totally drew a bunny on the “Easter” day on my calendar at work too.
    2. I nearly bought that same Nike shirt in green! But then I decided I have too many shirts and didn’t buy any… =)

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