Today, as I struggled to bust out a short 3 mile run (my “go-to” distance/route on workdays when
i’m pressed for time) I kept thinking about how inconsistent the outcome of these runs can be.

For some reason, I WANT to believe that 3 miles will ALWAYS be 30 minutes. HA! Well today’s run was 32 minutes:


88% humidity!!!!

But I needed to pull myself out of the “why does this feel so hard lately” abyss that I seem to have fallen into since the warmer weather began. So I took a sampling of data from 20 other 3 mile runs just to compare:




Only 2 of the 20 runs were exactly 30 minutes. Some were 29 and some were 34. So what is my wisdom to share today? Numbers are a great gauge to see how we’re doing in general but they shouldn’t define our mood. This holds true for the scale too! 

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