How goes it?

I struggled with a stomach bug of some sort for the beginning of the week but today i am FINALLY feeling better.

my main course for 3 days

my main course for 3 days

Even though I was only eating crackers for a few days I got myself out on Monday night for a 3 miler. I’m so glad I did because Tuesday morning, when I had originally planned to run, I um….let’s just say run was more of a plural noun than a verb 🙁IMG_7851

Today was another heatwave of 90-ish humid degrees but I managed to get in a 6 miler. Each mile got slower but on the average I kept to 11:40 pace. These days anything under 12 is acceptable for me. How I ever ran a 2:05 half marathon last year is beyond me!IMG_7888

I’m really hoping now that all my injuries are just about healed and with the fall weather coming any day now I’ll be able to get a little bit faster before the NYC Marathon.

So while I was running today I decided to cement my A, B and C goals for race day. Maybe it’s a bit early but what the heck…

Goal A: Win the damn thing! Keep a steady 11:25 pace for a sub 5 finish—4:59 to be exact 🙂
Goal B: To keep a 12 minute pace overall finishing in 5:15
Goal C: ANYTHING under 5:28 which was my first marathon finish time and slowest.
Goal D: Crawl across the finish line before the sun sets.

Having run the NYC Marathon twice now, I know that setting a PR is practically impossible.

2013 crossing the finish line with my throwaway gloves that I couldn't throw away. lol.

2013 crossing the finish line with my throwaway gloves that I couldn’t throw away. lol.

2011-my first marathon!

2011-my first marathon!

I’ll admit that with this most likely being the last time I run NYC I would have loved to hit my secret goal of 4:45 (my PR is 4:38 but that was on a fairly flat course) which I was shooting for in 2013. But I want to truly enjoy myself. I want to savor the moments….all 18,000 moments 🙂

So there you have it! Let’s hope I at least make Goal D!

I’m headed out of town for Labor Day weekend but plan on getting in my 15 mile long run on Monday or Tuesday morning.

And just because this post is lacking some cute Duncan photos….







Do you have plans for the weekend?

Is it still hot where you live?

When do you make your race day goals? Months out, days out or the day of?


  1. Oh Duncan .. you are so cute !

    Good luck on your training for the NYC Marathon ..I’m lucky I can run 5 miles !

    Enjoy your Labor Day weekend !

  2. That Duncan is so adorable! Best of luck with your marathon – no matter when you finish, you have the respect of so many runners who know and understand what a ginormous accomplishment that is!

  3. Wow I am so impressed you ran with a stomach bug those do me in! It’s still pretty hot and humid here I can’t wait for fall weather!

  4. I’m glad you’re feeling better!

    I tend to let race day goals fester in the back of my mind for a while before I actually declare them. For Halfs I usually set a goal the night before. Since Steamtown is going to be my first full marathon I know I should only have a “finish” goal, but there are definitely some times bouncing around in the back of my mind.

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