Hi and Happy Monday (and Happy Birthday to my friend Stef!)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I told you about my Saturday already. On Sunday, Mr. SOTSS and I met up with our hiking group for a hike with the pups. It was hot but luckily a little bit cooler underneath the shade of the trees and by the water.

Scales big rocks like superdoodle

Scales big rocks like SuperDoodle!

like a painting

like a painting

The very beginning of our 5 mile hike

The very beginning of our 5 mile hike.

that face!

that face!

dogs rule

Hot days mean I get to see his cute pink tongue more =)

me and my loyal companions. (photo: Papillon Photography-cbabin.smugmug.com)

It was a slow 5 miles. Took a couple of hours but we were happy we did it and felt good knowing the dogs got in one last good outing before we leave them for 5 days. On Wednesday we’re headed to another destination wedding! This one is in Jamaica. I’m really excited! I finally get to use my passport that I renewed back in 2009 and then got a puppy instead of traveling. 🙂

Today, I made my attempt at that 12 miler that I didn’t do on Saturday. I got a late start (it was after 9:30am) and it was HOT! 90 degrees with 75% humidity.

I am the queen of blurry self-time shots.

I am the queen of blurry self-time shots.

I ended up at 10 miles…..my first double digit run since completing the NJ Marathon back on April 27th!

double digits!

double digits!

I’m happy with 10 and not disappointed at all that I didn’t make it to 12. I was feeling the heat a lot and walking more than I was running the last mile so I figured I’d wrap it up before dying. I was on my feet for the same amount of time I would have completed 12 miles if it were cooler and my pace would have been faster so that’s good.

The good news is on the injury front. My knee is feeling so much better thanks to my intensive foam rolling. I’ve been really committed to that and it’s paying off. The hamstring is slowly getting better but wasn’t an issue at all while running. I’m aiming for 12-13 miles next Monday when I’m back from Jamaica. And while I’m away I’m just going to try for a few short runs on the beach.

I’m not going to be able to blog while away so feel free to keep tabs on me via Instagram which I’ll probably manage to post a photo here and there…and I’ll be back to blogging next week!

Have you ever been to Montego Bay, Jamaica?

Destination wedding?

Do you own a maxi dress? I just bought my first one to take with me on my trip




front (sorry about the weird face—i’m terrible with mirror selfies)



  1. I loved Jamaica! Have a great time. Where do you guys hike? On the island?

    • We’ve been hiking with a group in New Jersey we found on Meetup. I know that there are/were evening hikes on S.I. through the Greenbelt When I was at the Cold Feat 10k earlier this year I remember having a conversation with the woman who leads them. I just could never get home from work in time. =)

      I do take Duncan a lot into the woods that are beside Bloomingdale Park (By Maguire Ave and Ramona Ave. Just for a quick 30 minute route.

  2. I can’t believe you did 10 miles in this heat we’ve been having! Nice work getting the miles in, I’m glad your injuries are feeling better! 🙂

  3. Jamaica was so great!!! You’ll have a blast. I didn’t stay in Montego Bay, but since that is the main destination point, I’m sure it will be so much fun! Enjoy!

  4. Found your site through RER comments.

    CONGRATS ON DOUBLE DIGITS! I’m dealing with injuries as well, so I’m longing for double digits myself.

    Enjoy your trip!

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