Dear Boyfriend: Thank you for a perfect Valentine’s Day
Dear Wolf Pack Girls: Thank you for a fun Atlantic City weekend 
Dear slot machine: I’m breaking up with you. sometimes you should try giving instead of taking. 
Dear shoulder: I think you need to try harder to heal. I am repeating my mantra “time and rest heal everything” but damn you hurt 🙁

OK so despite dropping some $$ in the slots and dealing with this ongoing shoulder pain I sure did have a fun weekend. Probably because it was filled with an abundance of delicious food…so let’s discuss: 
First, was the Valentine’s dinner that my sweetie cooked. He made stuffed artichokes, crab stuffed, bacon wrapped filet mignon, roasted potatoes and sautéed asparagus and mushrooms. I watched him cook everything so I know he didn’t sneak in the gourmet meal from somewhere. Oh and he even hand dipped chocolate strawberries for me. I guess he likes me just a smidge. Tee Hee. And then of course I made my famous apple crisp which we had with ice cream. Heavenly. Haven’t mentioned it lately, or maybe I have….I’M.JUST.SO.LUCKY!

valentine's dinner

I am loved!

We’ve been getting lots of snow. It snowed a few inches on Saturday. Duncan isn’t sure if he loves it as much as he did a few weeks ago.

More snow!

More snow!

You gonna share that delicious meal with me?

You gonna share that delicious meal with me?

I like bacon. I like filet mignon. I like to make you feel bad with my eyes.

I like bacon. I like filet mignon. I like to make you feel bad with my eyes.

Sunday the girls picked me up and we drove down to the Borgata hotel in Atlantic City.

Fancy sconces in the hallway

Fancy monogrammed sconces in the hallway

We got all gussied up, took a bunch of selfies to show our social media circle how we clean up nice and arrived right on time for our reservation at Bobby Flay Steak. 

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Happy Birthday Lisa!

I clean up nice

I clean up nice although the Garmin Vivofit is a bit of an eyesore. But I finally hit 10,000 steps!



The meal cost me more than a pair of running sneakers but was so worth it. 
I had a ceasar salad with these amazing Parmesan crisps, warm cheesy bread, halibut with a parsley and white clam sauce, some brussels sprouts with pomegranate seeds and sweet potato au gratin. But the best part of the meal was my dessert. Praline toffee vanilla bean profiteroles. Dare I use those dorky words like amazeballs, or epic. 


Praline toffee vanilla bean profiteroles

Praline toffee vanilla bean profiteroles

Halibut....just for the halibut.

Halibut….just for the halibut.

After dinner we gambled a little. I lost deposited some money into the slot machine. And then we went to the club to dance. Only problem was the music and the crowd wasn’t really working for us. It was really depressing. So we eventually bailed and hit the slots some more. This was tragic for me (read: money go bye bye very quickly) and I eventually just went back to the room with my head down. Barbara on the other hand hit big. Like two mortgage payments big! #winning. 

Best part about our girls trips though for me is always the conversation. We spend so much of our time keeping up with each other’s lives via group text message that it’s nice to actually have the luxury of true face time to catch up. Friends are treasures.

I got dropped back at Mr. SOTSS’ house yesterday. He was kind enough to keep an eye on the doodle for me while I was away. 

Duncan keeping Mr. SOTSS warm. It's his way of saying thank you for the sleepover

Duncan keeping Mr. SOTSS warm. It’s his way of saying thank you for the sleepover

My shoulder has been just downright painful and sore still…a whole 14 days later but I didn’t want to sulk and wallow so when Mr. SOTSS suggested we take the dogs for a walk in the snow I said hell yeah yes. I notice when I am moving enough (like a hilly walk through fresh fallen snow) to get the blood flowing my shoulder feels a bit better.

more snow fun

more snow fun

I even shoveled this morning with my left hand. Woot woot!

I shoveled my driveway with one arm!

I shoveled my driveway with one arm!

Thank you guys for bearing with me and my so-called running blog that has been lacking the running for so long. This Saturday will hopefully be my return to running at the Cold Feat 10K trail run by my house. It will be exactly 4 weeks since I ran and I’m not sure I’m even going to run. I will make a game day decision. The knee has improved some but I do feel some soreness every now and then. I am hoping with continued stretching and hip and glute strengthening and a knee brace I can at least get some running mileage back. And since I have to wait until next week for the MRI for my shoulder I’m just in a holding pattern there.

I’m meeting with the rest of the NJ Marathon Street Team tomorrow night to talk about our last 2 month push to promote the race. I feel so terrible that I might not be running it. But hey, at least I can try and persuade other runners to run it. It’s the best part time job I’ve ever had really.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Tell me about the most decadent meal you’ve ever had?

What did you do this weekend?

Do you have snow where you are?

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