Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was fairly quiet. Friday afternoon I went for a run. Just 3 easy miles. runningI’m trying to limit my running to just once per week and only a few easy miles while I try and get to the bottom of this hamstring/groin situation.running-in-rain

Spent some quality time with Mr. SOTSS and his girls…my nicknames for them are “K-Corn” and “J-Beans”. Oh and Saturday was apparently Squirrel Appreciation Day according to Facebook. Duncan celebrated.

Squirrel Appreciation Day

Squirrel Appreciation Day

Today it’s super windy (gusts expected to go as high as 60mph) and the rain is picking up as well so I tried to get the bulk of my 10,000 steps in earlier by walking briskly around the neighborhood for an hour. Most of it alone and about 20 minutes with the doodle.walkingwindyI’m already at 9,000 and I can easily get those remaining steps banged out just from doing my laundry. Bedroom on 3rd floor + laundry room on 1st floor = LOTS OF STAIRS! 🙂 Plus I can always hop on my trampoline if Duncan is willing to share…trampoline

Oh, and I registered for the Cold Feat 10k, another local trail race. I’ve run it a few times before and I’m looking forward to it again this year.

This is from a few years back

This is from a few years back

I might have to serve jury duty the rest of this week. I have to call in later to find out.

Have you ever served jury duty??

Do you like trampolines? 

How was your weekend?


Hope you are all safe and sound. Working from home does have its drawbacks. When there’s a terrible global event (yesterday’s terrorist attack on the airport and metro in Brussels) there is constant news coverage. I was sick and full of anxiety and sadness all before starting my day. I handled a couple of urgent work tasks and then headed out for a run to get away from the television.

It turned out to be a really good run.

A good run

A good run

I really have no idea what I did differently. Only thing I can think of is that now that I’ve reached 10 miles for the long run the weekday runs that are 3-4 miles will just inherently feel easier.

Maybe it was my lucky PR shirt. I wore this shirt when I PR'ed at the 2014 NJ Marathon

Maybe it was my lucky PR shirt. I wore this shirt when I PR’ed at the 2014 NJ Marathon

Sunday I went to this fun trampoline place called Sky Zone with Mr. SOTSS and his oldest daughter. It was so much fun. I bounced a lot. We got a kick out of my hair during the slow mo.

Monday morning I woke up to the first full day of Spring with a blanket of snow.

IMG_1874It was so pretty but within a few hours it had all melted. Monday also marked 7 years since the day I picked up Duncan at 11 weeks old. Crazy!

On the drive home from western PA. I drove 8 hours round trip to get this munchkin

On the drive home from western PA. I drove 8 hours round trip to get this munchkin

And 7 years later he’s still attached at the hip (or maybe i’m attached to his hip.)



He is so good in the car. Just relaxes until we pull into the driveway and I tell him “we’re home”.

Well, I’ve got a busy day so I’m off to work.work.work.

Happy Humpday.

How was your last run? 3 fun things happening in your life right now.

The last few days have been filled with all good things. First I received a special award at work. Nope not for my diligence in the office. It was for being in the best shape! Apparently if you run 19 races in one year you qualify. 😉



I got a pedometer along with the certificate too! Then I came home to more packages in the mail! The missing leg to my trampoline came. So I completed assembly and then tried it out.

Yeah, I think I just learned that jumping in socks is not a stellar idea. I almost wiped out. But the good news is I love it and I’m so excited to use it a whole lot in 2014 as an alternative low impact way to burn calories when I’m not running.

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Don’t know what’s going on with me today but I just felt like the bottomless pit. I truly overate! Started and ended my day with a waffle. Yep….the clock struck midnight and I felt it appropriate to make it Midnight Munchies Monday. And of course the dog wanted to partake so he got his own munchy.

midnight munchies

midnight munchies

There was apple pie in the break room at work and I couldn’t resist…twice! (who eats 2 slices of pie before 11am?)

fruit for breakfast

fruit for breakfast

All I know is that there better be some will power for me under the tree this year. Well, Cyber Monday almost came and went without a single online purchase by me…..but……I’ve been eyeing this cool mini-trampoline for a half a second and when I saw it was 20% off with FREE shipping too I pulled the trigger.

fancy shmancy trampoline

fancy shmancy trampoline.

If you’re looking for me I’ll be bouncing on this thing in my living room all winter!

Now it’s time to share some link love. I happen to have 2 very good friends named Lisa…..There’s running Lisa and baking Lisa.

Running Lisa was just featured in this Wall Street Journal article about ultra running.


Cold and windy Montana….

Running Lisa and I met when we worked at the same company about 7 years ago. And then she inspired me to start running. If you’re new to this blog you can see how she inspired me in this video. In the article she talks about her most recent endeavor at the Center of the Nation Series. I was one of the friends who accompanied her on the trip but while she ran an entire full marathon each day for 5 days straight I ran 5 consecutive halfs. It was one of the best trips of my life. I posted a recap for each of the 5 days of the series. If you’re interested in reading more…

Center of the Nation Series Marathon/Half Marathon Day 1 North Dakota

Center of the Nation Series Marathon/Half Marathon Day 1 South Dakota

Center of the Nation Series Marathon/Half Marathon Day 1 Wyoming

Center of the Nation Series Marathon/Half Marathon Day 1 Montana

Center of the Nation Series Marathon/Half Marathon Day 1 Nebraska


The Rescue Baker!

The Rescue Baker! Cutest logo ever! I created it =)

Baker Lisa, otherwise known as The Rescue Baker, has been whipping up some amazing “Divine” holiday chocolatey treats while sharing the recipes and an exciting giveaway on her blog. I’ve tasted many of her desserts and she never disappoints.

Well now that it’s 1am, I’m going to try and go to bed. Tomorrow will be another hot date with the rowing machine at the gym. I’d like to say it’s because I’m getting excited about cross-training but in all honesty I hurt the bottom of my foot jumping down from my kitchen counter Sunday night and it’s very tender so I’m trying to keep my weight off it for a couple days. (note to self: 40 years old means it’s time to be smarter about jumping down from kitchen counters. If only I weren’t vertically challenged!)

Hope your week started off on the right (not tender or sore) foot!


Question: How do you deal with days when you just can’t get full? Do you just go with it? Anyone have a trampoline/rebounder?