Yesterday I hit the gym during my lunch break and did 15 min on the rower and 15 on the stair master. My upper body got a good workout as did my glutes..and my tender foot got a reprieve. Happy to report it is feeling good and I should be just fine to run on it in a day or two.

I had these sourdough pretzel nibblers with my lunch and had a smile when I realized they were from my goodie bag that I received as soon as I crossed the finish line at the NYC Marathon exactly one month ago!

photo 2Then  when I came home I was snacking on some popcorn (theme of the day was carbo snacking-busted!) and happened to notice the “sell by” date is April 27th, 2014 which is the date of my next marathon (the NJ Marathon). I had a chuckle.


Admittedly, I’m a running junkie and running is always on my mind. So even while I’m enjoying being in this non-structured time period right now to let my body rest and focus on cross training, it’s nice to be reminded again of my marathons both past and future! I’m super excited to start training for NJ. Just 5 more weeks until training kicks off. Let’s see if I’m still super excited as I hit the beginning of April. At least I won’t be running my 20 mile long runs in the heat and humidity!

I often get caught up in the frustrations of working in Manhattan—the crowds, the commute, the time lost as I sit in traffic…but last night as all the tourists were busy taking pictures of the decorated holiday windows at Macy’s I grabbed this shot of the Empire State Building. It looked extra specially beautiful with the blue and white lights shining.

photo 3

Tonight they’ll be lighting the tree at Rockafeller Center. I could easily walk there from my office to see the tree but let’s not get silly now! WAY TOO CHAOTIC for me. =)

3 more weeks until Christmas day. I’ve got my holiday cards designed, ordered and shipped. As soon as I get them mailed I’ll post the final card here. It’s really cute if I do say so myself.

Happy Hump Day. 

Hi everyone.

Hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend. I’m in taper mode this week as I’ll be headed to the Center of the Nation Series in a week and need to start letting the legs rest a bit more. I’ve even been sleeping more! It’s been great.

Yesterday morning started out at 7am with a photoshoot. I took my camera and my doodle and tried to get some calendar worthy shots for a calendar contest that I’ve been participating in for the last 4 years. It’s a calendar of labradoodles and so far Duncan has been selected 4 years running! Here are a few of my favorites:

happy dog

happy dog

Wanna go walk down this path with me?

Wanna go walk down this path with me?

I'm gonna hide behind this tree and then you come find me.

I’m gonna hide behind this tree and then you come find me.

After the shoot, I did a quick 3 miles. Nothing special.

there's that dog drinking water in the background again!

there’s that dog drinking water in the background again!

But then I got an invite from a friend to go to IHOP for breakfast. I’ve never turned down a pancake in my life.

photo 1-1

I heart pancakes!

So that was that. I actually got the Simple and Fit veggie omelet and then a side of 3 pancakes. It could’ve been much worse. I have a confession. I eat my pancakes dry. I don’t like syrup. Please don’t judge. =)

The rest of the day was freelance work and cleaning and then I met an old college friend for dinner.

Today I got my long run in.


first 4 miles were faster than my normal long run pace. last 4 i slowed it down.

Then I made a stop at the grocery store. It’s getting to be my favorite time of year.

Fall Pumpkins and Mums

Fall Pumpkins and Mums

I grabbed a bunch of new healthy snack options.

I approve

I approve

Let’s just say the Kashi Sea Salt & Olive Oil Hummus Crisps ARE THE BOMB! I loved them. And at 120 calories, 4 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein per serving it really satisfied my salty crunch craving. The Boom Chicka Pop was delish too! Like kettle corn, salty and lightly sweet. And then of course a little hydrating watermelon. I love discovering new snack options. How about you? Any suggestions?