I noticed some tightness in my left hammy after my back to back weekend runs. As of yesterday I was planning on skipping today’s 4 mile hill workout. But last night I bounced on my trampoline to warm my muscles and then did some stretching and today I felt good. So I packed my gym bag (and didn’t forget anything this time!) and at 11:45 am left the office with my new found excitement for a treadmill workout. Conspiracy theory??

This is what I saw:

photo 4

renovations…without major interuption in service!

“Without major interruption in service”….um…I’m sorry but when all treadmills (we’re talking 30+) are unavailable on a day I arrive to do a running workout that IS major interruption in service to me thank you very much.

photo 5

it’s an elliptical treadmill pile up!

Ironically I took it very we’ll and immediately conjured up a plan B!

I remembered reading somewhere that the stepmill is the closest in comparison to hill running so I jumped on and climbed 188 floors!! (That’s more than the Empire State Building according to the little computer cues) 25 minutes later and I was soaked.

photo 3

I got to put my initials in for one of the best climbs of the week. I guess there aren’t many members of this gym who like to climb…

I finished out my session with 15 min of easy biking to complete a total of 40 min which is what my 4 mile run would have taken me anyway. Sometimes the world emphasizes what decisions we need to make 🙂 (And I’m not just talking about workout swaps…I’m deep!)

And wow did I forget how sweaty a stepmill workout can make me.

I’ve decided I am going to start adding in some mental workouts into my training.

photo 1

clear the mind

All kidding aside I want to start a little positive affirmation journal of some sort. I need to keep working on that inner strength. 🙂 UPDATE: I just added this page to the top nav bar of my blog for some visual inspirational quotes. I’ll let you know as I add more. This seems like a good place to start.

I came home to a package of goodies that I ordered. I’ve been treating myself to a lot of goodies lately. Eh, I’m worth it =) Fancy swiss hair care and skin care products. I’ve used most of these before but I did buy a few new items. Can’t wait to try out the hair masque! The cold dry winter air is doing a number on my curls. They need a good quenching. (anyone else think quenching is just such a weird word?).

photo copy


Well now that it’s 1am I better go to bed or I’m gonna need toothpicks to keep my eyes open tomorrow. (where do these expressions come from, right??!!)

Happy Hump Day!

Question: What positive quotes help you get through your day or your workout?

Oh lordy.

I was a hot mess this afternoon during my short 4 (that should have been 5) miles.


I had a dentist appointment this morning at 9am. I’m in the middle of getting a crown re-done. Lots of novacaine numbing and drilling going on. When I wrapped up at the dentist I quickly managed to squeeze in a few errands and deal with a few work related emails (i took today as a sick day but didn’t want to leave people hanging). By noon I finally realized I better get to steppin running because it was already 80 degrees. And off I went on what was to be a casual 5 miler. Oh, but casual this was not. NO it was a mess with a dress singlet and capris. First the sweat started to pour into my eyes because I opted for no hat or visor #FAIL!. I did however have sunglasses on but that just made the sweat pool up faster and sting my eyes even more. By mile two I was wiping and rubbing my eyes so much that I couldn’t even see. Combine that with a fingernail and BAM I left a nice big bleeding cut above my eyebrow. At this point I was flat out PISSED! I just wanted to get home. My mouth was half numb still but the throbbing from the tooth that was drilled started to get worse.

confuciousdood photo 2

I cut the run down to 4 and went home only to dribble my entire bottle of water down my shirt as I couldn’t feel my lip. It’s actually kind of funny now.

Then I read this girl’s post and was so relieved that someone else was having a craptastic day.

Luckily I was able to hijack a friend to go to my favorite tex-mex restaurant. Because chips and salsa work wonders for the soul.


So there you have it folks! I better re-think the name of my blog. Because today the sweat only made the small stuff even more annoying. Tomorrow I have a 9 miler on tap. Gonna try and keep it to 10:50 pace for all 9 miles. We’ll see. Happy humpday! I’m off to walk the dog in the hopes I don’t scratch myself anymore today.

Question: Do you agree chips and salsa cure all or am I not a wise runner?