Oh lordy.

I was a hot mess this afternoon during my short 4 (that should have been 5) miles.


I had a dentist appointment this morning at 9am. I’m in the middle of getting a crown re-done. Lots of novacaine numbing and drilling going on. When I wrapped up at the dentist I quickly managed to squeeze in a few errands and deal with a few work related emails (i took today as a sick day but didn’t want to leave people hanging). By noon I finally realized I better get to steppin running because it was already 80 degrees. And off I went on what was to be a casual 5 miler. Oh, but casual this was not. NO it was a mess with a dress singlet and capris. First the sweat started to pour into my eyes because I opted for no hat or visor #FAIL!. I did however have sunglasses on but that just made the sweat pool up faster and sting my eyes even more. By mile two I was wiping and rubbing my eyes so much that I couldn’t even see. Combine that with a fingernail and BAM I left a nice big bleeding cut above my eyebrow. At this point I was flat out PISSED! I just wanted to get home. My mouth was half numb still but the throbbing from the tooth that was drilled started to get worse.

confuciousdood photo 2

I cut the run down to 4 and went home only to dribble my entire bottle of water down my shirt as I couldn’t feel my lip. It’s actually kind of funny now.

Then I read this girl’s post and was so relieved that someone else was having a craptastic day.

Luckily I was able to hijack a friend to go to my favorite tex-mex restaurant. Because chips and salsa work wonders for the soul.


So there you have it folks! I better re-think the name of my blog. Because today the sweat only made the small stuff even more annoying. Tomorrow I have a 9 miler on tap. Gonna try and keep it to 10:50 pace for all 9 miles. We’ll see. Happy humpday! I’m off to walk the dog in the hopes I don’t scratch myself anymore today.

Question: Do you agree chips and salsa cure all or am I not a wise runner?

Hi all,

Happy Labor Day. Hope you are all enjoying the day off. Well I did it! I completed my 5 days straight of running to complete my peak training for the Center of the Nation Series. Yesterday my schedule called for 16, my running friends were scheduled for 20 and I ended up meeting in the middle at 18.3 I thought I would just do all 20 but honestly I was falling apart around mile 17 and didn’t want to die trying.


18 is Enough! Get it? (Anyone remember the TV show 8 is Enough??)

Highlights of the run:

1. Friends to share the pain fun with! We even stopped at mile 13 for iced coffee!)

2. Lots of lovely views of the Williamsburg Bridge—before running over it—and during running over it.


Graffiti galore on the Williamsburg Bridge.

3. Bumping into our friend Christi unexpectedly on the West Side Highway. She was also on a training run.


1. Chafing!

2. Chafing some more!

3. More Chafing! With a dew point of 72 we were soaked with sweat that couldn’t evaporate leaving major chafing. I really did Sweat Out The Small Stuff!


Today, I procrastinated until the weatherman on the news said there was a storm 45 minutes away. I figured i’d try and log 3 relaxed recovery miles before the storm.


I actually felt pretty good. I ran with compression socks for the first time and wonder if that helped. Somehow I just always feel self conscious and chicken out before making it out the door with my dorkey socks but I figured most people were still sleeping on this holiday Monday. LOL! I want to be an official convert but how on earth can I figure out how to not look like a cheeseball with them on?!  I hate the chub that pops out at the top of the sock by my knee.


Just one more reason to look forward to the colder weather. I can hide the socks under long pants. 

Question: How do you pull off wearing compression socks? How do you prevent chafing or relieve the pain from chafing after it’s happened?