I began this blog to share with everyone my love for running. It’s become my therapy and helps me to Sweat OUT the Small Stuff so I can live life in the best possible way I can. I know that endorphins are my anti-depressant and I’m truly grateful that is all I need.

Clinical depression and mental illness in general can be taboo subjects to talk about. And sometimes laughter is the best medicine. But sometimes laughter/comedy can be a disguise too. Or even a coping mechanism. The morning that my husband died we went to the funeral home to go over the “package” we’d pick and the costs associated. There were prayer cards to choose, rental caskets to select and other things that I can’t exactly remember. But I do remember seeing the final cost and I looked at the funeral director and blurted out “Wow! That’s expensive, have you ever been stiffed before?” Before you knew it we were all chuckling at my choice of words. Stiffed? I wasn’t even trying to be funny. But it was exactly what we needed to cope through that experience.

And so with Robin Williams’ passing I found this clip making its way across the Internet and thought I’d share. It’s about marathon runners and it’s HYSTERICALLY FUNNY!

Rest in peace RW…



  1. I remember being at my father’s funeral visitation thing ( I hate those) and my sisters and I got into a total giggle fit. Not sure what it was about but we were off in the corner in tears from laughing. It is how we have always dealt with stress. Humor gets us through but it is often only a mask.

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