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It’s Throwback Thursday #TBT. (I really need to get my sweatoutthesmallstuff Instagram up)

1st Grade and WAY before I discovered running and WAY before I really had small stuff to sweat out

1st Grade and WAY before I discovered running and WAY before I really had small stuff to sweat out

So today was supposed to be a 7 mile tempo run. I took the doodle out for a few walks totaling about 3 miles and by the time I got out the door for my run it was 4pm! (I had lots of work to do on my day off) So I opted to take the 7 down to 5 and call it a day.

5 strong miles and a dog taking a drink of water in the background

5 strong miles and a dog taking a drink of water in the background

Funny story about mile 2….there was a man running up the road ahead of me. He was close enough that I could smell a trail of his heated up deoderant. I became an “animal” from the scent. I wanted to get a “roadkill” So I kicked into high gear to try and pass him. Just as I was about 3 steps behind he came to a dead stop! He had arrived back to his home and was done. I was so deflated:( But the good thing is that I proved to myself that I can push it if I want.

Question: Do you ever try and pass people while running? Any fun weekend plans?

Hi all,

Happy final day of August (How does it happen that in a blink of an eye 8 months of the year have flown by?!!!) I’m in the middle of 5 straight days of training runs. It’s my last push of training before my Center of The Nation Series (5 half marathons in 5 days). You can read more about that here.

So I decided for fun I’d name each of these runs.

Thursday started off with the Bouncy 7:

sports bra fail

sports bra fail

Apparently my sports bra has reached the end of the line. It’s lost it’s hold!


My pace was a perfect. Not too fast, not too slow. I stopped for water and to eat a few energy chews which slowed me down a bit between miles 5 and 6. I normally don’t fuel unless it’s double digits but I want to get in a groove now for my big events in a few weeks.

Friday’s run I named Run for Pi! Nope that’s not a typo. Do you remember the math symbol Pi (π) ? Pi = 3.14



Another run with exactly the pace I was hoping to keep. I’m planning on 11 min miles with perhaps a few slower walking miles each day  so that my final half finishing times will be between 2:30 and 2:45.

Today’s run I’ve named Fight the Funk 4.4. I’m not sure why I have been feeling a bit blah lately. Oh and apparently I timed my neighborhood run perfectly after garbage pickup. Seriously, garbage juice and stinky cans for the entire 4 miles! Good job Sally!


foul and funky 4.4

Tomorrow I’m planning somewhere between 16 and 20 miles in NYC with some friends. And monday I’ll eek out another 3-5. Stay tuned for the next post to see what I end up naming those.

In other news, Duncan’s been my one true thing lately. And I’ve been making sure he knows just how much I appreciate his unconditional love.

There was a little romp time last night…

doodle cuteness

doodle cuteness

A trip to Petco for more superheros

Ironman completes the set

Ironman completes the set

And then, today we went to support our local dog park where they were having a big fundraiser called the Summer Fun Dog Wash to raise money for some necessities for the park. (I designed the nifty flyer).

photo 1

Duncan didn’t get a bath but I donated some money for a frisbee and 3 homemade cake pops…I ate 2 of them already luckily i remembered to take this pic of the last one!

photo 4

Now it’s time for chores (phooey!). Hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

Question: Cake pops? Have you tried them? Do you like them? Anyone running anything special this weekend?

Work has been busy and my commutes home have been long and I’ve been having separation anxiety from my dog. I know. Quite pathetic but true. Anyway this morning I was scheduled for my short run of the week….3 miles. I just couldn’t bear the thought of giving up those 30ish precious morning minutes with the doodle. It was actually cool, about 67 degrees so I decided I’d see if he could run with me. It was quite successful. He only stopped to pee once.

Good Dog!

Good Dog!

I realized as he was dragging behind me 10 minutes into it that one mile was as much as I could expect for today. I’ve only taken him running with me maybe 5 times tops and mostly it’s been much colder out. So we did it! I named my route “The Doodle Mile”.


I think I’ll see if we can do the loop twice next time. Granted the pace was 2 minutes slower than my normal pace, but with a bunch of training on tap from now until November I think it’s fine to let these Tuesday morning runs be a little slower and shorter. It’s most beneficial for my mental health and while Duncan is not overweight, he has been getting a few too many extra morsels of people food as of late.

The funniest part was after our run. He had all this mischievous energy. He shredded a paper towel (one of his favorite things to do) and then ran amuck with his Chanukah bear squeaker toy.

I think this pup experienced a runner's high today. lol.

I think this pup experienced a runner’s high today. lol.


Dogs need to release anxiety sweat out the small stuff in a healthy way too. I was glad I could share my mile with the doodle. I wonder what his “small stuff” is?

Question: Do you like dogs? Have you had a dog or do you have one now? 

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