Work has been busy and my commutes home have been long and I’ve been having separation anxiety from my dog. I know. Quite pathetic but true. Anyway this morning I was scheduled for my short run of the week….3 miles. I just couldn’t bear the thought of giving up those 30ish precious morning minutes with the doodle. It was actually cool, about 67 degrees so I decided I’d see if he could run with me. It was quite successful. He only stopped to pee once.

Good Dog!

Good Dog!

I realized as he was dragging behind me 10 minutes into it that one mile was as much as I could expect for today. I’ve only taken him running with me maybe 5 times tops and mostly it’s been much colder out. So we did it! I named my route “The Doodle Mile”.


I think I’ll see if we can do the loop twice next time. Granted the pace was 2 minutes slower than my normal pace, but with a bunch of training on tap from now until November I think it’s fine to let these Tuesday morning runs be a little slower and shorter. It’s most beneficial for my mental health and while Duncan is not overweight, he has been getting a few too many extra morsels of people food as of late.

The funniest part was after our run. He had all this mischievous energy. He shredded a paper towel (one of his favorite things to do) and then ran amuck with his Chanukah bear squeaker toy.

I think this pup experienced a runner's high today. lol.

I think this pup experienced a runner’s high today. lol.


Dogs need to release anxiety sweat out the small stuff in a healthy way too. I was glad I could share my mile with the doodle. I wonder what his “small stuff” is?

Question: Do you like dogs? Have you had a dog or do you have one now? 

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