Hey there. Happy Monday. I wanted to just let you all know I finished the 2015 NYC Marathon and I’ll have a full recap up later this week. This one was challenging. But hey, marathons shouldn’t be easy right? So many fun things to tell you about too. I can’t wait to tell you more than you could possibly ever want or need to know about my experience. =)

the struggle was real

the struggle was real

I met Goal C which was to finish before my slowest marathon time of 5:28 and I did it barely by coming in at 5:23:55. And honestly that’s only because Lisa found me and we ran the last 3 miles together. Otherwise I’m fairly certain I would have walked those entire 3 miles.

Happy finishers

Happy finishers

But a finish is a finish and I’m taking my medal to bed with me every night this week. #kiddingnotkidding

I earned this one for not giving up when clearly my mind and my body were not on board with that notion

On my bedside table! I earned this one for not giving up when clearly my mind and my body were not on board with that notion

Thanks for all the well wishes. I’ll have that recap up later this week.


stuffy nose translation: under the weather.

yup….i think i’m coming down with a cold. Perhaps all that partying this weekend knocked my immune system down a bit. I never get sick! Crap!

photo 3

the “get well soon” arsenal

I am still nursing the ankle too but I do feel pretty confident it’ll be fine in another day or two.

photo 4

keeping it under wraps just to be safe.

So in other words i’m totally in tip-top shape for Sunday’s 18 miles (insert sarcasm here). Pray for me!

I read today’s latest entry from Mile Posts and couldn’t relate more. Seriously I felt like I could have written it myself (minus the sub 1 1/2 hour half marathon time goal lol!). She talks about when your pride gets in the way of running where you might rather opt out of running a race once you know you’re not trained for that PR you wanted.

This all has been stirring around in my head for quite a few weeks. I am NOT at all thinking of bailing on the NJ Marathon, and most of my training has been going just fine. But, I keep going over my goal time in my head over and over trying to do the math to see if I can really pull it off. With each training run I realize that maintaining a 10:40 pace for 26.2 miles doesn’t seem out of reach but then I remember how I like to walk through water stops and walk a minute here and there when i see my family or get a cramp and that freaked me out because really my pace would need to be more in the range of 10:15 for most miles to allow me those walk breaks. I immediately threw my hands up and said forget it. I’ll NEVER reach my goal. I also simultanously did the calendar counting to see i’ll probably be in the midst of my period (yikes probably day 1 or 2) and that made me feel the “why bother” aspect even more. But just within the last few days I sorta yelled at myself. I’m running this race for more than just the possibility of a PR but because I loved the course last year and I love that my family can see me at a few spots along the course and it’s fairly flat and the race director is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I want to run this race regardless of the outcome. We must always remember we have more than one voice in our head and we have to battle for the strongest one to lead us.

Meanwhile, yes, I am totally capable of pulling out a 4:40 finish time (according to the McMillan calculator with a 57:26 10k and a 2:07:54 half I should be able to pull out a 4:29:18 marathon). But if it’s 4:50 who cares?

And of course I have this furry voice to bark at me when I talk smack…

photo 1

Interestingly I got this fortune with my dinner tonight…

photo 5

I concur. My heart will always see it right. Except when it comes to boys. LOL!

Question: Do you ever doubt yourself? How do you get back on track with yourself?

So apparently 11 days without running caused a little concern for Runkeeper:

Runkeeper misses me!

Runkeeper misses me!

Well, I didn’t want them to worry so I went for a run today.


It was chilly so I put on my new nike long sleeve half zip shirt that was a birthday gift. I love ripping off tags and wearing something for the first time. I also love thumb holes!

ready to run!

ready to run! (please excuse that mess).

What a great run! I kept an average pace of 9:32. I remember when I started running 5 miles would take me an hour or even a little longer (12:00 pace). So to complete 5 miles in 48 minutes feels really good! I spent the first few miles thinking about my goals for 2014 and what races I would sign up for. I have one full marathon planned at the end of April. My goal is going to be to PR. I have to clock in under 4:48. I’m going to train for a 4:40 finish which is a 10:40 average pace. I know it’s doable. I am going to make sure I really focus on speed work and tempos and try and get a 22 miler into training instead of stopping at 20. It feels good to have a goal to work toward. I spent the last couple of miles thinking about how I could get a 5k completed before the year is out. I need to find a local event. I still have yet to do a 5k that was timed (I ran the Tunnel 2 Towers 5K in September but it wasn’t timed). And with PRs in all the other distances this year (full, half and 10k) I’d love to complete a 5k (automatic PR for my first right?) So I can call 2013 the year of the PR.

Maybe it was being reunited with the runner’s high endorphins that I haven’t felt in almost 2 weeks, or the sunshine on my face but I felt so alive today. Mentally alive.

Running awakens the sole!

Running awakens the sole!

Yesterday was Globally Organized Hug A Runner Day. I made my boss hug me when I got to work. He’s a trooper!

photo 1

Speaking of yesterday I discovered the most amazing Mike and Ikes



I could have eaten the whole box but brought it to a meeting and shared with some coworkers.

Tomorrow I’m attending a fundraising Gala for a local pet rescue. It’s called the Blue Gala and everyone has to wear blue. I’m excited because I have a great navy blue sparkly dress that I will wear. It’s going to be the 3rd time wearing the dress this year and since I got it on sale for $79 to begin with that breaks down to $26.33 per wear! =)

Question: What’s your favorite candy? What are your goals for 2014

P.S. here are a few cute pics from the Trenton Half 2 weeks ago. I’m on the fence whether to shell out the cash for them. It’s getting out of hand! Especially if I keep running so many races each year…