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Happy Tuesday! I’m still recovering from my car purchase weekend. Saturday morning I hit up a local dealer to test-drive the Subaru Forester XT model (the turbo engine). I had already test-drove(driven?) the regular engine a few weeks ago but somehow the idea of more horsepower excited me! I was immediately smitten with the turbo and wanted to move forward with the purchase. Only one issue. Most dealerships within an hour’s drive didn’t have the trim that I wanted. They only had the top of the line trim which was well out of my price range. My dad started to do some leg work for me and found one just over an hours’ drive from me. So after returning home from my test-drive I called that dealership to ensure it was still in inventory and then hit the road. With all the traffic I encountered on the way down, plus the time spent negotiating etc and then the return drive it was just over a 5 hour trip. But, I FINALLY closed the deal. I’ll be picking up my boy (named him Forest because I’m so unique) on Thursday. And to ensure he lasts for years to come I’m going to continue to cheer him on like Forest Gump….Run Forest(er) Run!!!

Subaru Forester XT Premium


I’m going to miss Lady Liberty, my gal, my Jeep, my friend….she served me well for 11 of the 12 years at least and only became unreliable this last year.


Sunday, I woke up feeling horrible. I had a pounding headache and so I mostly just lounged on the couch letting my brain just decompress. I did manage to get a 30 minute brisk walk in the morning and another 20 minute walk with the dogs in the afternoon (I’m dogsitting Duncan’s half-sister…they share the same mister but he’s her brother from another mother). They are seriously the cutest pair!

siamese doodles

siamese doodles


this is my morning

I really have been doing poorly in the eat healthy and exercise categories. When I’m under stress the idea of eating a vegetable just makes me ill. And so I’ve been over doing it on the comfort foods…pizza, BLT, fries, cookies, etc. And with no real training plan I’m just getting too used to couch surfing.

But I’ll be focusing on cleaning up my act in the weeks to come. I can’t sustain eating this way without some unpleasant consequences. And i’m not just talking about weight gain. Sluggishness and stomach issues are two more critical consequences.

And let’s not forget I’m running Ragnar Napa in 5 weeks! More on this in a future post. I’m excited to reveal our team name and logo with ya’ll too.

What car do you drive? Do you name your cars?
A coworker of mine told me he named his Ford Explorer Indiana Jones. =)


  1. Congrats on the Forester! We loved ours, but traded it in for a Pilot so I could schlepp more kids around town (the Pilot has the third row seat and while it still feels like too big of a vehicle to me, it HAS been really handy for carpooling). The Pilot is unnamed, but we call my husband’s VW Passat “The Pass-Out,” because repairs on it are always so expensive that we feel like passing out everytime we take it into the shop 🙂

    I’ve been stressing eating like mad as well and have gained back the 4 lbs. that I lost during marathon training this summer….Argh! Why can’t broccoli and asparagus be comforting?!

    • The Pass-Out is such a great name. I’ve had the same reaction at the sound of some of my jeep repair costs too. Thanks for sharing =)

  2. You need to keep Duncan’s sister, they are just too cute together and you seem happy to have her around. YAY on your new car…I have ALWAYS loved SUBARUs but the maint for me was too high. I still do LOVE my SATURN VUE very much. His name is Bullet..I have always named my cars too. My first Nissan Sentra Was Sam, my second Nissan was Sam 2, then I had Penelope she was a cute gunpowder brown Saturn ION, and since 2006 I have Had my Silver Bullet (full name)

    calling out Run Forrest Run and Faster than A Speeding Bullet should keep our cars healthy and happy..right? or are we insane?

  3. Dave and Dana Bergman

    Good luck with the Forester. I own a 2012 Legacy and it is the best car that I have ever had.

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