After another hour wasted on the phone this morning with Sears customer service (still trying to get my credit for the water heater that was never installed from last week), I was able to squeeze in a quick 4 miler before getting ready to help my friend drive her kitties and dog to her new home about an hour away. After getting the kitties and dogs (of course Duncan came with) settled in, my friend Sue drove us into town to pick up a pizza. I immediately sized up the roads….suitable for running? HMMM…one big issue…the most ginormous, humungous, enormous, steep hill mountain i’ve ever seen!!!!



Luckily there are lots of parks not too far away. So I’ll be ok if i decide to visit overnight and need to get a run in while i’m visiting. Whew!

I find it quite funny that running routes are the first thing I think of when traveling. I’m headed to California in a few weeks and i’ve already mapped out some routes.



Question: When you travel, what’s the first thing you map out? Pizza? A Running route? Liquor store? Mall?


  1. I have a nice run planned out for you!

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