Something happened during the process of healing this injury…a whole new perspective.

I think I’ve embraced the journey a bit more this time around. Last time I hurt myself I didn’t seek medical care right away. For 6 months I tried to run through the pain and when I couldn’t I’d skip a week of training. This time I sought treatment right away (and if it wasn’t for the whole medical insurance referral mishap i’d have probably been treated even sooner). I listened to the docs advice initially and refrained from running for 3 solid weeks which is an eternity for me. And then I almost listened to her when she told me to wait another 3+ weeks (only ran 2 times: the Oakley Mini 10k and the Queens 10K and ran them very slow) I’ve made a solid cross-training plan after buying my first adult bike ever, even took this opportunity to be a spectator too. I’m enjoying the physical therapy experience (although this isn’t technically a new perspective because when I went last time I enjoyed it as well) I know that they’ll work on the spots that still cause pain using massage, heat, laser, electro and ultrasound therapy. I know that for the hour or two that I am there, I am actively working on healing and getting stronger.

getting ready for my stability exercises

getting ready for my stability exercises

I’ve grown to enjoy my bike rides and yesterday I even got a new perspective of the Verrazano Bridge.

Verrazano Bridge

Verrazano Bridge from the left side instead of the right

There are 2 HUGE hills that you have to climb in order to go under the bridge and see it from the other side. I’ve been chicken to even try going up that hill with the bike and even on foot. But yesterday I felt adventurous and went for it. I put the bike in the lowest gear and tried with all my might to ride up the hill. I admit I had to walk it up a short distance but for the most part I mastered the hills. There were 3 large inclines in total.

Runkeeper even told me it was my highest elevation so far.

photo 4-1


The first half of my ride i stopped to take pictures but I finally got in my groove for the last 5. I also pedaled for 20 minutes (3.3 miles) at physical therapy just before I went on this ride.

photo 2

NYC Skyline in the distance

photo 5-1

keep those non-running smiles coming Sally!

photo 5

It’s hard to tell how long and steep this hill was to climb in the picture but trust me it was long and steep!

photo 1-1

I’m also using this time to see a new perspective when it comes to my weight. I admit there were times that I would run 20 miles and then eat with reckless abandon. And I also admit that the anxiety and fear of weight gain since the running hiatus began was fairly high at first. But I’ve settled into a reality of acceptance that I’ve put on a couple of pounds (even with the biking) and that’s ok. I know in a few weeks as I get back into running, I’ll drop a few of these extra lbs. And I’m excited to keep biking (and strength training which I’ve slowly been working on but not sharing with the class because I’m waiting for enough weeks to go by that I can say I’m being consistent) in the program to help prevent future injuries.

With this now, more grounded and centered response to my injury I’m laughing at myself for crying hysterically when I had to bail on those couple of races in May. I mentioned before that I have a friend who’s mom was just diagnosed with ALS. I was being a jerk for pouting, well past the first day anyway. (Always give yourself a solid pity party day).

I ended my day yesterday (I was off from work) with an evening stroll through some trails and along the beach with my shadow…

my shadow

my shadow

And until I get a new perspective on breakfast I’m off to go have my usual….waffle and coffee.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tell me one time you can remember getting a whole new perspective on something. And if that’s too deep then just tell me what you had for breakfast today =)



  1. We’ll… For breakfast I had creeps with blueberry topping and hashbrowns. It was an IHOP kind of day!

  2. Brunch…eggs bene, sausage, potatoes, fruit salad, and French Toast waffles.

  3. Well, I will tell you something deep and something not-so-deep 🙂
    I got a whole new perspective of my son’s constant need to know the reason for EVERYTHING this week. I realize that he is a mini-me, and I always want to know, too (but I keep it to myself)!

    As for breakfast, I have had an upset stomach since I ate, so I will keep it to myself (let’s just say that I went to my LEAST favorite restaurant because it is Hubby’s favorite, and now I have the stomachache to thank me for my flexibility!) 😛

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