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After a busy day Saturday I was in bed by 10:30 with the alarm set for 4:30 yesterday morning. I sprung right up though, because I was so giddy to be running a race. I know I mentioned last week but I’ve really missed running (and crossing my favorite bridge)!

VZ Bridge

VZ Bridge

I drove into Brooklyn, scooped up Lisa and Mike and then we drove into Queens, parked and walked to the start. Lots of runners took public transportation but one of the subways that we would have had to take wasn’t running which would have made the trip more than double the driving time, so we went with convenience. It was $10 to park which isn’t great but isn’t terrible either. By the time we walked from the parking lot to the start area we had about 20 minutes before the corals closed so I forced them to take pictures…

World's Fair Unisphere

We tried to get closer but there was a globe in the way

Lisa and Mike both ran 20 miles yesterday so by the end of today's race they literally had marathon weekends

Lisa and Mike both ran 20 miles yesterday so by the end of today’s race they literally had marathon weekends.

Even made them take a sneaker selfie…

shoe power!

shoe power!

The race started just a minute or so after 8am and by the time we crossed the start mats I’d say it was 8:05 or so. Not too crowded at all (there were just over 8,000 runners). I ran this course last year so I knew it was sort of boring at first. (You basically run alongside the highway for the first mile or so.) But eventually we ran past the Queens Museum, Citi Field (where the NY Mets play) and then just before the finish we ran around the iconic World’s Fair Uni-sphere, which I think is the highlight of this 10K (at least for me). There were plenty of well staffed water stops (THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS!) and a “cool down stations” otherwise known as hoses spraying a mist of water.

photo 3-1

On a personal note, I started out running about a 10 minute pace. Not smart! Within the first mile I felt some pain in my ankle and had a little freak out. All I could think was A) OMG I have 5 more miles to go and if I just re-injured myself I’m F#cked -and- B) I am going to have the whole world say “I told you so” when I tell them I should have listened to the doctor and held off running for a bit longer.

I immediately walked when I felt the pain and after a few minutes I was good to go (thank god!) and I settled in to my 12ish minute per mile “shuffle pace”. I stopped a bunch to take pictures but I didn’t walk again for the rest of the race after that first “incident” so my overall pace was a bit faster for this weeks 10K. I’m guessing that my tendon needed to warm up a bit more at a slower pace….I had no business trying to run my normal 10k pace. Duh!

9oalolka_back_1403455180 9152_1403184954

Last week I finished in 1:18:53 and this week 1:15:09. This course is MUCH FLATTER than last week’s Oakley Mini 10k

photo 3

We got medals this year which was awesome. NYRR holds a 5 borough series each year with races in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island. Last year they only gave medals at 2 of those races and the runners voiced their opinions all over Facebook. Needless to say, this year all 5 races will have medals. I missed Brooklyn due to my foot and I’m not going to be able to run the Bronx but I did Manhattan and Queens and I’ll be running Staten Island in October which will be a half marathon.

They distributed some food and water at the end of the race. I got this wishbone banana.

photo 1

and then on our walk back to the car I noticed some heart shaped leaves

photo 4

Love Leaves — arranged on the pavement so beautifully by Lisa

When I got home I took this obligatory medal shot…

photo 5-1But I had to crop in really tight because someone insisted on sleeping this way…

photo 4-1And now I will spend the next 8 days cross training and keeping up with my physical therapy appointments twice a week and hopefully come July 1st I’ll be starting that 4 week marathon training plan that I told you about yesterday.

Here are a couple of funny pics…first we have the “caught mid-wave” wave



And this is at the very start of the race (that’s lisa to my left!) when I was trying to get my music/earbuds/iPod going….so serious…

fixingmusicWell hope you all have a good week!

Anyone have anything fun to share about your weekend? 


I was just going over my flight itinerary with my sister in law so she could make sure she was available to get me to and from the airport and watch the doodlebug while I’m in San Francisco for marathon weekend and while I had my calendar out I counted the days….36 left!


I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’ll be running either a half marathon or a full having practically no training. (I’ll basically have 3 weeks of training and 1 week of taper!) Here’s the plan I pulled out of my ass head that will start on 7/1 (plus i’ll be biking for the rest of June and “running” the Queens 10k tomorrow):

Week 1:     Tues – 3 miles easy • Thursday-5 miles tempo • Saturday-8 miles easy • Sunday – bike
Week 2:     Tues – 4 miles easy • Thursday – 6 miles tempo • Saturday 10 miles easy • Sunday -bike
Week 3:     Tues – 3 miles easy • Thursday 7 miles tempo • Saturday 12 miles easy • Sunday – bike
Week 4:     Tues – 3 miles easy • Thursday 3 miles easy • Friday – shakeout run • Sunday –  MARATHON!

This should be plenty to get me through an easy paced half…..and if i’m crazy enough to stick with the full I’ll let you know how that goes. =)

Yesterday I attended the International Franchise Expo here in New York City at the Javits Center (where the NYC Marathon expo is held) The ad agency I work for does their print advertising and on-site materials, so our team decided to take a field trip there and check it out.

getting ready to check it out

getting ready to check it out

I'm holding the show directory for which I designed the cover. Yeah I'm a total nerd!

I’m holding the show directory—I designed the cover. Yeah I’m a total nerd!

I often dream about just opening a Dunkin Donuts somewhere. There were hundreds of franchises exhibiting but we were on a mission to check out all the food franchise exhibitors first! We started with llaollao the BEST frozen yogurt I’ve ever had.

seriously delicious

seriously delicious

I approve!

I approve!

the mango sauce!

I had the mango sauce and my life is changed forever!


llaollao — the fastest growing european franchise in the fro yo market

Then we checked out House of Cupcakes. The couple that started this franchise were the season 2 winners of the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars.


sampled the merchandise

sampled the merchandise

There were beverage franchises too…

sodapop1 sodapop2This definitely gave me food for thought. (ha! get it?!) Do I want to be my own boss? Do I want to buy a franchise? Hmmmm!

my wonderful coworkers!

my wonderful coworkers!

This morning Duncan and I went down to participate in the Walk to Defeat ALS. The team I joined to help support is a family very dear to me.

#defeatALS #findacure

#defeatALS #findacure

The team raised a total of $1,700, more than double their goal. It’s quite the reality-check when your friend tells you his mom was just diagnosed with ALS. It makes me really think twice about crying a river over some tendonitis. Life is so unpredictable and our days are not guaranteed. Someone once told me (or maybe I read it somewhere) that we are all terminal…..we are all going to die some day but we don’t know when. That’s why it’s so important to make the most of each day we have. I take these moments to remind myself of that.

After the walk I headed straight to my brother’s house for a family get together to celebrate a bunch of stuff. The only important thing you need to know is that I had 2 of these cupcakes made by a friend of my sister-in-laws

Irish Car Bombs!

Irish Car Bombs!

In addition to some booze in the batter there was a hidden nugget of chocolate ganáche in the center….to die for!

Well it’s getting late and i’ve got my alarm set for half past the cows ass (or 4:30am) since I’m running that 10K in Queens tomorrow. There will be some pickup of running peeps in Brooklyn at 6:30am and then we’ll head to the start. Race starts at 8am. But again, I’m just so excited to run with my peeps and allow my legs to enjoy a few more “preview” running miles!

Hope you’re having a super Saturday night (or Sunday if you’re in a different hemisphere =)

Hello and happy Thursday!

Let’s start with a little #tbt

Who knits at 7? And am I really wearing a satin blouse and white stockings?

I took Duncan to the park for a nice walk and we enjoyed the cool 70s temperatures at 7am! Much better than the 81 that it was yesterday.

We snuck into the kids playground area. Shh!

wanna play tic-tac-toe?

wanna play tic-tac-toe?

Duncan was so chill in the car on the way back.

thanks for taking me for an adventure today ma!

thanks for taking me for an adventure today ma!

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Today at lunch I went to a local sporting goods store for some new running socks. You see, most of my running socks are white, but I don’t have much else that is white and I end up running out of socks too frequently while waiting for a big enough load of whites to put in the wash. #runnerproblems #livingsingleproblems

So I made sure to buy some darker colored socks. GENIUS!

photo 3

A few stragglers of white, but mostly blue, gray and black. I love ASICS socks, I’ve worn the Intensity before but this will be my first try with the Quick Lyte’s. After I grabbed a few packages of socks, I walked around a bit and spotted a nice little iPhone holder that straps to the handle bars of a bike and a water bottle holder for the bike too. And then I remembered I used my last 2 pieces of KT tape this past Saturday so I got another roll. That ish is expensive! But it does help! As the cashier rang me up she said if I spent $6 more I’d earn a $20 gift card so I grabbed another package of socks! And now I need to decide what to use the gift card for.

Great news! I got my referral for physical therapy….my first appointment is Thursday! YAY!

Duncan has some great news too! He just won the latest game of tug…

photo 5

Also, I just added these two inspirational pics/words onto my Dig Deep page.

photo 2

Go the distance. Take it slow. Enjoy the journey.

photo 1

Walk through the fog to find your light

I’m going to try and be more dilligent about creating them more frequently. I don’t have a Pinterest board yet but eventually I’ll set them up there.

So I have a few questions:

1. What are your favorite running socks and why? Are they white?

2. What sporting good item should I get with my $20 gift card? Should I buy a $20 item like a hat or something more expensive and pay the difference.

3. Do you take a lunch break at work? Do you eat at your desk? Run errands?