Just 10 things to share with the class:

1. I went to physical therapy yesterday morning for my second visit. First I got ultrasound and electro therapy with heat and then we worked on strengthening my entire left leg since it’s so weak. I had to balance on my bad foot on a stability trainer like this dude…


It was quite challenging as the minutes went by. We’re also working on strengthening my hips so she had me do a penguin walk with a resistance band tied around my legs like this chick…

photo: prevention.com

photo: prevention.com

I did some wall squats and the “shuttle”

photo: bridgespt.com

photo: bridgespt.com

Then they let me use the elliptical for 10 minutes!

2. I took this selfie on Sunday night…

photo 2-1

3. I hit up TraderJoes last night after work for some fresh produce and just had to get this bouquet of flowers since they were only $4.99!

photo 5-1

4. I bought this juice for the first time and I kinda liked it. Well except that it cost $8.50. I drank half yesterday and half today. But I don’t think I am going on the juice craze just yet.

photo 4-1

5. I went to the gym at lunch and did 3 miles on the elliptical….you know….a 3liptical.



I sweat quite a lot considering my entire workout was only 34 minutes. I really needed that. They just started offering Bodypump classes. Ever been?

photo 2

6. I sat I way too much traffic yesterday.

7. I was thinking of buying a new Garmin just because they make them in prettier colors these days but mine works just fine so I guess the frugal side of me will shoot down the idea.

8. It’s been 8 weeks and 2 days since the NJ Marathon where I set that huge PR and was feeling amazing until I felt my sore foot which we all know became tendonitis that i’m still dealing with. Maybe jumping for this pic wasn’t so smart.

jumpin for joy at my PR

jumpin for joy at my PR

9. And in the last 8 weeks and 2 days I have only run 4 times. (two 4-milers and two 10ks)

10. I drove with Duncan to the beach for a walk tonight.

photo 4

still unsure about the water

but loves riding shotgun

but loves riding shotgun. and its perfecting timing for #tongueouttuesday

So tell me 10 things or even just 1 thing…

Not the running type of MILEstone but I wanted to share…

My Jeep Liberty just hit 100,000 miles!

jeep liberty milestone

A new distance PR! 

So, yesterday was the Brooklyn Half Marathon that I was supposed to be running. It was a gorgeous day and I was feeling a bit sad that I had to bail due to this foot injury…my first DNS. I knew I needed to get out of the house. I decided to attend a “safe disposal” event to get rid of some old cans of paint. I know, totally exciting. It dawned on me that the event was taking place by the beach/boardwalk near my house. I was bummed that I wouldn’t be crossing the finish line of the Brooklyn Half on the boardwalk in Coney Island, but I figured I could at least take a short walk on my local boardwalk after dropping off the paint….and then I realized I should take Duncan with me because he deserved a good outing. And that’s how my plan took shape.

atlantic ocean

so pretty

don't jump

Duncan may have saved someones life yesterday

fishing pier

just strolling down the fishing pier

my favorite bridge

That’s my favorite bridge in the background (as in “first mile of the NYC Marathon” bridge

We only walked (slowly) for a mile or so because of my foot but stopped to sit on a bench for a bit and struck up a conversation with a man named Paul who wasn’t having a good day. I ended up chatting with him for about a half hour and he spent the entire time petting Duncan. I hope I helped him a bit.

Later on in the day Duncan and I went to visit with my friend Nicole and her daughter and Duncan’s best friend Biggie.



They were also dog sitting for a sweet big guy named Brody.

brody face!

brody face!


brody frog

Duncan thought bubble: "I want to steel her Xylaphone"

Duncan thought bubble: “I want to steel her Xylaphone”

Today started out in my favorite way (well, unless of course i was running a race or long run with my friends)

sunday morning

best sunday morning ever

After a second cup of coffee I went to Trader Joes and got all this for $56!


Healthy Trader Joes Haul

And then took the dog to Petco and spent the same amount on Duncan!

petco purchases

Petco purchases


Duncan thought bubble: “stop taking pictures for your silly blog”

We also took a walk in the woods. This was a dicey choice for me with my foot but I have been babying it so much i just wanted to warm my muscles and let some blood flow.

it's getting greener by the day

it’s getting greener by the day

Meanwhile hard to believe I took this photo in the same spot just a few months ago…



uneven surfaces including lots of protruding tree roots. maybe not such a smart idea

uneven surfaces including lots of protruding tree roots. maybe not such a smart idea

Some random things I’ve noticed lately:

  • I’ve done less laundry in the past month since probably 2012 thanks to not having running clothes to wash. I don’t mind and will enjoy it while it lasts because we all know as soon as I can get into my gear and run i’ll be filling up the laundry basket faster than you can say stinky
  • I’ve posted more pics of my dog than running pics in the last 3 weeks. (this post alone has 11 make that 13 photos of him.
    purse pillow

    purse pillow

    just watching some tv

    just watching some tv

  • My Thera Wrap ice pack has been used for about 1,256,000 minutes in the month of May surpassing my frozen veggies for the win!

And I would be remiss not to end this post without sharing a very fast approaching milestone…Sweat Out the Small Stuff will be having a 1 year Blogaversary in less than a month!!! I can’t believe it =)

So how was your weekend? Dish!