Hidey Ho people…

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday. Today has been a little bit awesome and a little bit tragic all rolled up into one.
I woke up before 5am (after only sleeping about 5 hours) and headed into Manhattan to meet some of my favorite people which was AWESOME! I have missed them. (it’s been a couple of weeks).

The "Peeps"

The “Peeps”

We had a 15 mile route mapped out that had us stopping for a donut around mile 6 at this place in Brooklyn called Peter Pan Donut Shop.Well what a surprise when at 7:30 a.m. they said that we were too early for donuts. We’d have to come back in and hour.

Tragic....no donuts at Peter Pan. Thanks Elvia for taking this pic.

Tragic….no donuts at Peter Pan. Thanks Elvia for taking this pic. Look at sad Shishaldin (in the yellow)


Hmmm…onto plan B. Mike, the biggest donut lover of all smart one in the group remembered that in a couple of more miles, once we crossed over the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan there is a great place called Doughnut Plant


(trying to wrap my head around the 2 different spellings of do(ugh)nut.) I was having a really hard time running from the minute we started. It’s super humid here in NY. And I’ve been STRUGGLING to breathe since probably June. But today I actually felt as if I was wheezing. I couldn’t catch my breath and I was walking a lot. This route was no walk in the park. In fact, we had already crossed 3 bridges which meant inclines and wind.

crossing the last bridge.....seriously! oy veh!

crossing the last bridge…..seriously! oy veh!


in NYC graffiti is art. so technically this was a bridge and a museum combo

in NYC graffiti is art. so technically this was a bridge and a museum combo


a better view of the art

a better view of the art

I knew unfortunately i’d have to bail WAY before 15 miles. But I wasn’t missing out on Doughnut Plant! So I did what I could to keep up and successfully made it about 8 miles which was right in front of DP. I guzzled my watermelon water but saved my doughnut for later.



Shishaldin turned that frown upside down with her coveted peanut butter and jelly doughnut. I had a piece of it and it was really decadent and delicious.

much better!

much better!

Then I told my peeps that I was going to head up the street to the subway to go back uptown to my car. I just knew it would be too much of a struggle to continue. I was quite sad. But in reality I only had 7 miles on the schedule for today. So I couldn’t be sad, I met my goal. I am however starting to get annoyed by the breathing issues. I mean really, my groin is finally healed and I STILL can’t get my pace back up to snuff (snuff for me is in the 10:XX minute per mile pace). Gary, was having some heel pain and decided he’d take the I (for infirmary) train with me back uptown. It was nice to have company and as soon as I was back above ground I chowed down on my donut.

infirmarysubwaySo all in all a great day. Awesome and tragic isn’t such a bad combo. Neither is watermelon water and a blackberry do(ugh)nut. =) Question: what do you do to make lemonade out of lemons (or watermelon water out of watermelons)? Bonus question: Did any of you get my subject line pun? Abridged: as in shorter than it should have been and over 3 bridges. Dadum-dum! 


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  1. I got it..great pics, not just mine. I am sharing
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