I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been all lovey dovey here…

First it was the heart shaped donut that I fell for.

Then came my romance with the treadmill

And I’m always in love with my main squeeze-best friend-puppy-doodleface:

true love!

true love!

But today I bought myself some candy and flowers at Whole Foods on my lunch break (along with some dog treats for Duncan to spread the love and some other good eats for me too!

photo 3

Must be something about February..Anyway, moving on…after ordering prints, buying frames and finally painstakingly filling the frames to cover off on all my friends and family (of course I forgot to include Gina and Cindy! Sorry guys, you’ll go in the album that’s going to sit on my coffee table)…I hung them all!


before they had homes

photo 2

The black collage ones went in the hallway…

photo 1

The window pane style ones went in the corner of the living room (stacked) by my great big oversized chair

And the small frames went on shelves that I painted the same color as the wall and hung above my TV.

photo 3

I was on such a roll hanging things back up (post having the house painted) that I went up to my office and finally put back my running bling….


The office that used to be my full-time office when I worked from home. I miss spending most days in here. Sigh!


It was quite the accomplishment. This morning Duncan decided he was too short so he wanted to walk up on higher ground. I guess it was his Great Dane complex coming through…
photo 1

photo 2

Hey ma! This blows! I can’t squat because my back legs keep sliding out from underneath me….

It’s been rough for him now that the snow has frozen over. He slips and slides isn’t really enjoying it like he did when it was all fluffy and powdery. For breakfast this morning I took a non-traditional approach:

photo 5

avocado, multigrain tortilla chips and an apple

While I walked to Whole Foods at lunch I passed by one of my favorite places. =) My friends used to call me Mustang as a nickname.

photo 4OK enough randomness. Have a great weekend everyone! I’ve got a 10 mile long training run to complete and while love is in the air I’m going to get cozy on the couch with my foam roller to work on some tight areas.

Question: What’s on tap for your weekend? Anyone have any big races? Family events? 


Happy penultimate day of January! Yep, that was one of my favorite S.A.T. words from back in the day. It means second to last.

This morning a package arrived. I had ordered some 4×6 and 5×7 prints of a bunch of pictures of friends and family to hang in some new frames I bought. It’s weird. I’m so used to just viewing pics digitally it felt really nice to hold them in my hand.


I’m blessed to have such a photogenic dog, friends and family too!

These are the 2 frames I got:


I actually got a variation of this that doesn’t have the white matting. It’s just clear glass so the photos “float” in each pane.


this one’s going in my bedroom. It’s all one piece so I don’t have to worry about making a million holes in the wall

Then I took Duncan to the groomer so he could get this out of control shag tamed.

And the result, as always, perfection:


Scratch n Sniff….I smell so good.


flaunting his fur at the park


batwing ears and paws of perfection!

While the doodle was at the groomer though I was able to squeeze in a quick run which I desperately needed. It was what I call a “runaway” run. I had something personal that I had to take care of today that made me sad. Sometimes when that happens I just want to literally run away with my run. I didn’t take music. Just replayed some stuff over and over in my head.


indoor selfie since the phone battery dies outside from the cold


schedule called for 6 but I needed to be home in an hour so 5.3 was where I netted out. I ended up walking at least a mile with the dog afterward anyway so I’m good.

I felt so much better. And then my friend and I went to IHOP for lunch. I pretended it was still breakfast time and had a stack of 5 pancakes. Nothing healthy about this….

IMG_2568And now I’m going to get some work done before I get too comfy on the couch. Have a great day!

Question: Anyone still have real photo albums filled with pictures on their coffee table? Anyone have a digital photo frame that does a slideshow of lots of pics? Anyone love pancakes more than I do? I doubt it.