I’m a fan of sushi! Spicy Tuna rolls, California rolls, Boston rolls….yeah delish….but today I “ate it” on the sidewalk and rolled my ankle. #fail

spicy crunchy ankle roll

The Crunchy Ankle roll

Gratefully I caught myself quickly and am pretty sure I avoided any major damage. I ran 2 additional miles afterward and everything felt pretty good. Seriously, the entire park loop that I was running on was not only shoveled but super salted and totally dry yet this one little snowball just played a trick on me.

outdoor run

nice and easy 5 miles. nice and balmy 25 degrees.

I completed a nice easy 5 miles out in a balmy 25 degrees. Tomorrow I’m running 13.1 and it looks like the temp will be about 11 degrees, so today was a good check-in to see how many layers I’ll really need. I hate to overheat.

pre-run gear check. feels like the right amount of layers. let's give it a whirl...

pre-run gear check. feels like the right amount of layers. let’s give it a whirl…

snow makes everything looks so peaceful

snow makes everything looks so peaceful

I’ve made some progress getting some of the rooms back in order since having my house painted. Will post some before and after pics tomorrow.

And now I better go accomplish something OTHER than running and blogging.


Question: Ever ALMOST injure yourself but somehow manage to come out unscathed? Tell me about it? 


  1. I tripped and went boom just last week. Darn cracks in the sidewalk! But I got back up, brushed myself off and completed another 4 miles. Small scrape on my knee and hand but good otherwise.

    • whew! just scrapes! Funny you said “went boom”. My grandma used to ask me as a child if I went boom and that meant did I poop in my pants? HA!

  2. I think I did injure myself, and didn’t know I did. In the Mississippi Mud 50 K I twisted my ankle. I hurt a bit but never looked down to see what it was, and the next day I ran the New Orleans Marathon and it wasn’t until After the marathon that I was walking with you that I was in pain…and It wasn’t til w got to the room that I finally iced my ankle…after I ran 57.2 miles and walked another 3 or so in New Orleans with you…and I survived…so I wouldn’t say unscathed..but I ultimately came out ok

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