Do you remember that post exactly 2 weeks ago where I forgot some of my running essentials while doing a 3 mile speed workout at the gym?

Well today, I was back at the gym for a 4 mile interval workout and I’m happy to report I didn’t forget anything! I had my hair pulled back nicely and my sport ear buds securely in place and my workout was just perfect!

4 mile interval workout makes for a sweaty betty

4 mile interval workout makes for a Sweaty Betty Sally

I was still feeling sore and achy from Sunday’s half marathon so I opted to keep all 8 of my half mile intervals about 30 seconds slower. Next time I do this workout I’ll start at 10:30 and drop down to 8:30 for my fastest interval. And I KNOW I can do it because today wasn’t super difficult. Although by the amount I sweat it might not appear that way =)

I wonder if it was my super healthy breakfast that gave me the energy to push through…

photo 3

black coffee and peanut M&Ms….sweat out the small stuff sugar and caffeine

When I arrived at the gym I was giddy to see they decorated with a balloon arch just for me…

photo 4

and then I realized it was for the Superbowl. Speaking of Superbowl, they have closed down Broadway north of 34th street (here in New York City) to create Superbowl Boulevard. It’s getting crazy. So many trailers and wires and contractors constructing lots of wild things. The police presence is significant. They even just installed this NYPD security camera right outside my office building. (I work right by the big Macy’s at Herald Square)

photo 4

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

I got back to my desk and inhaled my lunch and made sure to log my workout in my calendar, on RunKeeper and cross it off the task list! AHHHHHH!!! Best feeling.

Here are a few pics that were taken of me from Sunday’s Fred Lebow Manhattan Half

photo 1

happy but cold but happy and running and that means it’s all good

photo 2

almost done • crossing the finish with Carey • enjoying a post run Gatorade slushy

If only I were rich because I love these pictures. But I can’t keep dropping $70 after each event. That would literally be over $1,000 a year on photos considering how many races I participate each year. I think I need to get a job with Marathonfoto. I actually felt bad for the photographers though on Sunday. They must have been so cold! One guy had a little camoflage fort (probably bought at a hunting or sporting store) and was sitting inside of it. It was awesome!

OK, off to conquer the world now that I ran. Hope you did something to make you feel invincible today too! Or at least I hope you had chocolate and coffee for breakfast.

Question: What workouts make you feel so strong and accomplished afterward? What workouts do nothing for you? What did you have for breakfast?


  1. love the pic of you and Carey. and I would rather a Runner blind than a deer blind.

  2. HHHmmmm M&M’s…missed you at Fred’s on Sunday…..17F..

  3. I can’t believe Marathonfotos prices either! Even with the “hurry last chance to order” offers they send the cost seems outrageous!

    • it’s insane. They should give us annual membership packages. I’d pay $100 a year for downloads of all pix for all races =)

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