I woke up all optimistic today!

Began with a little coffee and Facebook. I found a lot of great inspirational quotes and posted them to the blog.

Then I pulled myself together to take the dog to the beach to enjoy some sunshine. Duncan met up with his buddy Chance. They were too busy sniffing seaweed and such to look up so I took just took pictures of their “other cheeks”. Still adorable! =)

photo 1

When we got home Duncan was pretty tired, so I took the opportunity to go for my run.

photo 2-1

Just a short easy run since tomorrow is my 20 miler! Which reminds me, I better get my gear laid out soon so I won’t be fumbling at 5am tomorrow.

So after my run I was hungry. Unfortunately my fridge was pretty bare. While I was staring at the pathetically empty fridge, I noticed that I had a lot of condiments in the door so I started to weed them out. Next thing I knew I was scrubbing the entire fridge and basically tossed 80 percent of the condiments. Admission #1: I found mustard that expired in 2011. Admission #2: there was a container of cream cheese in the back that might have been there a year or longer. I DIDN’T open the container for fear of what it looked like. =)

I grabbed a KIND Bar (almond and apricot…my favorite) to tide me over and then headed out to the store to re-stock.


sad fridge……a little doodle inspection of the goods…and the freshly stocked fridge

Just finished messaging with Jane about tomorrow. We talked about all the important aspects of a long training run….weather, what we’re going to wear, if we’re going to take our own water or rely on the water stops provided….but most importantly….where will we be having brunch afterward?! =) And now I can rest easy!

How’s your weekend going? Weekends are cool, right?!


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