Happy Saturday!

I’m off to take the dog to the park and enjoy this sunny day. I’ll be sweating out the small stuff later but for now I leave you with some morning inspiration…

photo 5


photo 2


photo 1


And in case you’ve ever made a salad and wished you had some croutons but didn’t, but you had some broken potato chips, let me tell you it makes the perfect crouton!!!!!

photo 3

And a little silliness from my dog…my niece told me it’s inappropriate and that he needs pants! LOL!photo 4 Catch ya later…

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  1. The Silent Assassin

    Kismet. Great timing. Totally was going to jump out the car to head to the start line. Hasn’t been a good running week. And then viola, your email. Ok, gonna try and leave the car again. This time with a little more positive vibes. Thanks! Stay blessed and have a kick ass weekend!

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