Happy Hump Day!

How goes it? We’re having AMAZING weather here in NYC this week. Today it was 62 degrees at sunrise. Um, hello? It’s August! But I’m not complaining. This is my kind of weather! And it’s also Duncan’s favorite weather. At first I thought I’d take him out to run the doodle mile once or twice with me. But then I decided he deserved to have a nice off leash “sniff-like-there’s-no-tomorrow” walk in the park.

off to sniff out the squirrels

off to sniff out the squirrels

What a treat when I found some honeysuckles still out. They usually only last through June.

so fragrant!

so fragrant!

We had such a nice walk that after work I took him back for another walk before sunset.

photo 3

I REALLY needed both walks….probably more than the doodle (ok maybe it was a tie). I’ve been struggling lately with a whole boatload of “small stuff”. Well really, it’s more than small stuff. It’s more like big decisions I need to make when it comes to life/work balance. We all know I am quite runner-centric but walks are really just as important to me.

Training Tweakage: So I took a look at my calendar and noticed i’ve got a very busy second half of August. Next Thursday I’ll be headed to the Adirondacks for a few days. So I shuffled around some of my runs. Instead of doing my long run on Saturday, I’ll move it until Sunday when I’m home. That leaves me with a 6 miler that would normally be on Thursday morning but i’m starting my road trip at 6am and I don’t really want to run at 4am. So, since my Saturday run is moving to Sunday i figured that i could move Thursday’s run to Friday. Now the only snag is that I like to join my friend Donna (who I will be staying with) for long walks in the morning. Usually 4 miles. And it’s my favorite part of going there (well second favorite…..making S’mores is my favorite=). We talk and enjoy the beautiful vista of mountains and meadows. This pic was from last year’s trip….

Westport NY in the Adirondacks

Westport NY in the Adirondacks

So My 6 miler might end up being a 3 or 4 mile run either before or after our 4 mile walk =)

It’s always good to make a plan. Don’t ever let your training schedule surprise you. Re-arrange proactively and you’ll feel calmer and more in control.

Tomorrow i’ve got a 6 miler to bang out. I’m so excited that the weather will be a repeat of today.

Question: Any tips for how to fit in your exercise/training schedule and not letting life get in the way? 

Sweat Out the Small Stuff


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