Happy Monday!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I ran the Cold Feat 10k trail run on Saturday and had a great time. 16826059_10212046217612429_5317901885331885100_oIt was more like a hike vs a run as I was still getting over the flu and just didn’t have the energy to move very fast, especially up all the hills. But eventually I made it to the finish line so I accomplished my goal!16649302_10212045563356073_7268340395980016362_n

After hiking these trails in the dark for the last 6 weeks it was fun to get re-acquainted with them during the day! I’m grateful for any time I can spend outdoors in the woods.

All you have to remember is to follow the pink ribbons and the arrows

All you have to remember is to follow the pink ribbons and the arrows


This is one of the shorter hills!

This is one of the shorter hills!

16831060_10212045565076116_2305164421416021485_nThe weather warmed up into the low 50s by the end of the race which was just lovely. And I’m loving my swag! I’ve never owned a hat with a pom-pom on the top. Isn’t that crazy?16807342_10212045562916062_3733680363259412042_n

Meanwhile Winter is on hiatus for a while. It’s been in the 60s! What?! I hope we get some cold weather and snow again before Spring officially arrives in a month.

I had a really great run today…
IMG_9457I am starting out the week with my official half-marathon training schedule. Ironically after declaring that I wasn’t concerned about my pace or finish times at all for this training cycle, I just had such a zippy and fairly effortless first run. I chose the multi-use path by the beach today because it’s flat and I want to ensure I am kind to my hamstrings so I can make it through all the miles over the next 3 months. IMG_9463

I’m planning on 2 shorter weekday runs each week of 3-5 miles and flat when I can control it. And then I’ll build up my long runs each weekend starting with a 6-8 miler this coming weekend. Plus I’ll keep up with those weekly Wednesday night hikes and I’ll be doing lots of strengthening and stretching of the glutes/hammies/core/hips!!

Well, I’m off to do some glamorous stuff like laundry and paying bills. Catch ya later!

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