Mondays are usually not my thang…so when traffic was atrocious yesterday morning I took to Facebook passive-aggressively complaining about it. Meanwhile my friend was posting about all the good that Mondays bring…new beginnings and where she lives the weather was stellar. It’s was dreary here in New York City with rain and a chill in the air buuuuttttt….
A couple of things made me happy…


I am a willy wonka candy addict lover. These pretty rainbow nerds made my Monday tasty.

Next up…



Every spring they plant the most beautiful tulips, daffodils and lilacs in and around the Herald Square area which is right by my office. It was nice to step off the bus in the morning into the “concrete jungle” that is NYC and see such pretty flowers.

So that’s that.

Question: What’s your favorite color? Favorite flower? Favorite candy?