Happy Monday!

This week and weekend flew! Let me tell you the highlights (and low lights)…

I returned to the office Wednesday after my Block Island weekend and boy was it busy! Thursday was another crazy busy day but in the evening my friend Lisa met me and Duncan at the boardwalk so we could get in a nice long walk. We covered approximately 4 miles and enjoyed the amazing cotton candy sky sunset with lovely views of the Verrazano Bridge. 12 weeks until the NYC Marathon!!!

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pretty in pink

Friday I had plans to go to my parents house for dinner. I received a text from my friend Tara the day before telling me her dad had passed away and the wake was going to be Friday evening evening so I let my folks know i’d be late for dinner. Tara is not only a loyal reader of Sweat Out The Small Stuff but she is a longtime friend who I met in the 3rd grade. We spent a lot of time together when we were younger and through high school and college. As a matter of fact I made it my business to be at her house on Friday evenings because her family ordered pizza for dinner! Some things really never change because I still make it my business to be where the pizza is. =) Not only was the funeral home the same as where my husband’s funeral was but Tara’s dad was in the same exact room that my husband had been laid out in 16 years ago. This time though, I was not fragile. This time I was not scared. I walked right in there and gave her mom a big hug and then reminisced for a bit with Tara and her mom and some neighbors from their block. I’m so very sad for Tara and the loss of her dad way too soon (he was only 66). When moments in life like this happens it brings to the surface so much emotion, so much, history, so many memories. I ended up getting to my folks’ about 9 for dinner and I stayed for close to 2 hours so that we could catch up. Seeing them right on the heels of leaving the funeral home was a reminder of how important it is to share time with our family even when life is busy. You never know how much time you’ve got with them. I’ll be keeping Tara and especially her mom in my thoughts. I know how hard it is to have that quiet after the storm when someone who has been sick passes. It’s like being fired from your job of full-time caregiver and not yet lining up a new “gig”. I have always loved this saying “When one door closes another opens but it’s a bitch in the hallway”. The thing about that quote is that it relates to so much.

6 hours later I was driving into Brooklyn to meet my running friends. My training schedule called for 9 miles. I ended up at about 8.75 but I have this thing called the “ish-factor” which basically means I can round things up or down by a 1/4 mile or 15 minutes. So that 8.75 is really 9 with the ish-factor. And if I say I’ll be at your house at 7:30 then that means 7:45 with the ish-factor.

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a new perspective on a view of 42nd street from Grand Central


I realized today why I love this bridge so much. It's the first bridge I ever crossed. I was 2 days old when my parents brought me home from the hospital from Brooklyn to Staten Island over the Verrazano. =)

I realized today why I love this bridge so much. It’s the first bridge I ever crossed. I was 2 days old when my parents brought me home from the hospital from Brooklyn to Staten Island over the Verrazano. =)

Headed over the Brooklyn Bridge

Headed over the Brooklyn Bridge

Headed over the Brooklyn Bridge

Headed over the Brooklyn Bridge

The miles were tough and my knee and hammy were both hurting but my Brooklyn running peeps kept me going. To backtrack, I met Lisa and Mike yesterday morning in Brooklyn at 7am and we ran over the Brooklyn Bridge and into Manhattan to run up Park Avenue. This weekend is one of the weekends of Summer Streets a program that they run every year where they close the street off to cars until 1pm so people can bike, run, walk and stop along the way to play games and get freebies. I ran during Summer Streets twice in 2013. You can read about it here and here.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at a family get together with MR. SOTSS.

So happy to get to see him this weekend. Originally I thought I'd have to wait until Tuesday so this was such a wonderful surprise. =)

So happy to get to see him this weekend. Originally I thought I’d have to wait until Tuesday so this was such a wonderful surprise. =)

And here it is time to go back to work. LeSigh!

I’m tired this morning. How about you? 


Hi everyone,

After a more serious post the other day I wanted to share a happy day yesterday. I met my running peeps (Jorge, Cinde, Elvia, Mike, Lisa and Shishaldin) for a long run in NYC to take advantage of the NYC Summer Streets event again. I ended up running about 14.5 while most everyone else went on to do 21.5. We got to experience this interactive light and sound exhibition in the Park Avenue tunnel which is right below Grand Central. This was the first time this tunnel has ever been open to pedestrians!

photo 5

i’m usually freaked out in tunnels. but this was fun.


photo courtesy of Jorge Lee

Running peeps! -photo courtesy of Jorge Lee

The we ran along Pershing Square and through Grand Central, heading up Park Avenue…

photo 3-1

It’s nice to be where pedestrians are usually not allowed.

Banana Boat had an activity area and we were so excited when we saw they were giving out FREE chocolate covered frozen bananas…


get your mind outta the gutter! they are bananas! =)

That really gave me some much needed energy because I was feeling super slow and wasn’t even sure if I’d make it through our 6 mile Central Park loop. Even with Cat Hill (I walked some of it), I made it through the loop and ran straight to the subway to get back to my car and get home.

this is why they call it Cat Hill...

this is why they call it Cat Hill…

Ok now for the CONS explanation. CONS (Center of the Nation Series), is coming up in about a month. I think I’ve mentioned it before. It’s 5 marathons in 5 days in 5 states (ND, SD, WY, MT, NB). They offer half marathons each day too which is what I’ll be doing =) My friends are MUCH crazier. Roger, Elvia, Lisa, Mike and I will be the 5 wild ones headed out in September for this event. Roger lives in Massachusetts which makes him always feel sad that he can’t train with us on the weekends. So today Lisa brought a paper doll version and we took him with us.

Roger took the subway from Boston?

Roger took the subway from Boston?

paper roger and the girls

paper roger and the girls

And then I came home and used my creativity to make this awesome graphic that we’re gonna use for t-shirts.

for a good time call 555-CONS

for a good time call 555-CONS

We fly into South Dakota two days before the races start so we’re headed to Mt. Rushmore to check off a bucket list item of mine=)

I realize that I don’t usually run consecutive days, let alone 5 days straight. I think I’d better get in a few more weekly runs even if they are only 5 miles a piece….just to get my legs used to running 5 days straight. The rest of the group is actually out right now running another 20 miler!

Question: Have you ever done consecutive or back-to-back races? How do you train for it?

Well hello there e’ryone!

It’s a little after 12pm and I’m resting comfortably after a busy morning.  I hadn’t planned on meeting my “peeps” this weekend to run but when I remembered that it’s the start of Summer Streets here in NYC I didn’t want to miss out. Basically there are 7 miles of streets in the city that are closed to traffic and lots of fun free stuff to do like rock climbing and zip lining. But best of all lots of runners and bikers come to just enjoy streets with no cars. Lisa’s friend Stacey was joining us for the first time. She’s running her first marathon this fall at the NYC Marathon. She asked me questions and I answered like a seasoned pro runner who also ran NYC as my first marathon. Her big question was how to handle inclines. Gee, after 7 years I still can’t handle them. LOL!


Boys and Girls meet Stacey…Lisa’s coworker who ALSO expressed interest in running. =)

We started at 6:30am in Brooklyn and within 2 miles we had run across the Brooklyn Bridge. I went photo crazy. I love random beauty in the city. And I’m starting to realize I have an unhealthy obsession with bridges (read this post and this post).

Locks of Love.

Locks of Love.

If you Google: locks on bridges, you’ll learn all about what I learned today. This Wikipedia link sums it up.


random owl sticker.

This one is my fave of the day

This one is my fave of the day


Once we crossed into Manhattan from Brooklyn, we met up with Cindy. We passed a really beautiful firehouse on the Lower East Side.Then we got to where the rock climbing wall was. And passing through Chinatown early in the morning is not exactly fragrant…


Engine 39 lookin fine. actually it’s Engine 31 but that doesn’t rhyme with fine. LOL.


The run didn't stink....just the block we were on....

Cindy and I Holding our noses on a stinky street corner and NOT because of Lisa. She just didn’t hear my last minute request for the nose pinching pose. Want to go rock climbing wall in SoHo anyone?.

Summer Streets goes for 3 weekends. So we’ll be doing this again next week. Today’s run totaled 10 miles. We stopped a whole lot for pictures and pottie breaks and kept our pace slow but the miles were logged. After my nice hard effort tempo in the rain on Thursday I enjoyed this relaxed run.

The NYC Marathon is just 3 months away! Today was a reminder to myself how important it is to really take in the sights when you’re running. It’s part of the joy of running outside for me and the reason treadmills aren’t my thing. Whether it’s a race or a training run. Don’t come home thinking only about the miles. On November 3rd I’ll be really trying to take in all the sights of the crowds and the crazy signs that people hold up. Hmmm, maybe I need to get a GoPro camera to video the whole thing?!

Question: Do you take pictures when running in races? Do you remember the funniest sign held by a spectator at any of your running events?